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L.L.H: Chapter 323: Stained Face

The entrance of Konoha Orphanage.

“Elder, take care, and come again when you have time!”


After she bid farewell to the others, Nono slammed the door of the orphanage shut.

Masahiko looked at the closed door of the orphanage, then turned to Kushina.

Kushina smiled uncomfortably, “Hahaha, Grandpa, I’m doing you a favor here! Good people live for a hundred years old… Oh, no, I mean, five hundred years!”

“Living for five hundred years is a curse!”

Just now in the orphanage, Masahiko finished beating Naruto and was feeling great. He even chatted with others since he was in a good mood.

All of a sudden, Nano complained in bitterness about how things were rough: “The war blah blah, the funds blah blah, more orphans are hungry… blab la.”

Kushina immediately said that she could help with some money to support, and then… she didn’t pay and looked at Masahiko quietly.

Masahiko didn’t leave any comment because he couldn’t and paid the money. He wasn’t short of money after all.

But as soon as he took the money out and was thinking of giving two Asuma heads, Kushina snatched his wallet and gave Nono all the money.

“Grandpa, isn’t it just a little money? Do you see how poor-looking these orphans are? Don’t you want them to live a better life?” Kushina saw how Masahiko was quiet, so she continued to speak.

Masahiko took a deep breath, “That won’t just make them live a better life… with the money you to gave them, you could even build ten more orphanages, and then distribute all the money evenly between each one of them, and they will all live a better life than everyone in the village. Kids are cute, but that’s not enough!”

“Was there so much money?” Kushina looked guilty.

Masahiko smiled bitterly, “I made more than 300 million Ryo selling wood carvings. During all of these years, I’ve spent around 10 million, so the amount you’ve just taken should be more than 250 million. Eight or Nine Asuma… Ahem… You get the idea!”

“Forget it, since you’ve given it to her, I won’t ask it back. But I hope Nono will make good use of the money.” Masahiko waved his hand and walked out.

Kushina glanced at Minato blankly, “Asuma what?”

Minato shook his head and dragged Naruto to follow them, “Who knows, let’s go.”

This time the destination of the four was very clear, the Senju.

Before they circled the village, the Senju clan had already learned about their arrival. At this time, Mikoto was holding a little boy and waiting at the gate of the clan’s station.

“It’s Aunt Mikoto and that idiot Masahiko,” Naruto said softly.

Masahiko shook his head helplessly. He was right. He shouldn’t have let Nawaki name his kid after him.

It was the first time he sees this kid, he looked at him carefully first, then he couldn’t help but show a satisfied smile… this kid was very handsome, worthy of the name Masahiko.

He had black hair and black eyes, he was handsome, and he looked more like his mom, Mikoto. Therefore, he has seven points similar to Sasuke in the original, and the remaining rest three points are biased towards Nawaku, but…

“How come there is a shallow mark on both sides of the child’s nose. Impossible! Did Itachi do this to his brother to take revenge on me because he has my name?”

Masahiko thought about this nonsense for a while. Meanwhile, Kushina grabbed Mikoto’s hand, and they talked to each other.

Naruto and Senju Masahiko faced each other and began a unique exchange; they seemed to share a great relationship.

“Idiot Masahiko!”

“Idiot Naruto!”


It took a long while for Mikoto to “break free” from Kushina. She looked at Masahiko and Minato and smiled apologetically.

“Kushina, let’s go in and talk.”

Masahiko looked at the little guy, who had been secretly observing him, walked a few steps forward, then pat his head.

“Lil’ Masahiko, you have to grow up and be worthy of this ancestor’s name.”

“Don’t touch my head. Besides, don’t call me Lil’ Masahiko.” It seems that all Masahiko don’t like anyone touching their heads.

Masahiko smiled, “In front of me, you’ve to be called Lil’ Masahiko. Masahiko isn’t a name that anyone can have. This name is dedicated to geniuses.”

“But I won’t put too much pressure on you. You don’t need to be the first ten-year-old Jonin. You just need to be better than this spoiled kid.”Masahiko pointed to Naruto.

Naruto made a face, “How can Idiot Masahiko be better than me!”

“Idiot Naruto!”

Masahiko shrugged and followed Mikoto into her home. Only the two kids left at the door shouting at each other.

“Mikoto, why did you agree to name your child such a name? Didn’t you two feel awkward when called him these years?”

Mikoto shook her head, “We call you Great Grandpa. Why would it be awkward?”

“Oh, that’s right! I’m the one who usually doesn’t get called by that name…” Masahiko felt speechless.

Mikoto smiled and said, “Of course not. In front of you, it would be better to call him Lil’ Masahiko. Otherwise, it would be really awkward.”

“But Great Grandpa, do you know that Masahiko has awakened the Sharingan?”

Masahiko was surprised, “Do the Uchiha know about this?”

Mikoto paused, showing a slightly sad expression, “Three months ago, my second grandfather personally guided him to refine his Chakra for the first time. After that, he awakened it. My Second Grandfather was excited, these days, the Uchiha often visits, to find Lil’ Masahiko and me.”

“So it was directly exposed?” Masahiko was speechless.

“The first time he started controlling his Chakra, he was able to awake the Sharingan. This indicates that his talent is great, and it’s probably not far from Itachi, who was the Sage Body. The combination of the Senju and the Uchiha has really given birth to two monsters.” Masahiko closed his eyes and pondered.

Kushina and Minato also knew about the agreement that was made when Mikato and Nawaki were married. If the second child awakens the Sharingan before graduating from school, he would be named after the Uchiha.

This was bad news, so the three of them quietly looked at each other and then at Masahiko.

Masahiko’s face darkened, “Hey, stop it! Don’t you ever dare to think that I will turn back on the agreement and stain this old face with shame!”

After pondering for a moment, Masahiko sighed again. This child has his name. It’s okay if he was called Senju Masahiko, but he would be really uncomfortable if he changes it to Uchiha Masahiko. Therefore, he started considering being shameless for once…

Thinking of this, Masahiko suddenly felt stunned, “Mikoto, you and Nawaki named this child after me back then. Was it so I would protect this kid when this day comes and intervene decisively?”

Mikoto was taken aback and smirked, “And what if it’s true?”

“This isn’t a joke. Naming him after me won’t change anything, and you’ve even said that it is, in fact, awkward. It turns out that you’ve wanted to fool this ancestor from the very beginning!” Masahiko was a little unhappy.

“So you’re gonna leave things as it is? Are you really gonna just watch them change Lil’ Masahiko’s surname to Uchiha?”

Masahiko took a deep breath, “How can I just watch now! You’ve already stained my face and left me with no choice!”