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L.L.H: Chapter 319: A Grave Must Be Digged

Konoha Village, Hokage Office.

Hiruzen looked through the documents in front of him, picked up a pen, and prepared to make a mark.

“Pop!” Before he started writing, he felt a slight throb in his heart, and the wooden penholder broke with a shake of his hand.

After a slight silence, Hiruzen brows frowned, “Did something bad happen?”

After hesitating for a moment, he took the crystal ball on the table and made a seal with his hands, “Telescope Technique!”

Through the crystal ball, he peeped into every corner of Konoha, but he couldn’t find anything.

“Then, what’s the problem? Is it Danzo…” Thinking of him, Hiruzen’s heart skipped a beat; his hands shook again as he looked through the crystal ball.

This time, Hiruzen reacted in time, and a figure was caught in front of his door using his crystal ball.

“Really, Danzo?”

Knock! Knock!

There were quick two knocks on the door, then Sakumo entered with a serious face.

“What’s wrong?” Hiruzen was holding the crystal ball tightly.

Sakumo was stunned for a moment,” It’s Shinnosuke…”


The crystal ball smashed into pieces.

“What happened to Shinnosuke…?”

“Hokage-Sama, calm down. Shinnosuke was just ambushed on the battlefield and suffered some injuries.”

Hiruzen’s mouth twitched and looked at his crystal ball; did I just beak it for vain…


At the same time, overseas, on an uninhabited island.

No one knows when, but a tall tower was built and stood there in the middle of the island.

In a tower, a young man with a headband and double man-buns hovered over Danzo’s dead body with his right hand, then pulled out his soul.

After a long time, he opened his eyes, revealing Madara’s Rinnegan eyes.

Looking at the corpse of Danzo in front of him, he looked sorrowful, “It was a really tough decision. For two months, you kept refusing to tell me even when I tortured you, so I could only do this. If I had your courage… Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get the memory I needed, and I learned the Edo Tensei from you.”

After closing his eyes and digesting it for a while, he made a seal with both hands, “Edo Tensei!”


Pure Land.

The Six Paths hovering cross-legged in the air suddenly frowned.

“There have been a lot of Indra reincarnations lately…”

Perhaps out of the distress of his son’s reincarnation, and maybe only out of curiosity, he suddenly started following the Chakra flow to perceive the operator.

“What…” Hagoromo suddenly looked surprised.

Suddenly he could feel Uchiha Madara’s soul being summoned.

“What? How could such a thing happen?!”


In the high tower, the young man smiled, “Fortunately, it succeeded.”

The coffin gradually rose from the ground in front of him, but after finally leaving it, the coffin board didn’t open, even after he waited for a long time.

“Did it fail?”

The young man murmured and suddenly saw a small opening on the right side of the coffin, and there seemed to be a pair of eyes peeping at him for a second.

Afterward, a big hand stretched out from the coffin’s side and opened it, revealing Uchiha Madara inside.

“It’s you. Did you also learn this nasty Ninjutsu?” Uchiha Madara said loudly, then noticed the corpse in front of him, “Did you get it from him?”


“How is the plan going? Why did you call me this way?”

“The plan is going well.” The young man slowly said, “The candidate for your resurrection has been chosen, and now we just need to wait for him to grow.”

“As for the reason I’ve called you…” The young man smiled, “Can’t you guess?”

Madara’s face darkened, “It’s because of that damn old guy.”

“Yes, Uzumaki Masahiko, he’s too strong. I need your help.”

“That old guy…” Madara gritted his teeth, “My help, I’m afraid I can’t be his opponent until I regain my strength.”

The young man didn’t deny but shook his head and said, “What I need your help for is the Uchiha Clan’s artifact.”

“The Gunbai? That thing…”

“No, the Sword of Nunoboko, Hagoromo’s… the artifact that was created by the Six Paths, do you know where it is?”

Madara paused, showing a disdainful expression, “You think you can wield it? Even when I was alive, I couldn’t use the power of that weapon.”

“I will get stronger and stronger. I’m already stronger than when I first saw you.

The two looked at each other carefully, “I hope…”

Boom! Boom!

Haf through his sentence, there was a crash in the next room, and at the same time, a man shouted, “Brother Minato! Brother Minato!”

Madara frowned, “Why do you still have a madman here?”

The young man smiled, “This is another important card. He’s the owner of the cursed immortal body of Jashin. He can be used to delay Uzumaki Minato for a while at a critical moment.”

“Because he’s an immortal?” Madara sneered, “Isn’t the Edo Tensei’s boy also immortal, so why you need him?”

“It’s to use his undead body as the carrier of the Edo Tensei.” The young man explained.

Madara glanced at him deeply, “The Sword of Nunoboko, I can take you to find it.”

“Take me there? Are you afraid that I will release your summoning?” The young man smiled.

Madara’s face darkened, “Are you sure that you don’t have anything to do with that damn old guy? Your nasty tone is exactly the same!”

The young man was silent for a moment, “Maybe I was influenced by him a bit.”

Madara took a deep breath, “Let’s go. I will take you there. And we will talk about the other thing on the way.”

The young man smiled and said, “There are indeed other things. Since we have obtained the Edo Tensei technique, we have to make good use of it. We lack combat strength.”

“Do you know where the Uchiha’s ancestral grave is? There are also other clans. Let’s dig their graves together.”

Uchiha Madara: “…”

When I’m resurrected and become the Juubi’s Jinchuriki, I must tie this guy, and the old man then kills them both.


The Land of Whirlpools.

Kushina looked surprised, “You mean, he really died when I talked about him?”

Masahiko nodded, “Yup. You’ve cursed the hell out of him.”

Kushina was stunned for a while and suddenly laughed, “Don’t joke like that. How could this be possible? Danzo is nowhere to be found. How did you know that he died?”

Masahiko was startled. This was really unexplainable.

“If I said that my soul and Danzo’s are connected would you believe it?”

Kushina couldn’t laugh or cry, “I believe it.”

Masahiko sighed, “In fact, the last time I beat him, I left a perception seal on him, which just disappeared.”

Kushina nodded, “If this is the case, then he doesn’t have to be dead. Maybe he found the seal and released it… No, your seals, he shouldn’t be able to do that.”

Masahiko looked helpless, “Danzo is dead, indeed dead. It’s impossible that he’s alive.

“Dead…” Kushina touched Naruto’s head, “Good!”

Masahiko didn’t feel happy or sad about Danzo’s death. He just wondered how he died.

“Who saved him back then? If it was Orochimaru, he wouldn’t do that, right?”

“If it weren’t Orochimaru…”