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L.L.H: Chapter 310: The Legendary Swordsmen First Task

Time is fleeting, and it was the end of November of Konoha’s 53rd year.

For more than half a month, Masahiko has discovered that he has developed some kind of trauma after seeing the Sexy Haku No Jutsu performed before his eyes.

He didn’t feel much different, but every time he saw Haku, his face shifts colors. And this happened to be the period where Haku started developing his Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals.

Masahiko was surrounded by more than a dozen ice mirrors, and there was a Haku in each one.

In his front is Haku, the back is Haku, he opens his eyes, and he sees Haku… he closes them, and he sees Haku… Masahiko was a bit dizzy.

“Damn it, it looks like I have to beat Naruto once more.”

Since that moment, half a month ago, Naruto used the Sexy Jutsu: Female Version of Haku in front of Masahiko’s eyes, and Naruto’s life became full of despair.

Masahiko used his fists and feet to carve the fact that Haku is a boy in his mind, and after Kushina knew about it, she unlocked a new skill, Mom’s Iron Fists of Love!

Fortunately, Minato was a ‘kind’ father and didn’t beat Naruto for a third time that day.

But this wasn’t over yet.

After all, Masahiko has to train Haku and the other two, and he has to get in close contact with Haku every day.

Haku’s slightly girlish gestures, and girlish tone, will always successfully remind Masahiko of that image again… so Naruto gets another beating.

Today is even more remarkable. Haku has finally mastered the Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals technique. And the moment Masahiko asked him to use it, Haku was… everywhere!

Masahiko covered his eyes with his hands and said, “Okay, okay, I’ve seen enough, you can lift the technique, and work on it on your own, I can’t see which is true…”

Haku lifted the technique.

“Since you can use it now, you have to practice it more often. If you want a partner, you can ask Kimi… as Karin, or show Zabuza your new technique if he has time.”

“Yes,” Haku responded with a smile.

Masahiko shook his head with a smile, waved his hand again and again, and left ‘her’ to practice by herself, then turned to Karin and Kimimaro.

During this period, Karin has successfully obtained the title “Red-Head Quick Hand Kunoichi.” She can now throw an entire box of Kunai in one minute.

Masahiko plans to teach her some basic Water and Earth escape Ninjutsu in the next few days since she has these two Chakra Natures.

Not only that, a few days ago, he used a special method to detect her Chakra Natures, and Masahiko now has great expectations for her in the future, even more so than Kimimaro and Haku.

Most of the Uzumaki clansmen have great Physical Energy, and the Yang Release is tented to be inherited among them, such as Nagato; a few like Kushina who have greater Spiritual Energy can use the Yin Release. And Karin has both Yin and Yang.

As for Kimimaro…

“Kimimaro, how many sidekicks have you done?”

Bang! Bang!

“456 times!”



Masahiko felt helpless, “Can you not count silently? Don’t you think that this exercise method requires shouting?”

“Yes! 475 Bang! 476, Bang! Bang! Bang!…”

Masahiko: “…”

After counting twice, he went back to silent mode again. Kimimaro is the only existence who can practice using “The Power of Youth” and not affect his personality at all.

“No, maybe Dai’s ascendants are not normal?” Masahiko was inexplicably relieved, “Kenichiro, it’s not the Sensei’s fault.”

Suddenly an Uzumaki Shinobi flashed beside him.

“Great Elder, Konoha’s White Fang is here!”

“Sakumo?” Masahiko frowned, “Oh, so this is finally over.”

“Sakumo came here in person… he’s probably here to get Minato back to Konoha, right?”

In the Patriarch’s Hall of the Uzumaki, Masahiko came to see Sakumo.

“You came to see Minato?” Masahiko said directly.

“Elder Masahiko, I’ve come looking for you, not the Fourth.”

“Looking for me?”

Masahiko glanced at Minato, and Minato nodded that it was true.

“The truth is…”

“Wait, wait, don’t tell me, let me guess.” Masahiko put a thoughtful expression on.

“First of all, you can’t be here asking for help. Konoha’s only enemy now is Iwagakure, and Amegakure should have withdrawn from the war. Konoha has a great advantage in combat power.”


“Elder Masahiko, I’m here to ask for help.” Sakumo interrupted.”

“Yo! You’ve guessed wrong, Sensei.”

Masahiko felt helpless. Sakumo, it seems that Hiruzen has sent you here to die!

Cooling himself down, Masahiko glared coldly at Nagato, who quickly stood up and bowed to him.

“It seems that I’ve lost my skills.” Masahiko sat down and stared at Sakumo again, “Talk, what’s the matter?”

Sakumo smiled bitterly, “This has to start with the moment you’ve decided to give Amegakure’s leadership to Yahiko.”

Masahiko nodded. It seems that Konoha could guess that it was him. He wasn’t surprised. They have Shikaku; this is normal… well, if he knew how Shikaku guessed it, his tears would fall.

“You may not know that Yahiko is Jiraiya’s disciple.”

“Why did you assume that you think I’ve just given him that position casually?”

Sakumo was taken aback, “I thought you’ve done it because he saved you, two apprentices?”

“And that too. Then I thought, he’s Jiraiya’s disciple, he’s the one who should be worried about Konoha’s safety, not me.”

“But it’s not just him, Obito and Rin…”

Masahiko scratched his head. He wanted to put the blame on Jiraiya and forgot that his own kids were there too.

Sakumo continued, “There are three roads between Konoha and Iwagakure. The Land of Rain isn’t accessible, and there is a corner in Takigakure, but Kakuzu can be a trouble. Thus the only option is Kusagakure.”

“But Kusagakure is too close to Sunagakure. The Third doesn’t want to easily let go of Iwagakure, but if Sunagakure joins the battle again, this might open an opportunity for a protracted war, and this is not what he wants.”
(Protracted War: the basic concept behind People’s War is to maintain the support of the population and draw the enemy deep into the countryside (stretching their supply lines.))

Masahiko pondered, and Sakumo added, “Although the Third Hokage is asking for help, he said that there’s no need to send any troops.”

As he said, Sakumo looked to Nagato, “You only need to let your disciple Nagato or Konan take a trip to show where the Land of Whirlpools is standing against. Sungakure won’t dare to make a move after that. We issue this task as an S-Class Mission, and we will pay them a high price.”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “Great plan.”

Masahiko and Nagato looked at each other and smiled, “Nagato and Konan are very busy with the clan’s affairs. You know about the Shinobi Squad we established not long ago, we send them. As for the rewards, we still lack two swords. I plan to forge them myself, but the materials…”

Sakumo was taken aback. The raw materials for these kinds of swords were very valuable.

“This requires the consent of the Third Hokage.”

Masahiko nodded, handed him the list of materials, sent Sakumo back, and then turned to Nagato, “Assemble those five guys, for their first collective mission, they will work under the name The Legendary Swordsmen of the Whirlpools. We don’t want others to think that we could only find five people.”

Masahiko believed that Hiruzen will eventually agree, the benefits of victory are far greater than mere materials.

“In this way, I should put the creation of two legendary swords on my list… but what kind of swords will they be…”