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L.L.H: Chapter 326: Solved The Case

“My father’s health has always been poor, so he was anxious to take me to earth and choose a future wife for me so I can keep the clan’s bloodline alive.”

Standing in front of a brand-new tomb, Toneri spoke softly.

At this moment, his eyes were so white that they would occasionally glow with blue light. Those belonged to his father’s eyes, and Masahiko personally transplanted them.

“The previous technique of my father released on you was a technique that can only be activated at will by the Tenseigan. He released it forcibly in order to bring me back safe.”

Masahiko smiled, “Because he has been observing the Shinobi World, he must have understood how invincible I’m and decided to do this, right?”

Toneri was silent for a while, then turned to speak, “Why don’t you kill me?”

Masahiko looked at the “Tomb of Toneri’s father” in front of him, “Why kill you? We have no grudges at all. Although you secretly peeing at Hinata made me unhappy, but being unhappy isn’t enough. You have to do more if you want me to kill you.” Masahiko missed the point again, yet he continued, “Originally, I was planning to kick you back to the moon, but I didn’t expect your father to play such a big move and kill himself.”

Toneri shook his head, “Father told me that he probably only has half a year to live, and he’s already prepared to welcome this day.”

“I could tell that before. Thus I didn’t do anything at all. You knocked him out so hard to the point that he couldn’t survive.” Masahiko decisively avoided responsibility.

Toneri: “…”

Toneri looked confused, but Masahiko smiled and looked around, “Won’t you feel lonely on such a big moon all by yourself? Observing alone won’t be fun. If you really want to know if the world created by the Six Paths has failed, it’s better to experience it yourself.”

After Kimimaro and Haku, Masahiko finally managed to sign up the next kid. He’s going to be a great player for the Uzumaki Club in the future. Toneri is only a six or seven-year-old child. It’s the time when you’re curious about everything.

Masahiko stroke while the iron is hot, “Also, I’m planning to make the moon my own back garden. I’m afraid there will no place for you here.”

Toneri turned and took a look at Masahiko. He felt that he had seen everything, but he didn’t expect to see someone that justify rubbing others’ homes this way.

Masahiko didn’t wait for an answer, “Since you agree, then I will go to repair My Palace.”

After saying this, Masahiko disappeared in a flash, leaving Toneri alone facing the tombstone, “Father, what should I do?”


Four days later.

Masahiko looked at the magnificent castle in front of him and nodded in satisfaction.

Masahiko felt a little disgusted with these places where people used to live. He simply used the Dust Release to wipe it out, then the Earth Release to smooth the ground, and built a castle on it.

He used a variety of Wood Releases techniques and even Ice Release to build a gorgeous castle in front of him in three days; a huge castle covering an area of more than one square kilometer.

It took another day to divide the inside of the castle into rooms, make a simple layout, and make a few wooden beds.

He wasn’t too anxious about the rest of the fine work. He can come here in the future, when he feels like it, and add some more decorations.

He can also bring others up to stroll around. The moon now is his territory.

But before that…

“Toneri! Come here and teach me how to drive a spaceship!”


Driving a spacecraft is much easier to learn than Masahiko imagined. In his previous life, Masahiko had to retake the car driving license test four times…

But since this thing was controlled by Chakra, he could drive it skillfully in less than half an hour.

On the moon, in the middle of the sky, looking like a 120-year-old child, Masahiko drove his spaceship here and there.

When the sky dimmed, Masahiko finally came back to his senses.

“It has been four days since this ancestor left the Shinobi World. If I don’t go back to show up, I’m afraid that they will think I’m dead again. And the day after tomorrow is the day Naruto enters school. I can’t miss that.”

But before going back, Masahiko still had something to do.

He turned to Toneri next to him, smiled, and said, “Where is the place where your clan observes the Shinobi World? Take me to see it.”

Toneri was stunned, “It was in the previous palace. Didn’t you destroy it?”

Masahiko’s face darkened, “What did you say? Then why didn’t you stop me?”

For the first time since the death of his father, Toneri smiled brightly, “I have decided to go to the Shinobi World with you to personally experience if the world created by the Six Paths is really a failure, so that thing is no longer needed!”

“I suddenly don’t want to take you there.”

Toneri: “???”

“Forget it. If it’s destroyed, then it’s destroyed. I’m not the old-fashioned Hiruzen, who like to peep on people…” Masahiko was full of pity.

“In fact, we can only see some general things. We can’t see people’s faces. Otherwise, my father would have recognized you the first time.” Toneri explained.

“Oh, so it’s useless.” Masahiko nodded thoughtfully and turned around, “Since you decided to go with me, then don’t address me with “you,” that’s rude, just like other kids, you must say, My Ancestor.”

Toneri was startled, “I’ll call you Elder.”

“Huh? Oh, that’s right, your ancestor is Otsutsuki Hamura. It’s up to you, go back and rest. We will leave tomorrow morning.”

Toneri hesitated for a moment and then whispered, “Elder if I go with you to earth, can I enter Konoha Academy Ninja?”

Masahiko was taken aback, “Why do you want to… You’re still after Hinata?”

Toneri’s face flushed, “This is my father’s will!”

“Well, you must follow your father’s will, but that’s not okay…”

“Why not?”

“Of course, it’s because… because, because of what again?”

It’s because when he first watched the anime, he felt that Naruto and Hinata should be a natural pair… but does he really want Boruto to come? Well, that’s a question that needs an answer.

“First, when Boruto came out, I watched a few episodes but couldn’t withstand it. It was boring, and Boruto…” Masahiko sighed.

He couldn’t stand it in his previous life, and after only watching a few episodes of Boruto, he dropped it. Later, he was curious when he heard that Orochimaru had a child, so he went back and took a glance.

It was really big news. And became eager to know who the child’s father or mother was, but suddenly he died and didn’t get the result.

“Speaking of which, the kid’s name was Mitsuki, he was quite handsome, not much like Orochimaru, but a bit like…” Masahiko looked at Toneri.

Huh? Did he just solve the mystery?

After a long while, Masahiko said sympathetically, “Little guy, if you like Hinata, go after it. You can escape your fate, come on!”

Toneri: “???”