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L.L.H: Chapter 327: Go With The Flow!

The next day, early morning.

Masahiko skillfully piloted the spacecraft and took Toneri back to where he had landed on the moon.

“It seems you must take off from here before landing in that hidden place on the earth. Speaking of, is there still a channel between the moon and earth?”

Toenri nodded, “That channel is on the other side of the moon. Do you want to go and see it?”

“Forget it. We will see it next time.” Masahiko hesitated for a moment, “I’ll take you to earth first.”

Under Masahiko’s control, the spacecraft quickly started and broke free of the moon’s gravity. After minutes later, Masahiko returned to the familiar air.

He hadn’t paid attention when he first got on it, and now that he personally controlled the spacecraft, he realized how an amazing artifact it really is. Not only it’s fast, and it can be used in combat, but it can also protect the passengers while traveling between the moon and earth without suffering any damages.

Toneri noticed Masahiko’s expression and explained in a soft tone, “This is an artifact left by the ancestor Hamura. Through it, the ancestor migrated to the moon.”

Masahiko nodded in understanding, the Six Paths has his own artifact, so it’s normal for his brother to have his own toys too.

“When I have time, I have to take it apart to see what the principle of this thing is. If it can be copied in batches…” Masahiko’s heart skipped a beat for a moment from excitement.

As they spoke, the two of them were already less than 10,000 meters from the ground. Masahiko looked down and suddenly smiled, “Toneri, do you know what it means to go with the flow?”

Toneri was taken aback, “Yes… to be cool?”

“Yup, to be cool!” Masahiko turned and jumped out of the spaceship, falling straight down.

Toneri: “???”

The spacecraft lost control and trembled, which made Toneri come back to his senses and quickly take over control and chase after the “confusing” Masahiko.

Masahiko was facing upwards, his arms spread out, and his rate fall was getting quicker do the gravitational pull.

“This kid isn’t bad, risking himself to save me. But there’s something that I’ve always wanted to do… Bungee jumping at the height of 10,000 meters is really exciting!”

The distance to the ground was getting closer and closer. Just as Masahiko was about to manipulate gravity and land safely, a familiar voice suddenly emitted from below: “Grandpa! You’re finally back!”

Masahiko was startled, then turned his head and said, “Kushina, why are you here?”


The end was sad.


Ten minutes later, Masahiko crawled out of the ground with a darkened face.

“Grandpa, are you okay?”

Kushina smiled wryly, feeling that she has done something wrong.

Masahiko shook his head speechlessly, the bungee jumping failed, and he almost threw himself to death. On the other side, Toneri was even more miserable. Minato thought that he was an enemy chasing Masahiko and knocked him out, the poor boy is now held him in his arms.

“I’m okay before I wanted to… never mind. That kid, you don’t need to be vigilant. I brought him back with me from the moon.”

“No, really, what were you doing?” Kushina glanced at Masahiko, who had fallen into pieces, and then reacted, “You brought him from the moon?”

“Well, I’ll explain this to you later. Let’s talk about why you’re here first?”

Minato flashed over with wry smile, he handed him Toneri, Masahiko looked at the poor boy, then glanced at him puzzled.

“Why did you…”

Minato smiled bitterly, “I thought he was chasing you, so I knocked him out. As for us here, because there seemed to be an explosion in this place a few days ago, we came here to check the situation and see if there’s any clues behind you disappearance.”

“Explosion? Oh, I almost blew myself two days ago.” Masahiko pondered, weighed Toneri in his arms, and then looked at the spaceship that had been inserted diagonally into the ground, and shook his head helplessly, “We’ll back up then talk again later!”


Konoha, the Senju, Mikoto’s house.

Masahiko changed his clothes, explained the experience he had the past few days to Kushina, and learned some big things that happened from them.

“The Fourth Shinobi World War is over.” Masahiko nodded. Konoha mobilized all of their forces, and Iwagakure broke under the pressue.

“Well, in a few days, Nawaki and the other should come back,” Mikoto said next to Kushina.

“Grandpa, you better tell us about the things you saw on the moon.” Kushina was full of curiosity.

“Hmm…” A groan came, and with that, Toneri finally woke up slowly and met Masahiko’s gentle smile at a glance.

“You’re awake? Boy, how can you still fall asleep while driving a spaceship?”

Toneri: “???”

He felt uncomfortable and had a bit of a headache, “Didn’t you jump off the spaceship?”

