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L.L.H: Chapter 316: Just Do It Don’t Be Afraid

“What?! You agree?!”

Konan’s surprised expression is really rare, and Minato beside her was also puzzled.

“Well, Nagato wants to sing. Let’s just listen. You shouldn’t always be hard on him.”

“But…” Konan hesitated to speak.

Masahiko smiled, “I know you’re worried about Killer Bee. It’s doesn’t matter. I have my own measures.”

Konan was silent for a moment, then shook her head helplessly, “It’s okay as long as you and Nagato are happy.”

Masahiko glanced at her with a smirk, “Okay, go back now and prepare.”

“What do we need to prepare?” Konan was taken aback.

Masahiko paused, “Preparation… of course, we’re preparing to sell tickets. We can’t just let everyone listen for free. The time is set at noon tomorrow, and the location is the Uzumaki Stadium. Apart from us, we will sell 500 more tickets.

Minato was close to the door, and he could still hear them “Yoyo” at each other. When he looked at Masahiko again, he put on an expression of “Who would want to listen to this?”

Konan knows for a fact that the Uzumaki’s residents are innocent…

But after another thought, she felt that no one would buy these tickets. Some people still remember the riot caused by Killer Bee’s concert ten years ago.

Masahiko smiled mysteriously, “Just go out, and the 500 tickets will be sold.”


Half an hour later, the message was spread across the streets and alleys: The Clan Patriarch will hold a concert at noon tomorrow. 500 tickets are available.

After all, Nagato is the Patriarch of the clan. Many civilians and ninjas are interested to see the concert, but 10,000 Ryo isn’t expensive, but not cheap. Most people are hesitant to wait and see. There are five hundred copies, it won’t be sold quickly.

As a result, at the beginning of the ticket sales in the afternoon, a bunch of strange faces emerged from nowhere, and a queue of four to five hundred people was suddenly formed.

Konan and Minato were stunned and kept receiving 10,000 Ryo after another. Ten minutes later, the tickets in their hands were sold out.

“Where do all these people come from?”

“Master Konan, give me a ticket too.”

A familiar face finally appeared, but Konan shook her head embarrassedly, “Go-San, I’m sorry, but the tickets are sold out.”

“It’s over? No way. I missed the Patriarch’s concert…” Go looked at a loss, then turned to look at the crowd behind him, “Everyone, the tickets are sold out!”

“Sold out?”

“What a pity…”

After a few whispers, the crowd gradually dispersed. Most people were at a loss. They just followed the crowd. Seeing many people trying to buy, they also wanted to join in.

They couldn’t buy it now, they don’t feel sorry, but they feel a little weird and awkward.

Not far away, Nagato and Killer Bee were watching.

Killer Bee almost burst into tears. The Land of Whirlpools is really a land suitable for the art of rap.

Nagato scratched his head, feeling that something was wrong. It’s possible to start a concert so easily?


Inside the Ichiraku Ramen.

Konan and Minato, who had sold out all the tickets, found Masahiko.

“Sensei, the tickets are sold out.”

Masahiko smiled and nodded, “I told you they will be sold out. The name of the Patriarch is very attractive.”

“What’s so charming about him? He’s stupid…” Konan muttered in a low voice.

When Minato was selling tickets, he seemed to have noticed something, and he was looking at Minato strangely.

When he was just about to ask, Kushina pulled Naruto in.

“Grandpa, I heard that Nagato is going to hold a concert? Give me a ticket.”

Masahiko shrugged and looked at Konan, “Look, I told you everyone will want to be there.”

Minato shook his head helplessly, pulled Kushina, and explained in a low voice.

“The Hachibi’s Jinchuriki? I will just kick his butt if he sings badly. I just want to go to see Nagato singing. It’s always yo-yo-yo. I haven’t really heard him say a word once.”

“Don’t worry, Kushina, we’re VIP. We will just enter directly.” Masahiko said.

Naruto heard Masahiko talking and grinned at him behind Kushina. Last night, during the celebration, he embarrassed him in front of his friend… and he was planning on paying him back.

Masahiko smiled, rubbed his palm, then locked his eyes on Naruto’s little butt…



After a while, Konan said goodbye to Masahiko and went to help Nagato arrange tomorrow’s concert venue. Minato’s family also didn’t stay long.

Sending them away, Masahiko turned to Sara, “Do you want to go tomorrow.”

Sara paused, then smiled, “There must be a good show you arranged tomorrow, but I still won’t join the fun. Tell me about it all when you go back.”

“God? What kind of good shows?”

Masahiko smiled, “Okay, you don’t need to go if you don’t want to. Though, it’s going to be fun tomorrow…”

Looking at the curious expression of Kimimaro and Haku, he said, “I will take you tomorrow to see.”

What happened after that was beyond Masahiko’s expectation.

It is estimated that it was because of the herd mentality. After the news that the 500 tickets were sold out within ten minutes spread, the entire village went nuts.

All of a sudden, people started talking about how harmonic Nagato’s voice is. Countless people asked to make more tickets, and some even asked Masahiko.

However, keeping their mental health in mind, Masahiko refused mercilessly, and in the end, he only added Karin to the team…


At noon the next day, in front of the Uzumaki Stadium, the four or five hundred “mysterious people” appeared and checked in at the gate, while Masahiko and the others waited on the sidelines before entering the stadium.

Kushina scratched her head, “I don’t see any of the Uzumaki residents… Hey, that elder sister looks like Grandma Mito.”

“Ah.” Masahiko looked nostalgic. It was indeed Grandma Mito, Mito’s Grandma, Masahiko’s sister-in-law, and his elder brother next to them…

After a while, Kushina said again, “There are also these two. Why do they look so… awe-inspiring? Why do I feel like I know these people?”

Masahiko shook his head lightly, “Well, I don’t know either.”

He smiled inwardly. These were Hashirama’s and Madara’s fathers…

After a while, the little Karin spoke, “Huh? What a handsome uncle.”

Masahiko followed her gaze, showing a slightly weird expression.

Those two were Uzumaki Ichigo and Uzumaki Levi…

Because he can’t remember so many familiar faces, he can only use other characters that greatly impacted him in his previous life.

As the five hundred people entered the arena, Kushina’s expression became more and more surprised, while Minato looked thoughtful.

“Grandpa, why don’t I know any of these five hundred people?”

Masahiko smiled secretly because these people are all ghosts now.

That’s right, these five hundred people are all his Shadow Clones. In other words, they are all his trumpets.

Nagato, just do it, don’t be afraid.