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L.L.H: Chapter 313: New Year’s First Punishement

Cooking LV1(3/100)

Masahiko groaned and handed Sara the responsibility of cooking dumplings.

And a dozen dumplings he cooked himself were all fed to Fat Cat…

“Father, this is amazing?” Sara asked in surprise.

Obviously, dumplings aren’t that hard to cook, yet the smell was still weird, but Sara watched all of the processes and didn’t notice anything weird. She was actually amazed.


Masahiko couldn’t explain, he doesn’t know when and how this cooking skill appeared, yet it was still LV1. Everything he cooks has a strange smell… Fat Cat hates it.

“Speaking of it, I’ve cooked a few times in the past 100 years, but this skill has never been activated. Also, there are no restrictions, so I can easily become a chef now…”

Masahiko hesitated to add more points. It’s not because he’s doesn’t want to waste the points, but because he’s afraid that once he becomes a “God of Cooking,” it would be very troublesome t eat other people’s meals… it’s not narcissism. This is confidence in the system skills.

“When did I last cook something?” Masahiko pondered, then looked at Kimimaro and remembered the roasted fish not long ago.

“This system is really weird… Why did it activate at that time?”

“Meow~ If you want it, eat it! Don’t stare at Whitey that way!”

The fat Cat yelled, and Masahiko noticed how Kimimaro was staring coldly at Fat Cat eating the dumplings he cooked.

“Fat Cat, eat more. You must be so hungry.” Masahiko said with a smile while laughing deep inside while glancing at Kimimaro.

“Come on, eat Fat Cat-Chan.”

Fat Cat: “…”

Fortunately, dozens of dumplings were nothing for Fat Cat, and it ate it in one bite, ignoring the smell.

Soon, Sara’s second pot of dumplings was ready, and it was finally time for dinner.

As soon as the dishes were sorted out, the Ichiraku Ramen door was pushed open, and Kushina, Konan, and Naruto went in.

Kushina’s intentions were clear, “Grandpa, have you eaten yet?”

Konan greeted, “Sensei, Happy New Year.”

Naruto ignored Masahiko, “Sister Haku!”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched, looking at Naruto, “You’re here for the food, aren’t you? Where are the other two?”

“They are still presiding the celebration of the New Year. I’m afraid they won’t be able to leave before noon.”

Masahiko nodded and turned to Naruto with an ‘evil’ smile, “Naruto, you don’t want to get beaten again in the New Year, don’t you?”

“Meow~ the stupid fox can’t tell the difference between men and women.”

As soon as the fat Cat said this, Masahiko glanced at him pityingly, which made the fat Cat’s expression bewildered.

In the next second, she was grabbed by Kushina, “Grandpa, the little fox told me it’s the Nibi?”

“Well, it’s the Nibi’s Nekoshuriki.”

“Grandpa, I heard that the Uzumaki Clan eat cats in the New Year celebration. This one looks tasty.”

“Ah, yes, she quite fat too. I’ve been feeding her for this moment.” Masahiko glanced at Fat Cat coldly.


The fat Cat paled in shock, her ears pointed out, and the Nibi appeared behind it… and then disappeared almost instantly after the Kyuubi appeared behind Kushina.

The fat Cat screamed in despair. She suddenly felt that she wanted to return to Konoha. She really missed her cat slave Tenten…

Masahiko smiled, “Don’t bully her too much, Kushina. Also, you must discipline Naruto.”

Naruto laughed, “Heheheee, Mom said that she will spare me for three days since it’s the New Year.”

Instantly, he was picked up by Kushina and spanked.

Masahiko gloated; this innocent child believes in everything, this world surely must know pain.


After the farce was over, Sara’s third pot of dumplings was cooked and ready to serve. Masahiko used the Wood Release to build a large round table, then the group sat down and ate.

“Grandpa, how did you come up with this recipe?” Kushina looked surprised.

Masahiko coughed. He just about to claim it, then remembered the one he made…

“Oh no. This is a lost recipe. Grandpa had eaten it when he was a child and described it to Sara. She managed to restore it.”

“Is that so…? It tastes good! Sister Sara, teach me later!” Kushina said… The generations were too chaotic.

“Sister Sara, teach me too!” Konan also said.

“Of course.” Sara smiled.

Hearing Konan calling her sister startled Masahiko. He couldn’t tell that his daughter was no longer young.

“It was Konoha’s 42 years when I first met her. She was 16 back then… she’s now 28? It seems like it’s time to marry!” Masahiko glanced at her but couldn’t speak.

“We’ll talk about it later.” The procrastinator’s mantra.

Masahiko spaced out for a long time. He didn’t pay attention to what the three little boys and the three big girls were talking about at the dining table. Unknowingly, he and Fat Cat were the only two left on the table.

Masahiko has a good physique, good digestion, and eats a lot, but still far inferior to the inhuman fellow, Fat Cat.

Sara served the dumplings again, but Masahiko finally decided to withdraw from the “battlefield.”

“Of all those who have fought me over the years, there is no one who can surpass you at pure eating! That’s why I, Uzumaki Masahiko, DECLARE YOU THE STRONGEST!” Madara’s famous quote was tampered by Masahiko to be used here…

The fat cat twitched her mouth then continued to eat on its own. Suddenly she felt a cold stare, which caused its hair to stand.

“Meow, give me a break, kid. Do you want to eat again?”

Kimimaro stared straight at the fat Cat without replying.

What he was thinking of at that moment was this: “This is the strongest creature recognized by God, and I must keep it in mind!”

Fat Cat: “…”

I want to go back to Konoha!

After eating the remaining dumplings in one bite, the fat Cat jumped into Masahiko’s arms, “Meow~ This meal is over, Whitey is going back, Tenten must be anxious.”

Masahiko smiled and pat its head, “Get along well with Tenten.”

“Meow~ It’s much easier than getting along with you.”

Masahiko: “…”

Masahiko threw Fat Cat out of the door, pointed out the way to Konoha, then returned back in to find Naruto leaning by Haku, whispering.

“Sister Haku, let me tell you, you have to be careful of the Ancestor, he… shush, he’s looking at us.”

Naruto got closer to Haku, and Masahiko couldn’t hear what he said, yet he could guess what he was saying.

Haku didn’t respond. He just kept his gentle smile.

Masahiko also smiled, “Naruto, get ready. It seems that it’s time for your first punishment of the year!”


At the same time, Konoha.

Fat Cat rushed at full speed and finally returned to Tenten’s home.

“Meow~ Little girl, get Whitey something to eat. I’m starving to death!” The little dumplings can’t make him full.

Tenten rushed out, “Fat Cat, you’re finally back…”

Halfway through, Tenten stopped with a shocked expression, “Fat Cat, what happened to you? How come you became so thin?”

Fat Cat almost shed tears when she thought about the experience she had. Just looking at how worried Tenten was, she could feel the difference.

“Meow~ Someone abused Whitey…”