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L.L.H: Chapter 314: Ramen Stuffed Dumplings

In the afternoon of January the first, Konoha Fifty-fourth year.

Inside the Uzumaki Ichiraku Ramen.

After a meal of dumplings, the three girls chatted.

Masahiko’s originally wanted to stay with them, but when he noticed how Kushina was silent and Konan’s slightly red face, he felt that he probably shouldn’t be there and should be better off.

In this way, Sara had two girlfriends to chat with during the New Year, while Masahiko was stuck with three problematic boys.

Masahiko, who turned on the “Profound Elder” mode, gave the three a bit of his mind.

“Naruto…” Spank “Remember…” Spank “Haku is a boy!” Spank

Naruto looked unlovable. Masahiko spanked him this time after he took pulled off his pants down.

“Old Ancestor, I know!”

“Sexy Haku No Jutsu is not allowed to be used. Also, I’ve seen this shit already when I was… cough, those are all outdated things, you can’t be complacent about such level!” Masahiko missed the point.

“I know, Ancestor!”

Masahiko sighed. Every time he beats him, he keeps saying he knows, then he does it again.

Masahiko then turned to Kimimaro, who was watching,” Haku is your partner, do you know what it means? You must help when he’s in trouble…”

Masahiko pointed at Naruto, “This little guy is the trouble!”

“I see, God!”

“And you, Haku,” Masahiko continued, “It’s okay to be kind, but you have to be able to say no to others. You’re so… ‘beautiful,’ and there will be a lot of people like Naruto in the future. If you don’t refuse them, I’m afraid you won’t survive!”

Haku smiled but didn’t speak, which made Masahiko sigh.

“Old Ancestor, don’t worry, I will protect Sister Haku in the future!”

Flap! Pop! Pop!

“Sister Haku?”

“Brother Haku, Brother Haku!!!”

Masahiko felt a headache but suddenly caught Naruto curling his mouth.

“You kid, trying to make fun of me, right?”

Spank! Spank! Spank!

“Ah! No, don’t hit me, Mom. HELP!”

Hearing this sound, Kushian glanced over here, but didn’t mind it at all, then looked back and whispered to Sara again with a smile on her face.

Masahiko wasn’t afraid to use a bit of force. He opened Naruto’s seal a few days ago, and to improve his’ resistance,” he decided to beat him every now and then.

That day Masahiko didn’t let him go until his ass turned red.

Naruto was really tough. He didn’t even shed a tear, and put on his pants, and ran to Ksuhina.

Masahiko could only smile and shake his head. The child was too naughty. There was really no way other than this.

“If you’re naughty, you get a punishment.” Masahiko glanced at Haku and Kimimaro, and they shuddered, not knowing what he was thinking of, then he quickly turned his head to Kushina.

Naruto ran over, and the girl could no longer whisper any longer. The topic now was how to make dumplings.

“Grandpa, you said you can fill anything in the dumplings. Can it be filled with Ramen?”

Masahiko paused for a moment, then said with a smile, “Of course, you can also add tomatoes.”

“Tomatoes… I don’t like them very much.”

Konan looked at Kushina helplessly. The latter was five years older than her but still acts like a child.

“Hmph! Grandpa, next time I will make you dumplings, filled with Ramen!” Kushina clenched her fist.

“Yes.” Masahiko nodded helplessly.

Sara shook her head helplessly too. Kushina really likes Ramen, and now she’s trying to make Remen dumplings.

The scene turned into a contest of making Ramen dumplings… Masahiko silently prayed in his heart for Minato and Naruto’s health and safety.

They didn’t realize that it was already night until they noticed how Naruto was snorting on the chair.

“Sara, are you making Ramen tonight?” Kushina was still eating.

Sara smiled, “There are still some dumplings left… Oh, I forgot that Whitey eat them all. I’m going to cook now.

Kushina and Konan glanced at each other, then followed her to the kitchen. You can’t learn just by listening.

Masahiko looked at Naruto, who was sleeping on the table, and smiled. As soon as he waved his hand, Naruto’s little yellow hair was knotted on both sides, forming two small strands.

“Uzumaki Naruko is much cuter.”

Haku looked at him curiously, making Masahiko feel like he had done something bad…

After the meal, Naruto woke up with sleepy-eyes and didn’t realize it, but the adults on the table almost suffocated from laughter. Even Kushina didn’t help but feel that Naruko was much cuter.

It was getting late. Kushina took Naruto by his hand, then turned around, “Grandpa, Sara, do you want to go out together? Today is the first day of the year, and the night is the busiest.”

Konan also persuaded, “Sensei, Sister Sara, let’s go together.”

Masahiko and Sara glanced at each other then shook their heads slightly, “Let’s do it tomorrow. There will be too many people tonight. Although I don’t need to hide Sara and me’s relationship, I don’t want everyone to know about it. It will be a little annoying.”

Kushina smiled, “It’s okay to let everyone know about it. This will make you look less…”

“Go, go.” Masahiko interrupted quickly. God knows what he will do if people started making fun of him.

“Okay, let’s go, Naruto!” Kushina waved goodbye.

Naruto rubbed his eyes, then followed Kushina and Konan from behind…

Sending off the three of them, Sara, Masahiko, and the two boys were the only ones left in the store.

Masahiko hesitated but still said, “Girl, I saw how Konan was blushing earlier. Is it because Kushina was talking about her and Nagato being together?”

“Yeah.” Sara smiled and nodded.

“Konan has really grown up and already talking about marriage.” Masahiko sighed, “How about you?”

Sara was stunned and immediately understood what Masahiko meant. She looked after that at his tangled expression and smiled, “Let fate decide.”

Masahiko frowned. Masahiko didn’t want another man to take his daughter from him, but he didn’t want her to end up like him too.

“A young man who is about the same age as Sara, he must be someone I know, and it’s best if he’s powerful and handsome…”

Masahiko pondered for a long time, and then a raid-haired boy gradually appeared in his mind, Sasori.

“No, no, I don’t know where that guy went, and I’m not sure if he’s still even human.” Masahiko shook his head again and again.

Sara looked a bit angry, “Father, are you thinking about something weird again?”

Masahiko smiled wryly, “Nothing, nothing.”

Let’s not think about bad things during the New Year celebration. That what he decided. Masahiko looked at the two kids next to him and then at Sara and suddenly took out play cards.

“This is going to be a long night. Let the God of Gambling teach you how to play poker…”