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L.L.H: Chapter 332: The Ladder of Human Progress

“This Arhat Fist is really extraordinary.” Masahiko rubbed his stomach.

Masahiko thought that Arhat Fist is quite interesting. Jirobo actually covers his fist with Chakra, and the power of his punches far exceeds the strength that a boy of his age should have. It seems a bit like a weakened version of Tsunade’s brutal force.

The flute sounded melodious, interrupting Masahiko’s deep thoughts.

Jirobo rolled to the distance, and Tayuya that got really vigilant, hurriedly played the flute in her hands. The melody didn’t sound aggressive, and she used it to call her companions. After half a minute, dozens of Otogakure’s ninjas surrounded them.

“Otojutsu, a trick made by Orochimaru.” Masahiko shook his head slightly, “Something I can do too.”
(T/N: Otojutsu: Sound Jutsu.)

Masahiko waved his hand to add a defensive barrier around Kimimaro and the others, turned to Otogakure’ ninjas, who were approaching, and smiled, “You friend there tried my Buddha’s finger, and you guys gonna try my Lion Roar.”

Suddenly Chakra was poured into his throat, then he screamed at the top of his lungs, “OROCHIMARU, COME OUT AND SEE ME!”

The world fell into the silence.

Two minutes later, Orochimaru appeared in front of Masahiko.

He glanced helplessly at the village that had just been built and became dilapidated, and then at the ninjas who were still stunned, “Elder, what are you doing here?”

Masahiko waved his hand and lifted the defensive barrier on the three, “There’s something I need you to do, which is related to this child.”

Orochimaru glanced at Kimimaro, stretched out his tongue, and licked his lips, “Oh, it’s that child from the Kaguya Clan.”

Karin shuddered, then whispered, “This guy is such a creep. Can he really cure Kimimaro?”

Masahiko turned his head, “His hearing isn’t worse than mine. If he feels like it, he might kidnap you for research purposes, Karin.”

“I will never dare. Elder, please come with me.” Orochimaru licked his kips again and cast a sideways glance at Karin.

Karin’s face turned pale.


On the other side of Otogakure, Masahiko and Orochimaru walked into his underground lab side by side. Behind them, Karin, Haku, and Kimimaro followed.

The group walked through a long corridor. On both stone walls of the corridor, there were murals. These drawings told a mythical story of a warrior holding a divine sword and beheading an eight-headed snake.

“Yamata-no-Orochi?” Masahiko was startled.
(T/N: Yamata-no-Orochi: was an extremely immense snake (Orochi is ancient Japanese for “great snake”) that had eight heads and eight tails.)

Orochimaru turned his head and explained, “Elder, this is an unexpected gain when I was looking for a certain sword. It’s a very interesting mural.”

Masahiko couldn’t laugh or cry, “You’re taking a bite of your own flesh, Orochimaru.”

After walking all the way through, they were in front of the lab.

Masahiko suddenly remembered something, so he turned, “Haku, you can wait for us here, don’t go in.”

After thinking for a while, he added, “Karin, you wait here too with Haku.”

“In such a dark place?” Karin’s face turned paler.

Masahiko picked up Kimimaro on his back, “What are you afraid of? There’s a boy next to you to protect you.”

Karin quietly curled her lips, and Haku nodded seriously.

“Elder, your heart has softened.” Orochimaru seemed to point.

Masahiko smiled indifferently, “They’re still young, and they’re all good children.”

Orochimaru didn’t say anything back and walked straight forward, then pushed the heavy gate of the lab, and the smell of blood rushed over.

Masahiko frowned and waved away the smell, “Orochimaru, can’t you open the windows sometime? Or do you really like the smell?”

“Elder, I thought you wouldn’t mind the smell of blood since you lived in the Warring States Period.”

“Familiarity doesn’t mean likability, let alone there’s a child here.” Masahiko shook Kimimaro on his back a bit.

Kimimaro was lying there, completely dizzy and almost unconscious, and didn’t even make any reaction, which made Masahiko’s mouth twitch.

“Kirigakure’s children are stronger than you think.”

Orochimaru walked a few steps forward, found a test tube, then walked back, “I will need some of this kid’s blood.”

Masahiko sighed slightly. It was for this reason that he didn’t come to Orochimaru at first, “I will give it to you. But it’s not allowed to be used for other purposes.”


The examination of Kimimaro wasn’t finished over a night, and Masahiko couldn’t understand it, anyway. Orochimaru had been busy for five or six days before he finally came with a result. During this time, Masahiko has built another three-story building in a remote corner of Otogakure.

“Due to genetic defects, and a high percentage of a certain element in the blood, a muscle weakness…” Masahiko scratched his head hearing this. He surely doesn’t understand a thing. He wasn’t a medical student in his previous life. And even if he were, he can no longer remember what he learned.

“Not only that,” Orochimaru added, “When he uses his Kekkei Genkai, the element in the blood near the sport where the bones grow will instantly increase more than ten times.”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched, “In other words, he has to stop using his Kekkei Genkai?”

Orochimaru nodded, and Masahiko sighed, “The self-discipline training… and my tonic, which may also supplement that element… I screwed up.”

“Is there a way to help him?”

“There are two,” Orochimaru responded.

Masahiko was taken aback. He just tentatively asked.

“One is to change the child’s body…”

“No, stop playing with other people’s bodies!” Masahiko interrupted, “Tell me about the second one.”

Orochimaru licked his lips, “Do you remember the Jashin Tribe that we found when we were looking for that Akatsuki member?”

Masahiko’s eyes widened, “You… figured out that curse formation?”

“Well, It turns out that is a curse from old legends.” Orochimaru nodded, “This child has a firm belief and is expected to succeed.”

“Firm faith? You mean his faith in me?” Masahiko smiled bitterly, “Then I, God, can’t make him become inhuman.”

Masahiko was silent for a moment and suddenly remembered another incident, “By the way, why did you kill Danzo?”

Orochimaru was startled, “Elder, I haven’t seen him for a long time.”

“It wasn’t you?” Masahiko groaned slightly, “Another enemy village, or… Akatsuki?

“Elder, which method are you going to use? Or are you going to ask Tsunade to help?” Orochimaru didn’t care about Danzo at all.”

“Nah, Tsunade won’t work either.” Masahiko shook his head, “I will treat him.”

“Orochimaru, you put the research result on cells, blood, as well as medical ninjutsu… Forget it, give me a copy of all the collections, and I will give you a satisfactory reward!”

It was about time, whether he likes it or not, he had to read, learn, and activate his medical skills, so he can stop being a quack doctor!


April 17, Masahiko: “Books are the ladder of human progress.”

April 18, Masahiko: “Hardships leads to success. Life is meant to take challenges.”

April 19, Masahiko: “Kimimaro, don’t worry, just a few more books.”

April 20, Masahiko looked at the hundreds of books left in the house, “Damn it, why is Orochimaru’s collection so rich?”

April 21, Masahiko: “Why don’t you activate the skill already, you stupid system!”