Masahiko spoke gently, “Boy, have you had a nightmare?”

Toneri: “???”

“Puff…” Kushina almost laughed out loud. Minato thought he was an enemy and attacked him almost instantly, so he couldn’t possibly know what happened.

“Elder, who are these people?”

Masahiko continued to smile gently, introducing Toneri to each of them one by one, then pointed at him and said, “This kid is called Otsutsuki Toneri. I brought him back from the moon.”

Hearing this, Kushina looked weirdly at Masahiko, “Otsutsuki? What? Do you have another son?”

Masahiko glared at her, “How, just how? Look at him, his skin color, his hair, his eyes. How could he be my son?”

“But when you opened the Amazon Store, didn’t you call yourself Otsutsuki Hagoromo?”

Toneri was stunned, “Elder, you and the Six Paths are…”

Masahiko smiled bitterly. Only then did he understand what was the cause of this misunderstanding.

“At the beginning, I just didn’t bother to give my disguise a name, so when I needed one, I borrowed a name I knew.” Masahiko explained to them the story of the Six Paths and then pointed at Toneri, “He’s the descendant of the Six Paths’ brother, Otsutsuki Hamura.”

Minato looked thoughtful, “So the Six Paths actually exists? There’s also the Otsutsuki Clan…”

Masahiko smiled, “Not only does he exist, but he might also be peeping at me right now.”

Toneri was surprised, “The Six Paths is still alive? How can this be…”

“Oh, believe me, he’s dead, but he’s spying on me from the Other World.”

“And where’s ancestor Hamura?” Toneri showed expectation.

Masahiko was stunned and slowly shook his head, “He died completely, and it’s estimated that his soul no longer there.”

Toneri was disappointed. Masahiko smiled and added, “If Ichiraku Ramen’s Teuchi isn’t actually Otsutsuki Hamura, then he’s really dead.”

“Ichiraku Ramen’s boss?” Kushina couldn’t laugh or cry, “Grandpa, you seem to be particularly concerned about him.”

Masahiko smiled, but seeing how Toneri looked longing, he shook his head speechlessly. This child was actually having fun around people, so he wanted him to meet more.

“Mikoto, where are Naruto and Lil’ Masahiko? Let them meet their new partner.”

Mikoto smiled bitterly, “These two kids…” She sighed, “I don’t know where they are going to have a duel again. Also, Great Grandpa, the Uchiha should have heard that you are here. People came here more frequently in the past two days. You…”

“I know,” Masahiko smiled, “If Lil’ Masahiko’s surname changes to Uchiha, I would really feel awkward.”

It can be said that kids by his age will call him by his name to express their admiration, but if Masahiko name was added to the Uchiha Clan… I might end up being laughed at by Madara.

Mikoto breathed a sigh of relief, but Masahiko continued to add, “If the last name is going to be changed, so why not change the name as well? How about Uchiha Sasuke?”

Mikoto was startled, “Why are you… Sasuke?”

Seeing Mikoto’s reaction, Masahiko shook his head slightly. Sure enough, so Fokuto’s child isn’t called Sasuke, huh?

He hadn’t dared to ask much before because Lil’ Masahiko looked too much like Sasuke in his previous life, and he even awakened the Sharingan, which means that he’s in line with the setting of of being Indra’s reincarnation.

Up until now, he was just lying to himself, thinking that if Lil’s Masahiko doesn’t change his name, then Fokuto’s child would be called Uchiha Sasuke.

The last night after he had a conversation with Toneri, it finally hit him. It was really Konoha’s fifty-fourth year. There’s nothing tangled now. Everything happened up until now will unfold into unexpected results, and nothign will change that.

If Fokuto’s son isn’t called Uchiha Sasuke, what can he do? Should he make Mikoto change Lil’ Masahiko’s name or give birth to a new one?

“Great Grandpa, are you really willing to change Lil’ Masahiko’s name to Uchiha?” Mikoto was a little anxious, and Kushina frowned beside her.

“It’s up to you to decide whether to change it or not.” Masahiko smiled and shaked his head, “but I have decided to relief myself.”

Toneri was stunned, “Elder, I wasn’t dreaming before.”

“Well, you’re not the one dreaming.” Masahiko turned his head with a smile and looked at the four, who had different expressions.

I’m the one dreaming, and in this dream, I think I’m still watching anime.