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L.L.H: Chapter 330: Spectator

After Masahiko sent the Toneri to school, he disappeared, and no one knew where he had gone.

And all of a sudden, a chef with superb cooking skills named Indra was hired by the family of the first on her class, Tenten.


Time passed quickly, and a month passed. It was Konoha the first of April, late at night.

In the house, a black shadow suddenly penetrated the wall of Tenten’s room, walked a few steps, then sat by the window.

It’s finally over. I really want to kill the cat and eat its meat.”

Light met the black shadow, and it was Masahiko.

A month ago, he discovered that his cat was plotting a plan. In order to help Tenten get stronger, Fat Cat was actually using her blood as a tonic for Tenten to dring every day. When he learned this, Masahiko was really helpless and couldn’t help but feel a bit worried.

That night, he took advantage of her being asleep, sneaked into her room, and did a slight check; as expected, her Chakra was contaminated with the nature of the Nibi’s Chakra. As a result, the amount of her Chakra reserve was much larger than that of her peers. Stronger… no wonder that she can beat Neji. She may grow into the likes of the Gold and Silver Brothers in the future.

This is indeed good for Tenten’s growth, but it also brings her some risks. She might become Akatsuki’s target in the future. Fat Cat is his Summoning Beast, which makes her difficult to be caught. Therefore, the Akatsuki may use Tenten to make do.

To make it simple, the Nibi’s Chakra has been infesting Tenten’s body, and no one else could notice it.

Masahiko didn’t want to make a big fanfare, so he could only sneak in every night to help her “digest” the fat cat’s blood and stop any aftereffects. Over the past month, Tenten has grown rapidly, and it was all thanks to him working from the shadows. The fat cat, who was getting heavier and heavier for training purposes, probably won’t be enough for her soon.

In this month, Konoha faced various tragedies and comedies, and Masahiko was there to watch them all.

When the war ended, the frontline forces returned. Masahiko thought he would see the dispute between the Senju and the Uchiha Clan first, but what took place first was light comedy.

One night, Tsunade quietly left Konoha in silence. Only Masahiko found out and thought that it was something serious, so he followed.

As a result, when he faced her, Tsunade blushed and told him that when her mother, Aika, passed away two years ago, she told her to get married and pointed at Jiraiya. At the time, she said that her mind was a bit messy, and she wanted to relieve that, so she… gambled.

As for Kato Dan, this miserable man survived the Shinobi World War II, survived the Third, and finally died in the Fourth different from the original.

In addition to the grief that his niece showed, there was only a group of students who have been led by him who seemed sad. Obito was also there; he seemed to be a bit sad too.

When Tsunade left, Jiraiya naturally followed closely, looking after her, looking for Orochimaru, and collecting materials… with that, the Sannin left Konoha.

After the light comedy, it was the battle between the Senju and the Uchiha.

Konoha is only powerful when the Senju and Uchiha exist. Although there were never invincible individuals like the twin gods, the combined combat power of the other clansmen has indeed reached an unprecedented peak.

In the Uchiha Clan, three owners of Mongekyou Sharingan appeared in the same era, Uchiha Kagami, Uchiha Obito, and Uchiha Shisui. Masahiko suspected that Fugaku had also awakened his Mongekyou Sharingan but didn’t reveal it to anyone.

And because of Tsunade’s departure, the Senju Clan was slightly weaker in terms of combat power. But when a small sapling came out of the 12 years old Itachi, who already had three tomoe Sharingan, the Senju Clan became favored by others. There are too many people who feared the Wood Release.

Because of this, the equally talented “Senju Masahiko” was also pushed to the forefront. The “cheeky” Elder didn’t break the contract, and the Senju couldn’t deny the past agreement. They could only take advantage of the loopholes.

Is “Senju Masahiko” going to be renamed? After the change, Nawaki and Mikoto still left him in the Senju because they only talked about the name change but didn’t talk about transferring custody.

So there is no “Senju Masahiko” in the Senju now, but an extra child named Uchiha Sasuke.

The Uchiha were naturally dissatisfied with the result. These days, the atmosphere in Konoha was turbulent, the outside war had just ceased, and an internal conflict rose.

Hiruzen had originally planned to leave the Hokage position but delayed that since he had to hold on to the situation.

He also went to beg Minato to retake the Hokage position. Looking at his increasingly aging face, Minato felt a bit of pity, but… he couldn’t do anything about it.

Hiruzen was helpless. At this time, he couldn’t bring up the Fifth Hokage topic. Konoha may explode in an instant. He can only hold on, win over the small clans, and expand the strength of the Anbu. Kakashi, Genma, and others… most of these young ninjas who grew up joined the Anbu. Other talented ninjas were appointed to other positions. For example, Rin replaced Tsunade as the new medical team leader of Konoha.

Hiruzen was trying to find a way to settle Konoha’s dispute and let it grow stronger.

He used to be a little dissatisfied with Masahiko always intervening in Konoha’s internal affairs, but now he is looking forward to Masahiko’s appearance and help to solve these messy situations.

Masahiko’s reply was clear, “So now that you’ve acknowledged my contributions, you want me to come? I won’t come. How shameless you think I am?”

The general situation in the village stayed like this, but the children in the Ninja Academy seemed to live in another independent world with their own lives and ideas.

Masahiko doesn’t need to worry about Naruto’s orientation because he still likes a girl in the same class, Haruno Sakura.

Of course, Sakura still looks down on Naruto and prefers Sasuke, who is handsome.

Ino and Sakura’s friendship didn’t fall out because of the fight for Sasuke. There were a lot of handsome boys this time, and because Toneri seemed to have a soft spot for Hinata, Ino entangled Sai.

Toneri doesn’t know how to chase girls or make them fall for him, so kept following Hinata around. The scene was very embarrassing; watching Hinata hiding shyly, Masahiko could only smile and shake his head.

“Senju Masahiko” changed his name to “Uchiha Sasuke,” which made him a bit silent, but it made no difference to Naruto. It was always “idiot.” After finding that Sakura liked “Sasuke” more, he seemed to appreciate it a bit more.

Naruto’s results were very interesting, sometimes he is third, and sometimes the Kyuubi interferes with his Chakra flow, and he fails.

But no matter what the exam is, he will always be behind Sasuke. And the two have a common goal to surpass Toneri.


The leisurely life continued, Masahiko intended to only do this as a spectator, a witness points gangster, and when they finally become full-sized and as strong as Obito, he will ask them out to relieve some boredom every day…

But accidents always happen eventually, and Kimimaro’s disease has occurred.