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L.L.H: Chapter 325: Masahiko Landing on the Moon

The light shone, illuminating Masahiko’s face and eyes.

Toneri’s father didn’t say much, and with a wave of his hand, the strangely-shaped spacecraft emitted a large number of yellow light waves, which made Masahiko’s eyes turn green.

“What a good device. It can fly and fight. You can’t accept less from the ancestors.”

Masahiko stretched his right hand forward, and the dark red light flashed on his five fingers, then a small Bijuudama sent out, offsetting the yellow light waves.

“This is… Yin and Yang Release? You’re Uzumaki Masahiko, the descendant of the Six Paths.” Toneri’s father looked solemn.

Masahiko shook his head speechlessly. He really didn’t like the name, descendant of the Six Paths. However, the other party knew him, which means they should have been concerned about him when they were observing the Shinobi World on the moon.

“A ninja, such this strong ancestor, will surely attract attention.”

Toneri’s father didn’t reply, and he looked more serious. He turned to look at Toneri beside him, hesitated for a moment, then gritted his teeth, and his right hand slowly condensed a green ball of light.

“This technique… it’s a bit similar to the Rasengan.” Masahiko was taken aback upon seeing it, the palm of his right hand turned over, then a black Rasengan condensed on it.

“Let’s compare our balls!”

Masahiko pushed his Rasengan over. He thought it would be at least “one top and one lying back” situation at worse. He didn’t expect that his black Rasengan would be swallowed by the green one as soon as it touched it, then continue to be pressed on his hand, submerge, and absorb his Chakra.
(T/N: He’s referring to the scene after the first fight Sasuke and Naruto had in the original.)

“It’s absorbing my Chakra. What kind of technique is this?”


Masahiko’s question was followed by a huge explosion caused by the Chakra’s rampage inside his body.

“Cough Cough!” On the spacecraft, Toneri’s father coughed twice, and his face became unnaturally pale. The technique just now has consumed him greatly.

“Father, are you okay?”

“Toneri, let’s go.”

Toneri’s father didn’t answer but controlled his spacecraft and lifted it straight into the air.

“But father…”

“Cough… we will go back then talk!” Toneri’s father coughed again, “The explosion caused by this collision was too great, and that person is very troublesome, and it’s unlikely that he will die from such an explosion.”

“But father…”

“I told you we will talk later!”

As a result, the spacecraft kept rising, broke through the gravity force, and flew to the moon.

It wasn’t until ten minutes later that the spacecraft landed on the surface of the moon, and he was relieved.

“What’s the matter? Let’s talk.” Toneri’s father turned his head, and his face slowly stiffened.

“Father, there’s a hand on top of my head.”

Toneri’s father: “…”

Masahiko pat Otsutsuki Toneri’s head, then looked around, “The power of the explosion just now was so powerful that it blew me on your ship, and it accidentally boarded on the moon.”

“What kind of technique you’ve just used? This was the first time I see it. If I wasn’t proficient in sealing technique, I’m afraid you would have ended up hurting me a little bit.”

Toneri’s father remained silent; of course, he would explain the principles of his own technique to the enemy.

“Come on, aren’t you gonna tell me?” Masahiko looked curious and pat Toneri’s little head again.

“Ha!!” Out of the blue, Toneri suddenly leaned back and slammed the back of his head against Masahiko.

Masahiko’s face turned black and quickly reacted. Toneri took the opportunity to flee to his father, but… he slipped and knocked out his own father.

“Father! Are you okay?”

Masahiko rubbed his chest that was hit by the kid’s head, then looked speechless as he said, “How come kids nowadays dare to hit everything with their heads? Also, you hit your father. It’s none of my business. You’re on your own. I don’t have money to treat him. I donated it all to the orphanage!”

Toneri’s father, who was knocked out by his son, was shaken repeatedly without waking up. Toneri gritted his teeth, hurriedly started the spacecraft, and stumbled to the west.

“This kid isn’t old enough. He definitely doesn’t have a spacecraft drive license, but I can’t help him. I haven’t driven one before too.” Masahiko sighed, looked at Toneri, and was suddenly taken aback, “Kid, why are you suddenly blind?”

Toneri turned around, revealing white eyes, and said quietly, “those eyes are my father’s skill.”

It’s over, he doesn’t know how to drive that thing, and he’s blind now. This is going to end with an accident.

Masahiko was always ready to rescue his “new spaceship,” but perhaps because he was familiar with the road, Toneri dodged a few buildings on his way until a row of palace buildings were in sight and landed safely without crashing.

“It’s a bit deserted. These palaces are all tatters.”

Masahiko perceived the place, then said with a surprised expression, “There is no one alive, no wonder they had to go for Hinata. It seems that there are only two people left in this descendant of Hamura.”

While thinking, puppets flew from all directions. Masahiko frowned and noticed Toneri’s father, who was unconscious, opening his eyes secretly.

Masahiko said, both irritated and laughing, “Are you pretending to be unconscious to take advantage of the location to fight again? Dude, just give up…”
Masahiko stretched his hands forward, and a sharp buzzing sound suddenly emitted, and the two Rasenshuriken condensed into shape. With both hands swinging outward, the Rasenshuriken draws two gorgeous arcs from two directions, cutting all the puppets into pieces.

“Father, are you…” Toneri helped his father up.

“Cough! Damn it, if it wasn’t for this body…”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “It should be clear to you that no matter what condition your body is going through, you will never be my opponent. You had a nice thing going on the moon. You should have never come to earth. But you must have understood now that earth is dangerous!”

“Huh!” Toneri’s father scoffed, “The world created by the Six Paths failed. We, who inherited the will of Hamura-Sama, have the responsibility to destroy this failed world!” Toneri’s father said angrily.

Masahiko was taken aback and looked at him carefully.

“You’re sick.”

“Cough… If it wasn’t for this disease…”

“I’m not talking about your body, but your brain. Not everyone can claim the world to be a failure and vow to destroy it.” Masahiko shook his head.

Toneri’s father snorted coldly, “The Juubi sealed in the moon has been stolen. Someone wants to liberate Otsutsuki Kaguya. Doesn’t this prove that this world is a failure?”

Masahiko frowned. It seems that the guy who took Madara’s eyes started to move.

“If it’s freed, I will just seal it again. Do you treat me as a decoration? Who can take the Nibi from me?”

Toneri’s father gave him a look of disdain, then after a violent cough, he took a deep look at Toneri then slowly fell down.

“Father!” Toneri was surprised.

“He’s… dead?”

Masahiko was speechless. This death was so meaningless, he didn’t accomplish anything at all.

“It doesn’t matter if he’s dead. I can take another genius boy back with me.” Masahiko glanced at Toneri.

Looking at the surrounding palaces again, “Before that, why not help myself to the moon’s bedroom? It looks very modest. I might bring some people to live here.”

“Living on the moon, then I am… Uzumaki Chang’e? Puh! Uzumaki Hou Yi… that’s also wrong… Neil Armstrong?” Masahiko fell into deep thought.
(T/N: Chang’e: is the Chinese goddess of the moon. Hou Yi: Her husband. Neil Armstrong is the first humans ever to land on the moon.)