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L.L.H: Chapter 308: I’m the Jungler

Konoha’s fifty-third year, November 11th, early morning, Masahiko’s house.

Masahiko lying on his back on the wooden bed slowly opened his eyes.

After he returned from the Land of Rain late last night, it was no surprise that Kimimaro was sleeping there in his bed again.

He thought he was going to sleep on a chair again, but he finally gave up and used the wooden release to make another bed in his room…

“Being a master of every Kekkei Genkai is quite convenient.”

Masahiko murmured, got up, then turned his head, “Kimimaro, get up!”

Uzumaki Barbecue Restaurant.

Masahiko and Kimimaro sat around the table.

“Why are you eating barbecue in the morning?” Karin whispered.

“You don’t need to eat it.” Masahiko replied, “But Kimimaro and Haku here has been through a lot in Kirigakure, they lived a miserable life, look at them. They’re 8-year-old, yet they’re the same height as you, a six-year-old girl.”

Karin’s eyes suddenly flashed, then picked a piece of meat and placed it on Kimimaro’s plate, “Then you must eat more, Kimimaro-Kun.”

“Yeah.” Kimimaro was expressionless.

Masahiko smiled secretly and put a piece of meat on Kimimaro’s plate, “Kimimaro, eat more.”

Kimimaro’s face flushed red, and he nodded, “Thank you, God!”

Masahiko shrugged at Karin, indicating: What can I do? This kid loves me.

Karin: “…”

After several close contacts with the legendary great elder, Karin gradually became able to act freely… in fact, too freely.

Of course, Masahiko also knows that she’s the answer if he doesn’t want to pet Kimimaro all the time.

“Haku, how is Zabuza?”

Haku nodded and said with a sad face, “Zabuza-San has already taken a task and went out.”

“Then… you must eat more too.” Masahiko put another piece of meat on ‘her’ plate.

“Yeah.” Haku’s face was also slightly red, and Kimimaro glanced at him enviously.

Masahiko: “…”

Now, this was crazy; what’s wrong with these boys?

Karin smiled, “Elder, I want to eat too.”

“Well, you have hands, don’t you?”

Haku hesitated for a moment and put a piece of meat on Karin’s plate, “Here, eat too.”

Karin glanced at ‘her,’ ignored her, then looked at Kimimaro eagerly.

Kimimaro was calm and composed.


After breakfast, everything was clear in Masahiko’s heart.

The three kids have formed a team for a week, and during this time, Masahiko thought of a unique way for them to get along.

Karin kept teasing Kimimaro. Although Kimimaro wasn’t immune to teasing, he appreciated her kindness and eat all the meat she gave him…

Haku was doing his best to be part of the group. Kimimaro was relatively friendly to ‘her,’ ‘she’ was an orphan just like him from Kirigakure, while Karin ignored ‘her’ and no longer treated ‘her’ with the same inexplicable hostility.

As for Kimimaro… this kid was the most worrying. He was ‘passionate’ with Masahiko and ‘cold’ with his two teammates.

But Masahiko had a way…

Masahiko spoke loudly at the Uzumaki Training Ground.

“Today is November…? Well, this day.” Masahiko frowned slightly, then quickly changed the topic, “Cough. We still have more than a month left before the New Year. During this period, I will help your special abilities to bloom. We won’t be able to train for a long time, so cherish it.”

Before the three of them could reply, Masahiko continued to speak, “Let’s start with Kimimaro, you two, go and practice your Kunai throwing technique first. Do ten boxes of Kunai.”

There are 500 packs in the ten boxes, and it would take a little effort for the two children to throw them all.

This can effectively improve the relationship between Karin and Haku. Karin will shamelessly beg Haku to throw more instead of her…

After sending them away, Masahiko looked at Kimimaro with a weird smile, “Kimimaro, have you ever heard of the Power of Youth?”


In the end, Masahiko chose to train Kimimaro the same way he did with Kenichiro.

First of all, Kimimaro is a Taijutsu ninja. Secondly, Masahiko doesn’t have to worry about him being single for the rest of his life like Kenichiro. He’s unlikely to end up like that since this world is all about how handsome you are…

In the end, it would be even better if it would make Kimimaro a little bit more “enthusiastic.”

“But it seems to be hopeless.” Masahiko looked at Kimimaro doing his pushups while counting silently…

Having set a training goal for Kimimaro, Masahiko turned to the other two, who were suffering.

Haku has already thrown half of it, and the sweat was flowing on his forehead, while Karin was breathless next to him, trying her best to keep up…

Masahiko smiled, “Haku, nice job! Karin, the rest is yours!”

Haku turned around and wiped his sweat with his sleeves, which made Masahiko’s eyelids twitch.

“Haku, this how boys wipe their sweat!” Masahiko passed the back of his hand on his forehead.

Haku tried to do the same, but it looked really girlish…

“Forget it. Just do what makes you happy.”

Masahiko sighed, stretched his right hand forward, and several ice thorns condensed on his palm.

“Can you do it?”

Haku froze for a moment, nodded repeatedly, then condensed several ice thorns.

“Good, how about this?” The ice thorns in Masahiko’s hand were suddenly thinner than a needle, almost invisible to the naked eye.

Upon seeing this, Haku shook his head, and Masahiko continued to speak, “What you need to do next is to find a way to refine your ice thorns to this form. This can’t cause a fatal injury, but if you manage to hit the target several times, the enemy will lose the ability to move.”

Masahiko doesn’t expect ‘her’ to be able to kill people. Masahiko only intends to teach ‘her’ two techniques: the ice needles and the Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals. These two Ninjutsu are enough to control the opponent.

Masahiko pat Haku’s head, then walked slowly to Karin’s side, she was already sweating, and there were still two boxes full of Kunai left.

Seeing Masahiko, she smiled, “Elder, is it my turn?”

“Naah, just keep throwing Kunai.”

Karin: “…”

Full of anger, she suddenly became more accurate and threw a hundred sticks left in five minutes.

Masahiko nodded with satisfaction, then did a hand sign, “Come here, I will teach you how to use your natural perception ability, Mind’s Eye of the Kagura.”

Karin was still small, and her perceptual ability at this time could only cover a hundred meters…Masahiko recalled when he was six years old, he felt that maybe he was really talented back then.

“Keep working hard. You’re about the same age as me when I first discovered my ability. You have good talent.”

Mind’s eye of the Kagura consumes very little Chakra, but for a six-year-old girl, even if she’s from the Uzumaki Clan, that was a lot of work, and she soon ran out of Chakra.

She sat desperately on the ground to find that the ten boxes were full of Kunai again…

“This time, it’s all yours.”

Karin: “…”

Aunt Kushina, I want to go home.

Masahiko took a few steps back, looking at the three kids training, inexplicably thinking of video games he played in his previous life.

“Kimimaro is top, Karin is a supporter, and can also play mid, and Haku is an Adc, we lack a jungler…”

Karin began to paddle again, and Masahiko stared at her, “Karin, take it seriously!”

Well, he’s the toxic jungler…