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L.L.H: Chapter 322: The Real Reason

Uncle, who are you?

Kabuto fixed his glasses, slightly avoiding Masahiko’s gaze.

Masahiko smiled and said, “Boy, you have a great body for a Shinobi. Are you interested in coming with me on a journey to learn how to cook?”

Kabuto: “???”

“Grandpa, stop making trouble. Sister Sara told me about your dumplings. Don’t teach others that recipe… No, I mean, don’t make fun of the kid!”

“Are you… Elder Uzumaki Masahiko?” Kabuto reacted then replied seriously, “There are still many children in the orphanage that needs help. I’m afraid I can’t come with you on your journey.”

“Oh, is that so?” Masahiko walked in with a pitiful expression.

“He recognized me, but there was no trace of panic or hesitation on his face. Is he already a spy for Orochimaru? Or maybe he already unlocked his potential and hiding it… whatever it is, he’s still only a twelve or thirteen-year-old boy. We will meet again in the future.”

The group led by Kabuto walked into the building, then to the center of the orphanage.

“Fourth Hokage-Sama, Elder, please speak quietly. Most of the kids are still not awake.”

“Don’t worry.” Masahiko glanced down at Naruto. Since they didn’t go immediately to Senju Masahiko’s house, Naruto became a bit angry and didn’t say a word, “This little guy isn’t going to be noisy, so who of us can be noisy…?”

The other four people all looked at Masahiko…

“Oh, all of us need to be quiet…” Masahiko felt embarrassed.

“Hey Kabuto, why are you looking at me too?”

“Elder, how did you know my name?” Kabuto fixed his glasses again.

Masahiko smiled, “Your body. I know everyone who has inherited my cooking skills.”

Kabuto: “…”

“Fourth Hokage-Sama, Kushina-San, Masahiko-Sama.” A gentle female voice emitted, letting Kabuto breathe a sigh of relief.

“President.” Kabuto lowered his head slightly.

The woman in front smiled, “Kabuto, how many times did I tell you that you can call me mom.”

“This is…” Masahiko frowned.

“Sister Nono Yakushi.” Kushina knew her and said softly.

“Nono Yakushi, the ex root Anbu who adopted Kabuto, but… wait, there’s no root any longer,” Masahiko recalled.

Nono led the group into a room, order some chairs to be brought in, and invited everyone to sit down.

“President, I’ll go out first.” Kabuto starred at Masahiko, then walked out.

Kushina gently pulled Masahiko’s sleeves, “Grandpa, why are you looking at him like that, is there anything special about that child?”

Masahiko smiled, “It’s nothing. Human destiny can be easily changed sometimes.”

“Yes, Elder, you’re wise,” Nono said.

Masahiko was startled, “Huh? Oh, exactly.”

Minato interrupted helplessly, “Nono-San, how many orphans have been enrolled into the orphanage in the past two years?”

“Orphans… huh?!” Nano didn’t answer and instead asked, “Fourth Hokage-Sama, you left your position and went to help the Land of Whirlpools. Most people could understand that, even when others started to talk about it. But after the crisis in the Land of Whirlpools was resolved, why didn’t you and Kushina-San come back?”

“A lot of things have happened here…” Kushina’s expression looked complicated.

“Is it because of Master Danzo? He wanted to take a child from here at the time, saying that he wanted him to be a playmate for this little guy.” Nano looked at Naruto.

Kushina was taken aback, “Sister Nano, you…”

“He was a clever boy. I thought this was a bit weird, so I told him to act normally… if it wasn’t for the lack of funds for the orphanage, I wouldn’t have agreed.”

Masahiko looked dumbfounded, and the more he listened, the more he felt that something was wrong; this was a bit different from the version he knew.

“Sai actually told me.” Naruto, who had been silent, said in a low voice.

Hearing this, Kushina hugged Naruto tightly.

Masahiko was stunned that he couldn’t even care about the familiar name he just heard.

“Can anyone explain to this ancestor what is going on right now? If it’s not Danzo, then what’s the matter? Why did Naruto end up this way then?”

Masahiko gritted his teeth and started to feel a bit irritated.

Minato smiled, “Because Naruto heard the rumors in the village after we left, saying that the Hokage, just because of a woman… ahem.”

Kushina’s murderous eyes made Minato unable to speak.

Kushina nodded in satisfaction, then let out a sigh, “Yes, they said it’s because of me that the Hokage abandoned Konoha and switched off to the Land of Whirlpools.”

“So it’s Danzo, after all.” Masahiko subconsciously put the blame on Danzo.

Kushina was stunned, “Grandpa, although I also hate Danzo, but you…”

Masahiko waved his hand, “So this little guy wants to return to Konoha because of this?”

“He wants Minato to be the Hokage again.”

“Hehehe.” Naruto smiled.

Masahiko also laughed, “You cute little boy, come and let this ancestor hug you… Bang.”

“Ah! Why did you hit me again?”

“He gets to be the Hokage, and I’m threatened to walk naked on the streets of the village??? Bang.”

Kushina and Minato looked at each other and shook their heads, ignoring Naruto, who was being beaten, then turned to chat with Nono.

After a long time, the room was quiet, and the banging sound disappeared.

Minato broke the silence and turned to his son, who was rubbing his butt, “Naruto, you’ve seen everyone’s reaction just now. Do you still think I should go back to be the Hokage?”

Naruto lay on Masahiko’s lap and pouted, “If Father can’t do it, then I will do it and prove everyone wrong, including Nastyhiko!”

Bang! Masahiko spanked him again, “You think the Hokage position belongs to your family or something?”

Minato smiled, “Naruto, don’t worry about that. You’ve heard Aunt Nono just now. There are more than 30 kids in this orphanage. They are children who have lost their relatives. Others may have a close relative who stayed with them. If you count them, they may exceed one hundred.”

“A few of them may be reasonable, others will blame war, and the remaining will have… hatred!”

“If you stay in Konoha, you will face the hostility of these children. And becoming a Hokage may be impossible.”

Naruto shook his body and broke free from Masahiko’s arms, “I will definitely change their minds and become a greater Hokage than all the ones before!”

This was very imposing; it would have looked greater if he wasn’t rubbing his butt as he shouted this…

Bang Masahiko spanked him again, “That’s the spirit!”

“Ouch! Then why hit me again?”

“It was just for the fun of it!”

Masahiko was slightly pleased that Naruto, the soft child, finally had some growth.

After a little hesitation, Masahiko asked again, “Before… you didn’t deliberately make fun of the old ancestor, right?”

“Hey, it’s not my fault. Why do you have the same name as that nasty boy?!”

Masahiko’s face darkened, and he pulled Naruto to his lap again.

Bang This ancestor had this name for 120 years! He was named after me. How is it my fault?”