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L.L.H: Chapter 321: Orphanage

Early in the morning of February 22, Konoha’s fifty-fourth year.

On land thousands of meters away from Konoha, there was a small group of four, looking far away.

Naruto was one of the four with an excited face, Minato with a sunny smile, Masahiko with a blank face, and Kushina with a twisted face.

“Hey, you three aren’t trying to fool this ancestor, right?”

Kushina nodded, then said with an even more twisted face, “Yes, Grandpa. Could you please fly us there, then bring us back?”

Masahiko: “???”

“Mother, we’ve made a deal!” Naruto puffed his face.

“You have a deal, so could you not play dumb riddles with me?” Masahiko was helpless.

Minato shook his head, “Elder, let’s go back to Konoha and talk about it.”

Masahiko followed the family with a blank face but still couldn’t figure out what was going on.


More than half a month ago, Kushina’s house.

Naruto’s threatening of using Sexy Masahiko no Jutsu almost pissed him off.

But when the ancestor gets threatened by others, his answer was to lift their clothes up…

As a result, The Kyuubi’s seal in Naruto’s body was lifted.

To talk about the half of the nine tails in Naruto’s body these years, he has really been having a tough time.

Masahiko sealed him with all of his strength and locked him in a small black room. For so many years, it couldn’t perceive any information from the outside world. He didn’t know that he was sealed in a human being. And after being locked up in this way for some long, he started to go crazy.

The Kyuubi can be considered to be lonely. And after his seal was unlocked by Masahiko, he came to an agreement with him after a few threats…

In the end, the man and the beast reached an agreement; Masahiko will no longer completely seal him, and the Kyuubi will have to interface with Naruto’s Chakra whenever he tries to use the transformation technique.

That is to say, in order to deal with this “nasty” provocation, Naruto’s three basic techniques became two basic techniques. This will continue until he grows up, or when he successfully controls the Kyuubi’s Chakra.

After doing this, Masahiko also calmed down and asked Kushina to stop beating Naruto. He felt that just hitting Naruto has no effect anymore. This kid was really tough and stubborn… He had to think of other ways.

So he took Naruto to Ichiraku Ramen and found Sara.

When Kushina and Minato were on the battlefield, Naruto was always running away from Goya to see Sara and complain to her, then eat Ramen there for free. The relationship between him and Sara was unexpectedly really good.

In front of Sara’s smiling face, Naruto actually admits his mistakes with an honest guilty expression, which is really rare. Therefore, Masahiko felt that this kid is not beyond saving yet.

As a result, while eating Ramen, Naruto finally admitted that he was wrong and vowed that he will stop making trouble to go to Konoha.

Masahiko also accepted his fate, then contacted the Ninja Academy to arrange a class for him, and choose a headteacher, then arrange various other instructors for Naruto to enter.

He also had other plans…

“It seems that I have to go to Konoha and start a kidnapping spree. Hinata must be there, followed by his rival Sasuke, and then… Sakura, and let’s add that other Senju kid who has the same name as me.” Last night, he decided that before going to bed.

As a result, this morning, Masahiko, who was still half asleep, was awakened by Kushina’s family, saying that they were going to Konoha. Masahiko flew them over in a daze, and he didn’t react until not far away from Konoha…

When he asked the three of them, they started playing riddles with him. Masahiko felt that he was still living in a dream.

At the Konoha entrance, the two ninjas guarding the gate have already been changed, but Masahiko was more familiar with these two. They were Izumo and Kotetsu.

Seeing Masahiko and his party, the two were surprised then hurriedly greeted them.

“Fourth Hokage, are you back?”

Minato smiled gently, “I have something to do here. Please register us.”

“What’s to register?” Masahiko smiled, “You think we have to register when we come to Konoha? Dude, I made this place!”

“Are you… Elder Masahiko?” Izumo said hesitantly.

Masahiko nodded and responded, “Konoha Gatekeeper is a glorious position. I hope you can stand your loneliness.”

“Yes!” The two responded at the same time.

“Then I also wish you a lifetime in this glorious position.”

Izumo: “…”

Kotetsu: “…”

The group walked into Konoha, and Minato smiled bitterly, “Elder, have they offended you or something?”

“Nope.” Masahiko shook his head, but he still remembers how useless they were when Asuma died in the original… so he wished them a lifetime as guard keepers instead!

“We have entered Konoha. Where are we going now? The Senju?”

“We go to Masahiko.”

“We go to find Mikoto.”

Naruto and Kushina spoke simultaneously, but Kushina was taken aback and then glared at Naruto.

“It’s all the same. Let’s go.” Masahiko smiled.

Minato shook his head, “Before that, let’s go around the village first.”

Masahiko was taken aback and smiled, “Why? Are you going to tell everyone that you plan to take back your position?”

Minato smiled with a sunny face, “The moment I resigned, I decided that I will never go back to be a Hokage. Let’s go, Great Elder.”

Masahiko was slightly at a loss watching the three of them walking away, then he hurriedly chased after them.

Masahiko was surprised as he walked around the village.

Contrary to what he imagined, watching Minato back, the villagers didn’t look as enthusiastic as he imagined, and their reactions were divided into three groups according to their age.

The first group was the old villagers who have said hello from a distance with complex expressions.

The second is villagers who are close to Minato’s age. Some people reacted as if they didn’t see him and others looked excited.

The third were teenagers and kids who showed brilliant smiles when they saw him, but others showed… hatred?

Kushina looked anxious and tightened her grip on Nauto’s hand, “Minato, it’s exactly the same as you said.”

Masahiko pondered, “Is it because of the war?”

Masahiko’s smiled was still bright, but it was hiding deep sadness, “Although it wasn’t because of my and Kushina’s departure, Konoha entered the war after that. War cannot come with sacrifices, and those people are the ones who lost their sons, brothers, or parents.”

“People who are older can understand, but they still feel hurt deep inside. Children who have lost their parents cannot understand, and they can’t hide their hatred even if they do.”

Masahiko took a deep breath and shook his head helplessly, “Then your plan is to…”

“We’re here.” Minato interrupted.

Masahiko took a moment to look at the building in front of him. It was Konoha Orphanage.


Knock! Knock! Knock!

Minato knocked on the door.

A few seconds later, there were footsteps behind the door, and then there was a creak, and the door opened.

It was a boy with silver-white hair behind the door, and he looked surprised when he saw Minato.

“The Fourth…? Please come in.”

Minato nodded, and the family walked in. However, Masahiko stayed at the door, looking at the boy in front of him.

“Grandpa, what’s the matter?” Kushina asked back.

“It’s okay.”

It was an acquaintance, Kabuto!