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L.L.H: Chapter 324: A Stalker From the Stars

Now that he decided to take care of it, Masahiko asked Mikoto to tell him in detail what happened during this period.

The Great Elder of the Uchiha Clan was so excited that everyone knew about the news of Lil’ Masahiko in a day.

Because most of the big names were already smoked, and the other high-levels clansmen are on the battlefield, the situation wasn’t urgent. Still, they sent someone privately to persuades Mikoto and Lil’ Masahiko.

Masahiko sighed, “When the Kagami comes back from the battlefield, I will talk to him again.”

Mikto breathed a sigh of relief, “Then I’m afraid that I’m going to fully depend on you, Great Grandpa.”

Masahiko smiled and nodded, feeling satisfied. It seems that since Mikoto married Nawaki, she started to regard herself as one of the Senju, not the “Uchiha Mikoto” of the past.

The serious atmosphere eased down, and Mikoto starting laughing again with Kushina.

“Kushina, are you going back to Konoha now? Do you plan to reroll Naruto to Konoha Academy Ninja?”

Kushina pouted her lips, “I haven’t decided yet. The thing that old man Danzo did was too much!”

Mikoto smiled and said, “Didn’t he have been punished by Great Grandpa? Now he has defected, are you still not satisfied?”

Kushina glanced at Masahiko, and the latter shook his head slightly, indicating to her that she shouldn’t mention the news of his death for the time being and wait until they find the cause.

Mikoto looked around and continued, “I thought you brought Naruto today to sing him up the Ninja Academy.”

“The signing is today?!”

Mikoto explained in a low voice, “The registration in Konoha has always been one week before the start of school, which happens to be today.”

Mikoto also said, “If I wasn’t informed that you’re here today, I would have taken Lil’ Masahiko to sign up.”

“Is that so…” Kushina pondered for a moment, “Let’s think about it for a few more days. It doesn’t matter if we sign him up a bit late, right?”

The situation was clear to Masahiko after he heard her say this. It seems that Kushina was already considering following Naruto’s wishes and let him come to Konoha, but she still couldn’t make up her mind.

“There is no need for this ancestor to kidnap any kids…”

Minato knows Kushina better, and a smile was drawn on his sunny face, “Kushina, let’s go together today.”

Hearing this, Kushina glared at him fiercely and pouted her lips without replying.

Mikoto glanced at her with a smile, “In that case, let’s go. It’s noon already.”

Kushina was reluctantly pulled out to Mikoto’s door, and… saw Naruto with a swollen nose.

“Nastahiko, you will regret this!”

Lil’ Masahiko was also out of breath, but there was no traces of scars on his face, and pulled out his tongue disdainfully, “Idiot Naruto, you can’t beat me!”

“Damn it, come at me again!” Naruto was beaten up.

“I’m coming at you this time!” Kushina grabbed Naruto.

“Mom, let me go! I’m gonna beat up Idiot Masahiko!” Naruto struggled.

“Idiot Naruto, you can’t…” The more he said, the softer his voice became because Mikoto was watching him quietly.

“FINE!” Kushina roared, Naruto exclaimed, “Eeeh!”

“I will take you to sign up in Konoha Ninja Academy today!”

Naruto was stunned for a moment, then his mouth suddenly reached the back of his ears: This was the first time he learned about his hidden talent, Talk No Jutsu!

No one knows when Masahiko took out a wooden stick, but he suddenly slammed it on Naruto’s head.

“Ah! Why did the ancestor hit me again?”

“Stop being noisy. This is called a headshot. You will come to like it in the future. It will make you calmer.”

On the side, Lil’ Masahiko glanced at the stick in Masahiko’s hand and muttered in a low voice, “No wonder Naruto, the fool, is getting tougher. He has been beaten up so much.”

As they got closer to the Ninja Academy, Masahiko was a bit expectant, looking forward to meeting those familiar children.

Surprises always come from inadvertently; for example, in the corner, he encountered Ko…

“Fourth Hokage-Sama, Elder Masahiko!”

Masahiko nodded. He was a member of the Hyuga branch side who knows him, but Masahiko didn’t meet him before.

However, Masahiko’s eyes were focused on the little girl holding on to Hyuuga Ko’s hand.

The little girl was dressed in a white dress, with a small black pot with bangs, her face was small and cute, and her pupils were white, in fact, a bit whiter than other Hyuuga members…

Facing Masahiko’s gaze, the little girl shyly hid behind Ko.

“Miss, this is Elder Masahiko, who used to be the Patriarch’s Sensei.”

“Elder… Masahiko…um,” the little girl mustered up her courage, and nodded respectfully to Masahiko, and said in a soft tone, “Hello, Fourth Hokage-Sama.”

Masahiko smiled with satisfaction, “Are you sending the princess to enroll in school? Let’s go together.”

Kushina, who has been pouting her lips, also took two steps forward, looked at Little Hinata, and smiled, “The Hyuuga princess is really cute.”

In the Land of the Whirlpools, Kushina paid attention to Karin, while in Konoha, she was widening up her circle of interest and looking for other girls. It seems that Hinata hit her list…

Hinata greeted again shyly, “Hello, Aunt Kushina.”

After saying this, she hid behind Ko again, looking at Naruto from time to time.

It wasn’t love at first sight. It’s just because Naruto has bruised nose and swollen face, and looking at Masahiko’s irritated, which is really eye-catching.

Masahiko smiled secretly. It seems that Naruto has gained her interest by being a bad boy.

“Should this old man start using his matchmaking abilities?” Masahiko said to himself, then suddenly was startled, and his expression became solemn.

“Grandpa, what’s the matter?” Kushina noticed his expression and quickly asked.

“It’s okay, there’s something suddenly happened on my side. You go sign up first, and we’ll meet up again later.” Masahiko said, then he disappeared in place.

Kushina looked back blankly, “What’s the matter with Grandpa? I rarely see such an expression on his face.”

Minato frowned and looked southwest, “I’ve been feeling that we’re being watched for a while now. I thought it was my imagination. The elder must have discovered something. The old man can handle it. Let’s go sign up Naruto first.”


In the mountain forest more than ten miles southwest of Konoha. There was a strange-shaped flying thing floating. At this time, two people, one large and one small, were standing on it, observing Konoha by special means.

“Father, they seem to have found us.”

“Don’t worry, they’re just a little sensitive.”

“but father…”

“I said no need to worry! You only need to pay attention to the wife I chose for you, the white-eyed princess, Hyuuga Hinata. When she grows up, you will be able to reproduce the pureblood and awaken the Tenseigan!”

“But father… there’s someone behind you.” Toneri finally said. After speaking, the middle-aged man’s expression in front of him changed suddenly, and he turned around hurriedly.

Behind him, it was Masahiko’s old darkened face; he was just thinking about matching up Naruto and Hinata over here, and this guy thinks he has the right to take Hinata away? He called it first!

“Who are you?”

“You don’t need to know where I came from or who I’m. I’m the man who does whatever he wants!”

“In short, you’re from the moon. Allow this ancestor to send you back home!”