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L.L.H: Chapter 317: Confession

Noon on January 3rd, Konoha’s Fiftieth Year.

Uzumaki Stadium.

Five hundred people were sitting in the huge venue.

On a simple stage in the center of the venue, Killer Bee and Nagato were whispering.

“Nagato, 500 tickets were sold almost immediately, but the venue is larger. We should have sold more.” Killer Bee got a bit greedy.

Nagato was a little nervous, “Yeah! It’s a bit empty, but it’s enough.”

Killer Bee, “Yeah~ Don’t be nervous on me now,

We’re gonna start immediately,

We should practice now!”

Nagato: “Yo!!”


Masahiko walked into the stadium with the group.

As he walked through the crowd, Kushina pulled Konan and kept pointing.

“Konan, do you know any of these people?”

Konan shook her head, “The Land of Whirlpools is now too big, and the population has increased. A few of them look familiar, but I can’t even name them.”

Minato pulled Naruto and looked at Masahiko, “Elder, are these all seniors?”

Masahiko didn’t reply, but Kushina heard it.”

“Seniors? Do you know them, Minato?”

Minato shook his head, “I don’t.e

Masahiko’s plan was discovered by Minato, but he didn’t care too much. He didn’t plan on hiding it from everyone.

The reason he agreed to hold this concert for Nagato was because of Killer Bee’s bad idea.” Masahiko felt it was interesting. And thought that maybe he could have some unexpected gains from it, so he didn’t refuse.

However, he can’t just let the Killer Bee do another concert here, the last time, it took them more than 10 years to forget about it, so Masahiko has started a small move…

These five hundred people were all from his generation or a generation younger from him. Because the number wasn’t enough, he also added some other characters to make up the number.

“Kimimaro, look over there. There is an aunt that looks like you!” Karin said.

Kimimaro was stunned for a moment and followed Karin’s gaze, “No, she doesn’t?”

“Huh? I swear he looked like you a moment ago. That’s weird…”

On the side, Masahiko held his forehead speechlessly. Fortunately, he could react quickly. Is this shadow clone stupid? That guy has just woke and said, why not change to Otsutsuki Kaguya today? He even had a Rinne Sharingan on his forehead…

Talking and laughing, the group walked all the way to the front of the venue.

“Sensei, why is it so quiet in the venue?” Konan also gradually realized that something was wrong.

Masahiko smiled.

“Well, it might be because I’m here, which puts pressure on them, so they don’t dare to speak loudly.

Karin and Haku glanced at Masahiko, and Naruto whispered, “Old Ancestor is shameless…”

Masahiko glared at him…

Everyone took their seats one by one. Nagato walked forward, got close to Masahiko, and whispered, “Sensei, why are there so many people? I’m a little nervous.”

Masahiko looked at him, smiled, and shook his head, “Come on, today is the day you embrace your destiny. Just treat all the audience as if they are me and sing with your style.”

Konan also smiled and encouraged him, “Nagato, you can do it.”

Nagato and Konan looked at each other, their faces flushed, and immediately cheered up, “Yes.”

Nagato walked to the center of the venue and said loudly, “Thank you for coming today!”

Every in the venue looked like… okay, stop this nonsense and just start, will you?

Nagato’s face stiffened. Why are they all cold?

He became more nervous and turned to Killer Bee, crying for help.

Killer Bee stepped back, stretched his hands forward, and gave him a thump up, “Yo! Believe in yourself!”

Nagato blushed, calmed down, and looked towards Masahiko.

“The first song was written for me by my Sensei, The Great Elder, of the Uzumaki Clan, Uzumaki Masahiko… Yo! Thank You, Sensei!”

“Grandpa, your write songs too?” Kushina was surprised.

“God is omnipotent!” Kimimaro decisively applauded.

Karin and Naruto were in sync, thinking, “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

Konan played with her paper and said, “Why is Nagato blushing a lot today?”

Minato smiled gently; by now, he fully understood what was going on.

Masahiko stretched his right hand forward and also gave Nagato a thumb up.

Nagato nodded, bowed slightly, and took a deep breath.


“There is a beautiful girl in the village,

Her name is Konaaan~

She looks good,

She’s kind, but have a beautiful paaaair~

Of eyes, of eyes! It’s orange, it’s weird, but gooood~

Hair is blue, it’s shiny and bluuuue~


The people next to Masahiko all had dumbfounded expressions; they looked at Nagato, then focused on Konan again.

Konan’s face heated up quickly. She looked at Nagato with her big pairs and then turned her gaze to Masahiko.

“Cough, this is a bit embarrassing…” Masahiko scratched his head.

The trumpets understood in second, applauded, and some even shouted, “Keep Up Patriarch!”

“Grandpa, you, Nagato, Konan?” Kushina said incoherently.

Minato smiled bitterly and shook his head; he knew Masahiko would make a big move.

The four children were still stunned.

Masahiko smiled and looked at Konan, “What do you think? Nagato is confessing to you. How do you feel? Are you surprised?” He was excited.

Konan didn’t know how to reply. Nagato in the center of the venue was encouraged by Masahiko’s trumpet, and his singing was getting louder and louder…

After a moment, Konan glared at him, then looked at Masahiko helplessly. Countless pieces of paper gather behind her back, then two wings took form, and she turned and flew away.

“Huh?” Nagato stopped.

Masahiko was stunned. What should I do in this case?

His trumpet reacted faster, and Uzumaki Levi shouted, “Captain Patriarch, chase after them!”

“Use your Bankai!” Uzumaki Ichigo shouted too.

“Chase!” the trumpets said in unison.

Nagato rallied, mobilized his Reiatsu, and flew up chasing after her.

Masahiko smiled. This time his disciple will never become a single dog…

Kushina shook her head helplessly, “Grandpa, couldn’t you just use another method?”

Masahiko coughed, “This is not my idea. It’s Killer Bee’s, not bad, right?”

Minato smiled bitterly, “Yes, it’s really good.”

In the center of the stage, lead singer Nagato flew away, and the “Special Guest” Killer Bee stood there instead.

At this time, the excitement in his heart was simply uncontrollable. He thought he could only sing one song at the end. He didn’t expect Nagato to leave right after the opening. Doesn’t it mean that this is his concert now?

There are more than five hundred people. He felt that this was his moment, the moment that every rapper dreams about in his career.

“Hey, ~ Yo!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just like setting off firecrackers, one shadow clone was blow up, and the other 499 followed. In just half a minute, they were all released.

Masahiko smiled, took the three children in front of him, and disappeared.

Minato also shook his head helplessly, hugged Kushina and Naruto, then used his Flying Thunder God.

Only Killer Bee was left there in the huge Uzumaki Stadium, with a confused expression, “Huh?”