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L.L.H: Chapter 331: Arhat Fist and 1 Buddha’s Finger!

Konoha Village, a residential area for civilians, a wooden three-story building, second floor.

“Kimimaro, say aah~.”

Karin carrying a bowl of black medicinal soup, fed it Kimimaro spoon by spoon.

Kimimaro lay on the bed, drinking the medicine with a stunning face, looking at Karin as if he was looking at an enemy. Feeding him medicine was the original “god’s” task but was later snatched away by the abominable Karin.

Masahiko wasn’t in the mood to have fun and just there frowning quietly.

“How is this possible? This shouldn’t happen?”

This sentence has been muttered countless times by Masahiko, and his heart was really at a loss.

After repeatedly examining Kimimaro, he came to a conclusion that he couldn’t believe. Kimimaro’s bloodline limit disease belongs to the type of myasthenia. On the other hand, the body skill ninja has myasthenia, which almost sounds like a joke.

“Kimimaro, when did you feel that your body isn’t right?”

Kimimaro whispered, “Just a few days ago.”

Masahiko stared, “Tell me the truth!”

“It has been over a month.”

Masahiko sighed. It’s his fault. He didn’t care much about Kimimaro for more than a month since he really had fun cooking…

After learning the news of Kimimaro’s disease, Masahiko quickly quit the chef job at Tenten’s house and left in the fat cat’s tears.

A week later, Masahiko discovered that his medical Ninjutsu could indeed be slightly effective, but it wasn’t very effective. After giving the medicinal soup to Kimimaro, his condition seemed to worsen a bit slower. Masahiko was turning his head in sorrow every time he sees Kimimaro struggling to get out of bed.

“Something is wrong. He is only nine years old. How did he live to fifteen or sixteen in the original?”

Masahiko looked at Kimimaro, who was lying on the bed sorrowfully, and sighed slightly, “I can’t continue the treatment like this anymore.”

It just so happened that someone knocked on the door softly. Masahiko turned around and said, “Haku, who is looking for me again?”

As soon as he showed up in Konoha, he was too busy. One day it was Hiruzen, the day before it was Nawaki, the next it was the Uchiha, this was really troublesome.

Masahiko moved away from the Uzumaki deliberately just to take a break. Fortunately, in the past two days, it seemed that they have understood that Masahiko doesn’t want to interfere in this mess, and they didn’t come again; otherwise, he would have moved the sick Kimimaro back to the Uzumaki.

Haku opened the door and walked in, “It’s the Hyuuga Patriarch.”

Masahiko frowned, “Hiashi? Shouldn’t he be watching the Senju and the Uchiha fighting cheerfully now? Why is he looking for me?”

When others came to him, he wasn’t in the mood to see them. But Hiashi, there should be some real business behind this.

Masahiko turned around and told Karin to take care of Kimimaro, then walked out of the room with a few steps and went downstairs.

Hiashi was waiting for him on the first floor, and at first sight, he saw him holding a book with both hands.

Masahiko was taken aback, “This is… the Eight Trigrams 256 palms?”

Hiashi nodded, “Thanks for the help you provided in the first place.”

Masahiko smiled with satisfaction, but he could feel that something was off since he was here in person.

“Is there anything else?”

Haishi hesitated a little but nodded, “Elder Masahiko, the child named Otsutsuki…”

“Oh, that kid,” Masahiko nodded in understanding, “So you knew about his origin, right?”

Hiashi was surprised, “The legend is true?”

Masahiko paused. It seemed that too many years had passed, and Hyuuga’s ancestors’ records were only seen by them as legends.

“The younger brother of the Six Paths, Otsutsuki Hamura, did exist. He did indeed take a group of his descendants to the moon. Toneri is the last descendant of the Otsutsuki Clan. And you guys who didn’t go to the moon with Hamura. The Hyuga Clan that stayed in the Shinobi World.

“Speaking of which, it turned out that both the main family and the branch one are inferiors…”

Hiashi paid no attention to Masahiko’s teasing but still pondered, “Then the matter with Hinata, did you instruct it?”

Masahiko waved his hand quickly, “It has nothing to do with me. That kid seems to be interested in your daughter. He wants to keep the blood of the Otsutsuki Clan alive, and Hinata’s blood is very pure.”

“As I thought.” Hiashi nodded and turned around and said, “Then I won’t bother you.”

Masahiko watched Hiashi leave, threw back the book into his space, went upstairs a few steps, and met Karin’s angry face.

“Elder, what did you do? Kimimaro seems to be even more uncomfortable after drinking your medicinal soup!”

Masahiko was taken aback, walked a few steps quickly, and checked Kimimaro.

“It’s really more serious… Am I actually a quack?” Masahiko shook his head, “Karin, Haku, pack things, let’s go out.”

Kimimaro said weakly, “God, where are we going?”

Masahiko said helplessly, “Don’t call me a god, I can’t even cure your disease, I have even made it worse… I’ll take you to Orochimaru, who we encountered back in Kirigakure.”

Masahiko believes that his medical Ninjutsu is superior to Kabuto in the original, but the latter could suppress Kimimaro’s condition, but he can’t. There must be something wrong with this, and it’s estimated to be Orochimaru.

Picking up Kimimaro, Masahiko walked out of the small building a few steps and waved his hand to release the spaceship from the moon.

“Karin, Haku, let’s go!”

A spaceship flew out of Konoha, heading towards the Land of Sound’s Orochimaru Lab. But when he arrived, Masahiko’s expression changed.

The entrance of the original lab was no longer there, and the familiar building has also changed. A small village has occupied that position.

Masahiko controlled his spaceship to land slowly, frowned, and looked around for a while, and then sensed the Chakra fluctuations around him, “Is this… the Otogakure?”

Not far away, an eight or nine-year-old chubby kid jumped over, glanced at Masahiko and the several kids with him, and asked, “Who are you?!”

Masahiko looked at him; his hairstyle was very unique, with three pinches of red hair on the top of his head and one on each side. Suddenly, it stroke him, and he remembered his identity, “He’s one of the sound four, Jirobo.”

“Hey baldy, is Orochimaru here?”

Jirobo was taken aback and subconsciously wanted to respond, but a girl’s voice came from his body, “Idiot, you’re gonna just tell him? What if he’s an enemy of Orochimaru-Sama?”

A little girl with a flute walked out from his behind, Tayuya.

Jirobo reacted and rushed towards Masahiko with a flushed face, “Are you an enemy of Orochimaru-Sama? Damn you, you dare to call me baldy?!”

“You don’t need to interfere. Just take care of Kimimaro.” Masahiko turned around to Karin and Haku helplessly.

When he turned back, Jirobo had already swung his right fist at him, “Arhat Fist!”

What the hell?

The punch made Masahiko question his reputation in the Shinobi World.

Looking at Jirobo’s fist on his stomach, Masahiko smiled, stretched out a finger, then flickered it on Jirobo’s forehead, “One Buddha’s Finger!”

Jirobo rolled over.