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L.L.H: Chapter 320: I’m Never Threatened

How Danzo died? Masahiko did only have speculations in his heart for the time being and didn’t act immediately.

Masahiko will keep this in mind, and after a while, he will go to Orochimaru’s laboratory to see if he knew anything.

Even if Danzo wasn’t killed by Orochimaru, the latter should have already collected some of Danzo’s cells. He will just ask him to call him out and see for himself.

Masahiko was very busy now.

First of all, he should pay attention to the emotional development of his two disciples. If Nagato doesn’t work things out with Konan, he will become Kenichiro II. If all of his male disciples ended up being single, no matter how long Masahiko lives, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of this pot.

There’s also Konoha’s request. Masahiko didn’t know what happened to Hiruzen all of a sudden, but the man suddenly mobilized all of Konoha’s remaining forces to the front lines, saying that he wanted to solve Iwagakure as soon as possible to avoid any more casualties. Masahiko didn’t know about the incident with Shinoosuke; the old man’s heart seems to have gotten frightened…

Masahiko believed that if Konoha came out of the nest, they could quickly solve Iwagakure, but fast means a month. But before they do that, the village will be extremely defenseless for a while.

Masahiko had to give a little bit of attention to this matter. He didn’t want Konoha’s village to be taken over all of a sudden. That would be a big joke.

Finally, the most troublesome, Naruto.

Since this little guy heard that Kushina was going to arrange for him to enter the Ninja Academy, he launched an epic struggle and caused all kinds of troubles.

While Kushina was busy leading her new team during this time, Minato needed to handle the clans’ trivial matter for the absent-minded patriarch, and the heavy task of disciplining Naruto fell on Masahiko’s shoulders, the Old Ancestor’s shoulders.

While Masahiko wasn’t at home, Naruto would look out for any glass in the home to break it into pieces. Of course, Naruto’s little butt was also beaten into pieces every time.

Naruto has been beaten, yelled at, and even grounded, but his thought never changed: I want to go to Konoha.

In fact, whether it’s to witness points or for the world to be more familiar to him, Masahiko should support Naruto to go to Konoha.

But now there are not too many people who can be regarded as his relatives, Kushina is the only and most valued person to him. Naruto was really deer to him and to send him to Konoha. Masahiko would be both sad and also afraid of what Kushina would do to him…

The bad days lasted until February the 3rd when Masahiko had the opportunity to relax for two days.

Because after a month of doing D-Class missions, Kushina finally gave her team rest for a few days so they could prepare for the next stage of practice and receive C-Class missions.

And these few days, Kushina had time to discipline that naughty little kid.

On the night of February, Masahiko went to his bed with a smile.

“If I knew this, I would have stayed with Kimimaro and the others… In fact, this is all because of Naruto. That little guy is indeed the ancestor’s nemesis.”

Masahiko was so anxious to push out Kimimaro and the others out of the picture. The reason was Naruto’s sudden devolvement of Sexy Haku No Jutsu. Now he regrets it all…

“Finally, I can sleep peacefully.”


The next day, early morning.

The sound of a knock on the door woke Masahiko up from his sleep, slightly perceiving the outside with bitterness in his heart.

“Minato! If you are bringing me Naruto back here, this ancestor will owe your family for life, you get it?”

Minato smiled bitterly, “Elder, you need to come with me. Naruto has gotten into trouble again.”

“What kind of disaster did he cause?” Seeing Minato’s serious expression, Masahiko also got serious.

At Kushina’s house, Masahiko found Naruto hanged up and beaten by Ksuhina.

“Oh! What’s the matter?” Masahiko gloated, “It seems that Naruto didn’t take it lightly this time.”

Kushina turned her head, “Grandpa, you’re still in a mood to laugh? Naruto did something really terrible this time!”

“How can you not laugh at such happy scenery? Hahaha… So, whose glass did Naruto break this time?”

Kushina looked at Masahiko helplessly, “Grandpa, if you know what Naruto did, you wouldn’t be laughing?”

Masahiko scratched his head, “Did he break the glass in Ichiraku Ramen?”

Naruto, who was hanging in the air, stuck out his tongue at Masahiko and made a grimace, “Old Ancestor, take me to Konoha!”


Naruto was spanked severely on the butt.

“When he was playing with his friends last night, he revealed the secret of your relationship between you and Sara to the other children.”

Masahiko was taken aback, and his smile gradually disappeared.

“Fortunately, we discovered it early. This would have spread to the entire land by the morning.”

Masahiko was silent for a moment, then glared at Naruto, “You little brat, now you’ve really done it. But why, Sister Sara has always been good to you!”

Masahiko didn’t care much about this. He was just worried about causing trouble to Sara.

Naruto was surprisingly calm, “Old Ancestor, if you don’t take me to Konoha, I will tell everyone in the Land of Whirlpools that Sister Sara is your daughter!”

Masahiko smiled, “You dare to threaten me? I’m never threatened! It’s not a shame. Let people know. I just find it troublesome. It doesn’t matter if you tell everyone.”

Kushina nodded, “Grandpa, you see what I’m talking about, this kid dares to threaten you…

“Oh, no, no, no, I’m never threatened!”

Minato shook his head helplessly, “Elder, this little guy has too many spooky ideas.”

Masahiko sneered and walked to Naruto, “Go on, what other ideas you have?”

Naruto rolled his eyes, “If you don’t let me go to Konoha, I will use the Sexy Haku no Jutsu on you!

Pop! Kushina spanked him.

Masahiko’s face stiffened, and he quickly replied, “So what? I’m never threatened! Merely transformation like that can’t mess up my heart at all!”

“If you don’t let me go, I will marry brother Haku and be his wife!” It seems that Naruto finally understood that Haku is a boy.

Pop! Kushina spanked him again.

Masahiko laughed out loud, “What? Is this a threat? You think you can do whatever you want? Kushina will be the one who chooses your wife.”

On the side, Kushina flexed her hand, causing Naruto to hide his neck.

“Old Ancestor!” Naruto yelled, “If you don’t let me go to Konoha, I will use the Sexy Jutsu to become you!”

“I’m never threatened! Change my appearance, change it, change… well, I can’t help it.” Masahiko turned to Kushina, “He’s going to Konoha!”

“Grandpa!” Kushina’s eyes widened, “I thought you said you’re never threatened?!”

“Yes, yes, I’m never threatened! Even if you transform to me and run naked on the Uzumaki streets, then… no I can’t…” Masahiko’s expression became bitterer as he said.

“You little devil!”