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L.L.H: Chapter 328: Admission

After Masahiko stated that he wasn’t going to anything, all afternoon, he was faced by the mumbling of Mikoto and Kushina…

“Yes, I originally said that I’m going to handle it, but now I don’t want to. You just deal with this by yourself. I’ll wait for the result.”

“I made this agreement. I personally went to the Uchiha and made the deal. Where will I hide my old face if I say that the deal is off now?”

“Kushina, what is that expression? You know that Grandpa has always been an honest man, right?”

“Hey, what do you mean by that look! Come on!”


It wasn’t until the evening that Mikoto’s house finally fell silent. Masahiko also breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as he released himself, he was almost torn from the sky by Kushina’s pouting lips and Mikoto’s begging face.

The two aren’t unreasonable people, who make trouble, and they also can’t force him to do anything, so he didn’t care. He only needed to endure it for an afternoon.

As for Toneri, perhaps it was because the headache from being knocked out before hasn’t disappeared, or maybe because seeing too many people made him tired, but he lay aside and fell asleep again.

But it’s not a problem that the silent has controlled the place. Masahiko can always break that with… a joke?”

“Hahahahaha…” Masahiko was amused by his own jokes before he could even start talking. Kushina looked over helplessly…

Fortunately, the two kids who opened the door broke Masahiko’s smiling face.

“Mom, I won again today!” Lil’ Masahiko said loudly, but he looked calm, trying to indicate that the win was easy.

“Nonsense! Where did you win? It was a tie…” Naruto retorted with a blue nose and a swollen cheek. He noticed Masahiko again and turned his head and said, “Huh? Old Ancestor, you’re back!”

Masahiko raised his finger to his mouth and tried to shush him after pointing with his other hand at Toneri, who was sleeping.

Naruto turned his head, then with the same loud voice, “Huh? Who is this guy?”

Masahiko said helplessly, “Your love rival!”

“My love rival?” Naruto was stunned for a while and said seriously, “This guy… he also likes Sister Haku?!”

Masahiko: “…”

Masahiko drag over Naruto calmly, put him on his lap, took off his pant, and bang!

Mikoto’s silence was finally broken. And Toneri opened his eyes to find a yellow-haired boy, stripped from his pants, being spanked, and beside him was a black-haired boy with his arms folded, watching the excitement.

“What’s happening?”


The next day, the first day of school on March 1st.

Mikoto was leading Lil’ Masahiko, Minato and Kushina were leading Naruto, Masahiko leading was Toneri, and several people in front of them heading toward the Ninja Academy.

“When you signed up Naruto a few days ago, besides Hinata, have you met any other kids?” Masahiko turned his head and said.

Minato shook his head, “At that time, it was almost noon, and all those who should have signed up were already registered. We didn’t see other kids.”

Kushina straightened Naruto’s collar and whispered: “Naruto, you should get along well with your classmates at school, especially… girls, don’t about Haku. He belongs to Kimimaro.”

Masahiko laughed; it’s not easy to be a mother. Sometimes you need to lie, sometimes you need to accuse an innocent Kimimaro, and sometimes it’s both.

Naruto blushed, but he didn’t dare to refute. If Masahiko stripped his pants and spanked his butt on the street, he would feel ashamed.

A few minutes later, this powerful group of parents finally to the Ninja Academy, and they parted ways at the door… Kushina and the others sent Naruto and Lil’ Masahiko to class, and Masahiko needed to register Toneri.

The Ninja Academy was still that same old building from before. When he built the Ninja Academy, the LV8 Earth Release ninja responsible for building it looked ashamed to death by his creation. It’s estimated that such a sturdy building will last another fifty years. Just how much money he saved for Konoha…

With Masahiko’s current status, it’s easy to do things.

He pulled a staff member of the school and said, “I’m Uzumaki Masahiko, yes, the legendary Shinobi. I’ve brought this kid over to register him into the Ninja Academy.”

Then he accepted the staff member’s exclamation, “You’re the… legendary Shinobi… Uzumaki Masahiko?! Hello, hello, I’m honored to meet you! Follow me, follow me!!”

The only troublesome thing is that Toneri is seven years old this year, and he has a foundation in Ninjutsu. It stands to reason that they should transfer him to the second grade. Therefore the ninja academy staff also took them to the “second-grade class teacher” first.

“Elder Masahiko, if you want to see the first-grade teacher, I can take you there,” The second-grade class teacher said.

Masahiko nodded then took a glimpse at the report on the other’s desk.

“Oh, this is the final exam result of the previous first-grade class, which now the second.” The other explained.

Masahiko picked up the report:

First On The Class: Tenten

Second Seat: Hyuuga Neji


Last Seat: Rock Lee

“How? Can kids bring pets for the Ninja Academy exam now?” Masahiko was speechless.

Masahiko walked to the door of the first-grade class, still not knowing how Tenten could beat Neji.

“Iruka, there is another student here who wants to enter your class. He was brought by Elder Uzumaki Masahiko.” The second-grade class teacher shouted.

Masahiko raised his head when he heard the name and looked at Iruka in front of him. This man can be said to be the master of Naruto’s fate.

Now Iruka has just become a teacher. He was still green and greeted Masahiko nervously.

But when he saw Toneri, he immediately calmed down, “Student, Otsutsuki Toneri, first enter the class and find a seat at will, then prepare to introduce yourself…

At first glance, Masahiko could tell that he was a natural teacher.

Masahiko patted Toneri on the shoulder, motioned him to enter the class, and looked inside.

Toner had a clear goal. He scanned the kids in the class, ignored everyone’s pointing at his “special” appearance, then walked directly to the seat behind Hinata. Because of his eyes, Hinata was curious, so she secretly turned her head and glanced at him.

Naruto and Lil’ Masahiko sat at the far left of the classroom and the other at the far right, saying that they were “unfamiliar with each other.”

Sakura and no were sitting together, they were whispering, Masahiko guessed that they were talking about the handsome newcomer?

There are still a lot of familiar faces. Masahiko scanned the entire classroom. All of the “little strong” are there, and there are also some unfamiliar faces. But one of the kids seems to be Sai.

“Elder Masahiko, is everything okay?”

As soon as Masahiko wanted to reply, a line of Chinese characters crossed in front of him, “Witness and slightly change the main storyline of Naruto World: Naruto’s Enrolment to the Ninja Academy, gained 20(*5) Witness Points.”

“Elder Masahiko?”

“Huh? Oh! I’m okay.” Masahiko waved his hand, smiled kindly at the kids in the class who were looking at him curiously, turned his head, and left the Academy.

“Now… where should I go?”