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L.L.H: Chapter 311: The Stick and Dagger

One month later, night.

Uzumaki Blacksmith Shop.

Masahiko put strangely shaped swords in each hand, then took a deep breath.

It seems a bit exaggerated to say that it’s a sword.

The thing in his left hand had no sharp blade at all, it was just a stick, and its shaped a bit like Ringo’s sword, Kiba.

In his right hand, it was more like a dagger. The length is only 20 centimeters, and it had dense lines on it.

Although the shape isn’t good, Masahiko was deeply satisfied.

“The 5 precious witness points that I used to level up my Blacksmithing Skill to the max weren’t in vain…”

In order to save witness points, Masahiko’s Blacksmithing technique has always remained LV8. And with that level, he could make Tobirama’s Raijin no Ken.

Now that the points were added and he maximized it, couples with his L9 Seal Technique, Masahiko himself is afraid of what he has made.

“These two swords… The Electric Sword isn’t much, but the other one is really scary.” Masahiko was slightly distressed again. He looked at the sky, and it was completely dark.

“I will try the swords tomorrow and see if it can achieve the effect I expected.”


The next day.

Before dawn, Masahiko took the two disciples, Minato and Kushina, to the training ground.

Ignoring their sleepy expressions, Masahiko thinks that good things should be shared with others… anyway, he was quite energetic today.

“Yow! Sensei, why so early?”

Masahiko smiled, “You know I was working on the two swords, right? Now that I have finished them, I wanted you guys to be here and see it.”

These words raised the four hopes and expectations, and they to look forward to it, but when Masahiko took out the two weird-looking weapons…

“Grandpa, let’s go back first. Naruto should be up soon, and I have to make him breakfast.” Kushina said.

“Yow! Sensei, I’ll go back to deal with clan affairs. There are still many things to do today.” Nagato yawned.

“What affairs?” Masahiko glared at him.

Konan explained softly, “Sensei, tomorrow is the New Year, and we need to prepare for the celebration.”

Masahiko was taken aback, “Oh… I almost forgot it’s okay. It won’t take long. Sensei won’t be able to sleep without trying these two swords.”

Masahiko couldn’t sleep, so he won’t let them sleep too…

Seeing Nagato still looking drowsy, Masahiko stabbed him with the stick…

“Ah! Sensei, that’s cheap. You don’t need to use Lightning Release to wake me up.” Nagato was successfully woken up.

Masahiko smiled, “I didn’t use Thunder Release, this stick originally carries thunder, and when Chakra is poured, the intensity of the Lightening Release became higher and higher with no actual limit.

“No limit?” Minato repeated in doubt, and the others suddenly looked energetic.

“Yup, no limit.” Masahiko smirked, “The only limit is the user’s Chakra reserve. For example, if I put all of my strength in it…”

Masahiko suddenly poured his Chakra in it, then nailed it to the ground, and the other four could feel their feet numb and almost fell to the ground.

The most important thing is that there was no change on the sword at this time, and all of the lightning fluctuations were sealed in the sword’s hilt.

“This thing…” Nagato scratched his head, “It’s still a bit cheap.”

Masahiko was speechless, “What do you mean by that?! This is called art! This thing you’re calling cheap can even strengthen the Thunder Release if it gets infused with it. It’s way stronger than Kiba!”

“Grandpa, you’ve just made a better version of Kiba, right?” Kushina laughed.

Masahiko’s face darkened, and he almost tore up.

After he got the materials from Konoha, Masahiko pondered for a long time but still couldn’t come up with any creative ideas, so he could only make such an electric sword after thinking of Ringo’s sword.

“Why do you care if I’ve copied that sword or not? This one is stronger, Ringo’s sword is inferior, and I’m the original!” Masahiko was confident.

Masahiko then threw the stick to Nagato, “Take and find someone who can use it. There shouldn’t be many ninjas who are proficient in the Lightening Release in the Uzumaki.”


“Next, the most important thing is this sword.” Masahiko took out the dagger.

“A lot of sealing techniques.” Kushina frowned slightly, “Is this a sealing sword? No, these seals…”

Masahiko smiled, “This sword is called 40-meters Machete.”

“40-meter machete? Sensei, that’s a good name!” Nagato couldn’t hold it anymore and laugh.

Masahiko glanced at him, hesitated for a moment, and sighed suddenly, “Nagato, why are you making fun of your Sensei? This is not cool.”

Nagato: “…”

“I worked so hard to make these two swords for the clan, and here you are, taking this matter lightly. Do you want to shame your Sensei?”

Nagato scratched his head, “Yo! Sensei, I’m just a bit sleepy, but I’m awake now.”

Masahiko glanced at the other three again. Minato’s expression wasn’t unusual, Kushina was thoughtful, but Konan was forced to smile.

“Are you trying to cheer me up?” Masahiko was slightly relieved and then said, “But it’s too late, I must educate you.”

Masahiko pointed the dragger at Nagato, “Come here. Are you familiar with a common procedure called circumcision? I’ll make sure you get one today.”

Nagato’s smiled bitterly, “Sensei, I was wrong!”

Masahiko rolled his eyes, ignored him, and walked a few steps forward, facing the open space with his dagger pointed forward.

When the Chakra was poured, a light blue Chakra blade extended from the dagger’s front section. With the amount of Chakra poured by Masahiko, the blade extended long and longer and gradually reached tens of meters.

He suddenly flipped his wrist, split it horizontally, and cut several big trees.

Suddenly he heard an “Eeeeeh!” coming from Nagato’s side.

Masahiko turned to look at Nagato, and the latter almost fainted out, but he stopped pouring Chakra, and the blade disappeared instantly.

“Try it yourself. Don’t put too much Chakra at once. You must adapt to it a bit by bit.”

Masahiko threw the sword to the four.

Seeing them trying, Masahiko discovered another use of the dagger. It could measure a person’s Chakra accurately.

It’s called 40-meters Machete because Masahiko could extend the blade for 40 meters by pouring all of his Chakra.

Kushina, who could use the Kyuubi’s Chakra, managed to reach 30 meters, laughing comfortably at her husband… Minato was about 10 meters, and he seemed really uncomfortable.

They then started trying to change sharpness and so on, and when they finished, the sun had already risen. Masahiko took the sword back, then said, “Okay, you have worked so hard this morning, so go back home and sleep well.”

The four of them smiled bitterly at each other. It was already late, how can they sleep now…

After sending the four away, Kimimaro, Haku, and Karin happened to come together, and it was time to start the last day of training.

“This is the last day. Cherish it.”

The expressions on the three kids’ faces were different; Kimimaro was full of loss, Karin was expressionless, but deep inside, she was overjoyed… Haku maintained that sweet smile of his, which made Masahiko shook his head.

“I have to punch Naruto one last time. Tomorrow he will be six. Kids start remembering at that age…”

“Six years old, it’s time to go to school.” Masahiko was a bit sad…