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L.L.H: Chapter 309: Sexy Haku No Jutsu

Noon on November 11, Fifty-Third year of Konoha.

After a full morning of training, the three children successfully collapsed to the ground. Even Kimimaro couldn’t maintain his image. After all, it was his first ‘self-break limit’ practice.

“It’s finally over. Elder, now we should have lunch and then go home to rest, right?” Karin was full of expectations.

“Is that what you thought? Sorry to break it to you, but you’re going to continue the practice after eating!” Masahiko destroyed her dreams.

With bitterness, Karin replied, “Then when will we have lunch…?”

Masahiko smiled, “It’s here.”

Not far away, Kushina came over with three food boxes.

Karin was startled and almost cried.

“Why is Aunt Kushina bringing food here?”

Karin wanted to rest a bit more while eating lunch.

Masahiko greeted Kushina with a smile and took the boxes. Three food boxes were labeled with the three children’s names, and Masahiko distributed them one by one.


The three kids stared at each other. There is no reason to eat barbecue in the morning and Ramen at noon.

“This isn’t ordinary Ramen. This is Ichiraku Ramen!” Masahiko added in his heart, “Although it was made by my daughter.”

Karin pouted her lips as if anyone had never eaten Ichiraku Ramen.

Unlike Karin, the other two thanked Kushina and Masahiko softly, then ate in silence. Children who have suffered hardship are different.

Karin looked around, made a face at Kushina, and began to eat the Ramen.

Masahiko laughed, then walked aside with Kushina.

“Did she add the goods?” He drugged the kids…

Kushina nodded, “Grandpa, I watched Sara put it in, don’t worry.”

“It seems that Sara’s skills have improved again.”

The three kids’ food was mixed with specially formulated drugs that will enhance their training progress and also prevent Kimimaro’s illness from accumulating…

The medicine is bitter, but it seems that with Sara’s high-level skills, the three kids didn’t even notice it.

These three can be regarded as fortunate. During Nagato’s ‘enlightenment, Masahiko didn’t have this kind of medicine.

“Where’s Naruto?” Masahiko asked after hesitating for a moment.

“At Sara’s, he wanted to eat Ramen at noon, so I’ve asked Sara to take care of him for a while.”

Masahiko nodded, and then he was startled. During this short conversation, Kimimaro had finished eating his food, put down the food box, and restarted his training.

Looking at Karin, the Ramen in her food box hardly decreased.

Karin panicked, “Great Elder, Aunt Kushina, you see, my mother said that girls should chew and eat slowly.

Masahiko and Kushina looked at each other and almost laughed out loud.

“Well, your mother is right.”

“Eat slowly, don’t worry. Kimimaro, don’t rush to practice. Take a lunch break and do some simple activities. I don’t want you to hurt yourself on the first day.”

“Yes, God.” Kimimaro nodded.

Masahiko turned to Kushina, “You will look after them for a while, I also need to eat, so I’m gonna head to Sara’s shop to eat Ramen.”

“Well, you go, Grandpa. And while you’re there, please check on Naruto to see if he’s doing his Chakra refining, don’t let him mess with Sara.” Naruto has started practicing not long ago.


The Uzumaki Ichiraku Ramen Branch.

It was mealtime, and the shop was almost full.

Masahiko didn’t bother Sara. He sat down in a corner, ordered a bowl of Ramen, and ate slowly.

When he finished eating, the customers in the store were almost gone, and Sara sat opposite him.

“Father, you’re coming later, right?”

Masahiko was startled, “Why, what do you have in mind?”

Sara smiled, “Well, except for the years you went missing, you will always spend this day of the year with me!”

Masahiko: “…”

He wouldn’t have come if he knew.

“Where is Naruto?” Masahiko changed the subject abruptly.

Sara didn’t care, “He’s refining Chakra in my room.”

“This kid is really working hard.” Masahiko sighed slightly, but as usual, he comes out from time to time to cause some trouble to Sara.

While talking, another customer came into the shop.

“Father, sit down for a while. I’m going to be a bit busy.”

“Well, I’ll go to see Naruto. We will talk later.” Masahiko said, staring at the customer who just came in, the bastard who didn’t eat on time…

Masahiko walked up to the second floor, turned a little, and came to Sara’s room… She usually stays in the shop.

Pushing the door to enter, he saw Nauto sitting on a chair refining Chakra.

“Oh, so you have really become obedient?”

Naruto opened his eyes when he heard his sound. He was slightly at a loss and then reacted, “Ancestor?”

Masahiko smiled, walked to the side, and sat down.

Naruto regained his senses and asked.

“Old Ancestor, aren’t you training sister Haku and the other guy?”

Masahiko smiled, Naruto already knew that Haku was a boy, but he still refused to accept this reality… Masahiko didn’t correct him either.

“Kushina is there to help me take care of them, so I can come here and check that you’re not making trouble for Sara.”

“I wouldn’t make troubles…” Naruto acted innocent, then rolled his eyes, “Old Ancestor, can you help me with my training?”

Masahiko smiled, “I would like to, but you haven’t learned the Three Basic Ninjutsu yet, right?”

Naruto chuckled twice and scratched his head embarrassedly, “Old Ancestor, I developed my own Ninjutsu…”

Masahiko was taken aback and looked at Naruto in disbelief.

“Impossible, it would be that technique…”

“Old Ancestor, be careful. I’m going to perform it now!” Naruto’s smiled was bright, hiding a deep malicious one behind.

Masahiko sighed. It seems that it was really that technique, the one that made his youth horrible; 100 years later, its original creator will use it before his eyes.


“Naïve kid, you think this technique will work on me? Bring it on!” Masahiko smirked evilly, “He’s going to transform to a yellow-haired girl, and the key part would still be covered… why do you think I am to fall for this cheap transformation? Hiruzen?”

Sure enough, Naruto made a seal, “Sexy Technique!”

Chinese character crossed in front of him, “Witness and drastically change the branch story of Naruto World: Naruto’s sexy technique, gain 10(*8) witness points.”

Masahiko originally thought he could face it calmly, but the moment Naruto transformed, Masahiko’s entire body stiffened in place.

“Naruto,” Masahiko said with a forced smile on his face, barely maintaining his cool, “It seems that you must taste this ancestor’s iron first of love too!”

Naruto changed back to his original appearance, showing disappointment, “It didn’t take effect?”

Masahiko’s face twitched repeatedly, “It’s effective, oooh, it’s so effective! I will never be able to forget this one! Iron Fist Of Love!”

“What!! Noooo!” Naruto ran away.

Masahiko caught him by the back of his collar and lifted him before him, “Naruto, tell me you little, what were you thinking of making this technique?! Do you dare to tell me what kind of dirty thoughts you were having at that moment…”

“How dare you use Haku as a template to use this technique against me?”