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L.L.H: Chapter 329: Fat Cat, How About Some Self-Integrity?

Masahiko was very confused.

After leaving Konoha Ninja Academy, he didn’t return to the Senju Station but wandered around the village alone.

In his more than 120 years of life, especially in the past50 years, he has been competing with memories of his previous life, participating in the plot, changing it, fixing it, and so on. He was relaxed and very happy on the outside, but deep inside, he was so tired.

He signed up Naruto to school this time, and he didn’t plan to take care of any other things. Masahiko doesn’t want to deliberate arrangement for Naruto’s friendships, frustration, growth, and love.

The only thing he needed to keep an eye on is Naruto’s moral ‘orientation.’

Kushina is resident in Konoha for now, and she will need to pick up her team in a few days.
“Happy, I want to be happy!” Masahiko stood still, cheering himself up.

“My emotions are not in the right place these past two days. Why am I a little tired of the world? Is it true that I have lived too long?” Masahiko shook his head, “It seems that I have to find new ways to have some fun…”

“Are you Elder Uzumaki Masahiko? Would you like to come in for some Ramen?”

As soon as Masahiko looked up, the smiley face of Teuchi appeared in front of him, and he unknowingly found himself in front of the Ichiraku Ramen door.

After pondering for a moment, Masahiko smiled and nodded, then walked into the store, “Give me a bowl of Miso Char Siu Ramen.”

“Yes, sir!” Teuchi smiled brightly.

Masahiko frowned slightly. Teuchi’s preparation looked a bit different today, but Masahiko forgot about all of that after one bite of noodles.

“This taste…” Masahiko was full of surprise. After six years, he once again ate Teuchi’s Ramen, and it left him with a lot of surprises.

“Your cooking has improved? No, it’s something else. I can taste happiness eating this Ramen. Do you ever think of going toe to toe with Gordon Ramsay? I’m sure that if it’s Ramen, you will never lose!”

Teuchi kept the smile, but he looked a bit puzzled, “Elder Masahiko, who is Gordon Ramsay?”

“People say he’s British, I don’t know, but I heard that his food is very delicious.” Masahiko slurped the noodles.

Teuchi nodded and continued, “I’ve noticed that you looked a bit down before. Is there anything to be sad about? You’ve lived for so long. What else you couldn’t have seen?”

Masahiko was taken aback for a moment, then looked up and said, “Are you comforting me? Knock it off. You will never understand my sorrow, like the light of the day and the darkness of the night!”

Teuchi: “…”

Masahiko finished the Ramen quickly and said with a smile, “Well, yes, I’m old, thank you very much! But who told you that I need you to comfort me? Stay in your restaurant. I’m going to have fun!”

Watching Masahiko leave, Teuchi stood there with a stiffened smile on his face… also, Masahiko didn’t pay.

Masahiko didn’t go far away. After taking a few steps out of the door, he headed toward his old store. And a huge notice attracted his intention.

“Recruiting chefs, we’re paying a lot of money!”

It didn’t exactly say that. There were also a few small characters written underneath, but Masahiko didn’t bother reading it.

The weapon shop was hiring chefs. Masahiko knew exactly what was going on. It seems that Tenten’s family is looking for a chef for their fat cat.

“Living happily…” Masahiko said.

Licking his lips, Masahiko could still taste the delicious Ramen he ate just now, then looked at his skill column, “Cooking…”


Half an hour later, Masahiko, as a middle-aged black-haired man with a big head and thick neck, walked into Tenten’s weapons shop.

It was still early. There were no other customers, only a beautiful woman behind the counter, who looked a lot like Tenten. She should be her mother.

“Are you recruiting chefs here?”

Tenten’s mom was taken aback, “Oh? Are you here to apply?”

“Do you think I’m here to buy weapons?”

Tenten’s mother was choked but didn’t show any angry attitude. Instead, she smiled gently, “May I ask you for your name?”

Masahiko’s face stiffened. Why do these people always ask for names? Don’t you know that it’s very difficult for him to come up with names?”

“Hagoromo, Hamura, And Asura have been used… well, who’s next?” Masahiko scratched his head, “Oh, you can call me Indra!”

Tenten’s mother kept the gentle smile and said politely, “Indra-San, have you seen the notice outside our shop?”

“Yes, I could see it. You think I’m blind?”

Tenten’s mother: “…”

“The chefs we want to hire must match high standards and have some special expertise…”

Masahiko waved his hand, “I’m not telling you that there are no dishes that I can’t cook, but let alone men’s food, I can make special cat and dog meals!”

“Special cat and dog meals?” Tenten’s mother started to think about ways to reject this ‘Indra’ politely but was attracted by what Masahiko just said.

“Can you show me your cooking skills?”

“Of course!” Masahiko smiled.


The system didn’t disappoint Masahiko once again. When the witness points were poured, the cooking skills hit the… LV9.

Cooking LV9 (100000/1000000)

Masahiko rubbed his eyes repeatedly to make sure that he was right. This was the first time such a thing happens. In this way, LV9 to LV10 would be considered a qualitative leap, but he still couldn’t bear spending 90 witness points on it.

LV9 was still sufficient. Facing a gentle civilian woman, Masahiko wasn’t interested in making her a simple dish and only admire it after tasting it… this was very boring for Masahiko.

He directly showed all his knife movements and cooking skills, and the rest of the matter was only natural. Masahiko was hired as the Queen’s Chef to cook dinner for Fat Cat.

Fat Cat, it’s time to see what you were doing all this time.” Masahiko smiled

That night, Masahiko used various methods to cook dozens of fishes in Tenten’s kitchen, and he was successfully ‘greeted’ by Fat Cat.

When he brought the last fish to the table, Fat Cat’s eyes glowed with green light, then ate the whole thing with one bite.

Masahiko looked surprised, and Teten couldn’t help but comfort him, “Uncle Indra, don’t be afraid. Fat Cat doesn’t like eating people.”

“Meow~ Good skills, Whitey like you.”

Masahiko watched Fat Cat eating food about eighty to ninety catties with a smile, but it gradually disappeared…
(T/N: The catty, kati or jin, symbol 斤, is a traditional Chinese unit of mass used across East and Southeast Asia, notably for weighing food and other groceries in some wet markets, street markets, and shops. Related units include the picul, equal to 100 catties, and the tael, which is
¹⁄₁₆ of a catty. 1 Catty = 0.6 KG)

As the Fat Cat chewed, he moved his nail to his paw and made a small cut, which made him bleed.

Tenten seemed to be used to this as she held his paw helplessly, blew gently, then put it in her mouth to stop the bleeding.

“Fat Cat, why are you always so careless?”

Masahiko smiled, then smirked as he watched this skillfully operated process…

“Fat Cat, how about some self-integrity?”