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L.L.H: Chapter 312: Who’s Pig is Lost

Konoha Fifty-fourth year, 1st of January.

The Uzumaki Ichiraku Ramen.

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In the kitchen, the sound of cutting vegetables continued to emit. Kimimaro stood in front of the cutting board. His right hand was moving quickly while meat and vegetables were being chopped neatly.

Outside the kitchen, Sara and Haku were sitting at the table, making… dumplings.

Speaking of it, Masahiko originally planned to spend the New Year with his daughter. But then he remembered that Kimimaro and Haku didn’t have any family here, so he brought these kids with him, and there were more people.

As for Karin, she wanted to come, but Masahiko disagreed and asked her to stay with her parents.

In the New Year, it’s not appropriate to eat ramen. After simply checking the ingredients in the Ichiraku Ramen, Masahiko proposed to make dumplings.

After he briefly described the way of making dumplings to Sara, she instantly understood it and started making them. After that, she taught Haku and Kimimaro… the girl successfully started doing it, while Kimimaro was stuck with cutting the meat and the vegetables.


A sound suddenly emitted from the kitchen. Masahiko shook his head helplessly, then performed a hand sign, “Wood Release: The Art of Making Cutting Boards!”

A wooden cutting board took shape in front of Masahiko’s eyes. He picked, then walked into the kitchen and replaced the broken one in front of Kimimaro, who looked relatively ashamed… this was already the sixth one.

Of course, Kimimaro cannot be blamed. The kitchen knife in his hand was… the legendary sword, 40-meter machete.

It’s hard for Kimimaro to make progress without making progress.

Glancing at the beef on the chopping board, Masahiko moved his finger, then the meat flew into the basin.

“Kimimaro, try lamb this time!”

“Yes God!”

Outside the kitchen, Sara frowned, “Father, we don’t need too much. These are enough for us to eat for a week.

Five to six hundred dumplings are already densely laid out on another table on the side.

Sara and Haku’s Ninjutsu level isn’t high, but their movement speed is still much faster than ordinary people, and with Masahiko’s help, in less than an hour, they could pack so much.

“If you can’t finish it, share it with others. Kushina and the others have never eaten such a thing.”

Sara smiled bitterly, “Even if we share it…”

“It’s okay. You forget the big stomach king.” Masahiko smiled mysteriously.

Sarah was taken aback, then smiled, “Ah, I almost forgot Whitey.”

Haku looked confused and looked up at Masahiko and Sara.

(T/N: Haku literally means White.”

Masahiko almost laughed out, “Sara, call him Fat Cat, don’t call it Whitey. You’ve made Haku so confused.”

Sara also reacted and said to Haku, “Whitey is a cat that my father and I used to raise. It’s a white cat, so I’ve named it the same name as… oh, I’m so sorry.”

Haku smiled, “It’s okay, Sister Sara. A white cat…”

Masahiko planned to call the fat cat when he was full, but seeing that Haku was so interested in it, he directly bit his finger, “Summoning Jutsu!”

For some reason, there was a ten seconds delay after that, then a white unknown ball-like object appeared in front of them. Haku hesitated for a long time and tentatively said, “Is this… a cat?”

“Meow~ I’m smelling food!”

Masahiko’s face darkened, “Whose pig is lost? Go away, where is my fat cat?”


Two minutes ago.

Konoha, Tenten’s home.

Unlike when Masahiko was here two months ago, the decoration of Tenten’s house has changed.

The fact cat was eating a lot of food every day, but the family was also getting richer.

Since they adopted the fat cat, the Tenten family’s Weapon shop business has been doing very well… and even became one of the designated merchants supplying the front line for the war. In two months, the family’s assets double twice.

Of course, these things were all arranged by Hiruzen. Masahiko’s pet was staying in Tenten’s house, and it was very edible, so he can’t make it hungry… he, as the Hokage, can still decide where to buy weapons.

Tenten and her family didn’t know the reason, but the fat cat could roughly guess it, so after it said, “Meow~ you should thank this cat for getting rich,” they thought that it brought good luck to the family and came to love it even more, so they let it eat whatever it wanted.

For the New Year holiday, Tenten’s father hired two chefs to cook for the fat cat.

“Fat cat, eat this first, “Tenten didn’t change the name.

The fat cat licked her mouth and then opened it, then suddenly noticed that it was being summoned.


The fish was right in front of her, and the biggest punishment is to see the food and not eat it. It insisted on holding back Masahiko’s summoning Jutsu for ten seconds and finally managed to take a bite.

“Fat cat, what’s the matter with you?” Tenten looked puzzled, and the fat cat, who used to eat everything in one bite, only took a small one.

“Don’t you like the food that the chef has prepared for you?”

“Meow!” The fat cat exclaimed, “White Cat will definitely be back!”

“Fat Cat…?”


After that, it saw Masahiko in front of it.

“I don’t have a cat that is as fat as you!”

“What do you think you’re doing? Don’t you feel ashamed? Get your body shape back now!”

“Meow~” The fat cat’s face was still a little reluctant, and then, like a balloon leaking, it slowly retracted back to its original 30 pounds appearance.

After it became the Nibi’s Nekochuriki, it could freely control its size… but God knows why both Masahiko and she are comfortable with her being fat.

“Meow~ You’ve ruined it. I liked how I looked before!”

“Stop arguing…” Masahiko sighed, then pointed out, “Come here, this another ‘sister’ who wanted to meet you.”

The fat cat sniffed him, then showed a disgusted expression, “He’s a boy, can’t you tell the difference?”

After she said that, she shook her chubby body and jumped into Sara’s arms.

Masahiko sighed.

“By the way, Fat Cat, how do you get along with Tenten?”

“Meow~ She goes to school with me on her back every day. She has made a lot of progress.” Fat Cat replied unexpectedly.

Masahiko was taken aback for a moment, “She carries you? With the same weight, you’ve had before? How can she move? Did you keep that appearance so she can use it as a load?”

Fat Cat’s face was full of guilty, “Meow~, Of course, no, but Tenten said that she wanted to get stronger.”

Fat Cat was helpless, Tenten drank her blood by mistake, and if she doesn’t exercise much, I’m afraid she won’t be able to make up for it.

Masahiko glanced at it with a smile; he knew that there was more in this story.

“Okay, just eat. This ancestor made these minions prepare dumplings for you.”