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L.L.H: Chapter 318: Damn You, Danzo!

“Don’t look at me that way anymore!”

In the hall of the patriarch, Killer Bee looked at Masahiko pitifully.

“Elder, since you have put together 500 shadow clones, why couldn’t you wait until I finish singing and then release it?” Killer Bee looked regretful, saying that he wouldn’t have minded it even if it was a fake audience.

Masahiko sighed, “Do you think that I will have a long life?”

“Uh, of course…”

“I don’t think that even I would survive after hearing it 500 times…”

Killer Bee: “…”

His art of rap has been insulted.

But he was strong mentally, so he still looked at him and said, “Elder, come on, let’s have another concert, this time we will really sell tickets, if I’m the lead singer, you don’t need to make any clones.”

“Oh, you want more? But what’s the reason this time?”

Killer Bee was silent for a long time, then said, “Yo, Elder, you’re still not married, right?”

Masahiko took a deep breath and smiled.

“It’s a great idea, come, come out with me, and we will discuss how to hold the next concert.”

Killer Bee was overjoyed, followed Masahiko out, and continued to pat the horse, “Your disciple’s concert, Nagato, sold 500 tickets. We need to get at least 2000 for your concert!”

“How can two thousand be enough? Ten thousand should be a must.” Masahiko looked around.

“Ten Thousand…” Killer Bee paused, took out a pen and paper, then began to write, “Yeah, this is so touching ~ feelings!!”

“No only touching, but also pain!” Masahiko was expressionless.

Killer Bee was taken aback, and the Hachibi inside him shouted, “You idiot, run!”



“Jonin are always fit for great sandbags.”

Masahiko clapped his hands, feeling very comfortable. He had long wanted to beat up Killer Bee.

If it weren’t for Minato, who flashed all of a sudden, he wouldn’t have stopped at all.

“What happened with Nagato and Konan?”

Minato glanced at Killer Bee, who was on the ground, shook his head pityingly, and turned to Masahiko, “They’re okay.”

Masahiko’s face stiffened.

“Fortunately, those five hundred spectators are all your clones,” Minato added.

Killer Bee sat down, “It’s your fault…”

Masahiko looked back at him.


Killer Bee screamed abruptly and lay down again.

“Forget it, young people have their own way of getting along. I’m older now. I’ll just leave it to Nagato.” Masahiko knew that he screwed up, and he really felt guilty. But it is what it is.

Minato: “…”

I feel sorry for you, Nagato.

In the next few days, Masahiko never dared to go to check on Nagato and Konan. He only found out about the two through Minato and Kushina.

The little single dog was so embarrassed that he couldn’t confess in the end, and with this, the plan of his two compatriots, single dogs, Masahiko and Killer Bee, ended up failing. Fortunately, the audience was all Masahiko’s clones, and the others were all acquaintances. No one will spread what happened to the outside, so it wasn’t too embarrassing for Konan.

In short, Nagato was regarded for his pure intentions. And although Konan was dissatisfied with this approach, she didn’t reject him, which shows that she also has a good impression of him, and the pair only needs time now to work things out between them.

“I’ve told you, this ancestor, once he works as a matchmaker, he never fails!” Masahiko let out a sigh of relief in the Ichiraku Ramen.

Opposite to him, Kushina shook her head speechlessly, “You should stop being a matchmaker. You almost broke them apart.”

Little Naruto was also on the side, making a face at him, “Stupid old ancestor.”

Masahiko curled his lips, “How you think you two ended up together? If I hadn’t sent you to Konoha, do you think you two would have ended up together? And you, Naruto, how would you come out without me?”

Kushina: “…?”

“Ah, I mean, if it weren’t for me who sent you to Konoha, you wouldn’t have met Minato, and you might have ended up marrying someone else from the Uzumaki Clan, and then you would have given birth to Uzumaki Naruko or something…”

Speaking of this, Masahiko sighed, “Now I regret it. You would have been cuter as a girl. This little guy is so naughty.”

Kushina shook his head speechlessly, “That’s not true.”

“Lies, you’ve liked it too!” Masahiko talked back.

Naruto was getting tired of this.

“Speaking of which, shouldn’t you be leading Kimimaro and the other on a mission today? How come you have time to bring Naruto here?”

Kushina smiled, “They have just become Genin, so naturally, they have to start with D-Class missions. I don’t need to supervise today’s mission. They are fishing by the sea.”

Masahiko smiled. Fishing can be regarded as a special task in the Land of Whirlpools, it’s easy, and it can help them exercise the basic skills of ninjas.

“And you, Grandpa, why didn’t you go find the Hachibi’s Jinchuriki today?”

“Oh, I was very rough with him yesterday. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to get out of bed today.”

Masahiko’s daily activity these days is to beat Killer Bee. Not only because of Nagato’s matter but also out of curiosity, when he looked through Killer Bee’s rap record book, he was getting better…

Kushina sympathized with Killer Bee a little bit, “The relationship between Nagato and Konan has settled down. When will you spare him?”

Masahiko pondered for a moment, then put his hand on his wrists, feeling unexpectedly a little reluctant.

“Speaking of which, the Kyuubi is too resistant to beating. His Jinchuriki can heal really quickly.” Masahiko cast his gaze on Naruto.

“He’s still a child.” Kushina blurted out.

Masahiko paused, “He’s not young anymore, six years old. It’s time to go to school.”

Kushina nodded, “Yes, he’s six years old now. Life in the Ninja Academy is very important. I will arrange the best class for him, and then I will trouble uncle Goya to be his headteacher and give him the best education.”

Masahiko was silent for a moment and nodded, “Well, he needs a good education.”

Naruto looked from left to right, with his chest against the table, then whispered, “I’m going to Konoha!”

Kushina patted his head, “Only bad guys are in Konoha. We’re not going.”

“I’m going.”

Kushina sighed when she heard these words and looked at Masahiko, “Grandpa, listen up. It’s all because of Danzo.”

“You shouldn’t have let him walk away, that old fox man. Damn you, Danzo!”

Masahiko smiled bitterly and shook his head. When he was just about to speak, Chinese characters suddenly crossed his eyes.

“Witness and drastically change the main storyline of Naruto: Danzo’s death, earn 30(/80) witness points (*8).”

Masahiko was left dumbfounded. The hell did just happen? Did Kushina just curse him to his death?

“Konoha has good people, Aunt Mikoto, the Third Hokage Grandpa are good. Only Masahiko is bad.” Naruto said in a low voice.

Kushina got even angrier, “The Third Hokage is a wicked man. I can see through his mask now. That damned…”

“Stop!” Masahiko interrupted her quickly, “Don’t make any more troubles. If you continue, I’m afraid I will die too.”

Kushina “???”