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L.L.H: Chapter 333: It Worked!

Konoha’s 54th year at the end of April.

Medical Skill: LV5 (300000/400000)

“Finally, it’s finally activated, and apparently, it’s LV5 from the start?”

Masahiko let out a sigh of relief. After struggling with several shadow clones for two days, his brain was about to explode, and he went through all of Orochimaru’s book collection. Thankfully it wasn’t in vain.

As soon as the medical skill appeared, it was at LV5, which didn’t exceed Masahiko’s expectations. He had learned many medical principles that he didn’t know at all before, not to mention that his pharmaceutical level was very high and his medical Ninjutsu level was almost the same as Tsunade’s; thus, the foundation was there.

“Wait, there seems to be something wrong. My cooking skills were first-class when the skill first appeared…” Masahiko fell into deep thinking.

After a long while, Masahiko recovered from this blow and looked at his attribute column.

In the past ten days, in addition to medical skills, the system has also activated a lot of useful and useless skills.

Examples of useless skills:

Voice Jutsu LV4 (13480/20000)

Masahiko just glanced at this special Ninjutsu and remembered a few principles, so he didn’t bother reading it again and wasting time.

The techniques performed through voice are indeed special, but Masahiko’s current strength is just too much for the “Lion Skill” to improve, and the kids around him didn’t need to learn these kinds of things; thus, there was no need to waste witness points on it.

But then he thought of something else, maybe… Nagato would like to learn it?

There are also many useful skills, such as the Arhat Fist, as well as some unique Taijutsu skills, including some weapon mastery skills.

Masahiko doesn’t need to use such little skills, but he can teach them to the Ninja Academy children and Naruto back in the Land of Whirlpools.

Moreover, Masahiko had other plans in his heart. After living in the Naruto world for so many years, his strength was already strong, but he didn’t even develop a few Ninjutsu that the next generations will remember him for, and he still uses “other people’s techniques” until now.

He wants to mix what he has learned with what he gained from the system in the past few days and create his own Martial Art, something similar to what Bruce Lee did.

For example… The Way of the Intercepting Finger?
(T/N: Bruce Lee invented Jeet Kune Do (translated: Way of the Intercepting Fist).)

But now Masahiko isn’t free. Kimimaro is still waiting for him downstairs.

After the emergence of the Medical Skills, Masahiko, who felt secure after he awakened his Kekkei Mora, felt for the first time in a while that the witness points he collected aren’t enough.

Witness points 395 points.

A few days ago, in Konoha, Tsunade leaving the village and Kakashi joining the Anbu… etc., more or less yield him some witness points, and they accumulated so much without him noticing.

However, the medical skill requires the same amount of witness points as the other seven main attributes and the Gentle Fist. Masahiko could only increase it to LV8.

Go down by 70 points…

Medical Skill: LV8 (1000000/5000000)

Masahiko closed his eyes and felt it for a while, then slowly opened his eyes, stretched his right hand forward, and his hand was covered by a layer of soft white light.

“My Chakra Control ability has improved so much if this skill is at MaxLV…” Masahiko was slightly surprised.

The basic technique of the medical Ninjutsu is healing, which is a Ninjutsu that medical ninjas must master. After that, they need to learn some advanced Ninjutsu, such as homeostasis, and the technique of extracting nuisances.

Then there is the Mystical Palm Technique that only a few elite medical ninjas can master, and the strength of the medical ability is also divided according to the degree of mastery of the Mystical Palm Techniques.

After Masahiko had reached the LV8 of Medical Skill, he felt that the technique he can use now is beyond the level of the Mystical Palm Technique. If he gets any stronger, it should be considered an advanced version of the Mystical Palm Technique.

“But this level is enough.” Masahiko nodded in satisfaction and walked downstairs a few steps.

“Huh, Great Elder, you came down so early today?” Masahiko ran into Karin first.

Watching her carrying a pot of hot water with a wet towel in it, Masahiko felt like laughing but didn’t.

“Didn’t Kimimaro told you that he doesn’t want you to take of him?”

Speaking of it, Masahiko was ashamed. After he used some medical Ninjutsu on him, Kimimaro’s condition got a bit better, and he didn’t need to be carried on the back like before or drink his medicinal soup. So it seemed like Masahiko’s approach on this was wrong from the start.

After being able to take of himself, Kimimaro decisively rejected Karin’s “good intentions.”

Karin put her finger on her mouth then whispered: “Kimimaro is asleep.”

Masahiko couldn’t laugh or cry. Karin is actually made her move when Kimimaro was asleep…

“Put down the basin. I have found a way to temporarily suppress his disease.”

Karin subconsciously showed some disappointment, then she rejoiced when she finally realized what it meant.

“Now, let me in,” Masahiko said, then pushed the door in.

“God!” Kimimaro sat on the edge of the bed with a smile on his face. Apparently, he heard what the two were saying.

“You’re not asleep?” Masahiko nodded with a smile, “Good job, you should always be a little vigilant from the wild pervert Pokemons outside!”

“Great Elder!!”

“Lie down and witness my Mystical Palm Technique.” Masahiko smiled and looked back.

As Masahiko performed, Kimimaro’s face turned red a little by little, but Masahiko actually didn’t know what this means exactly and if this operation was effective… the kid always blushes when he treated him before.

After half an hour, Masahiko scratched his head helplessly, “How do you feel?”

“God, I feel better!”

Masahiko was even more helpless. Kimimaro always answers like this.

The only way to know was to wait until the sky is dim and see. Fortunately, by that time, Kimimaro was walking around freely and seemed to be fine, and thus, Masahiko finally let out a sigh of relief.

“According to this progress, in half a month, you will almost be able to recover. For now, I can only suppress it. It’s not a radical cure. I’m afraid that it will take a longer time to finally get rid of this disease.”

“Kimimaro, you’re finally healed! The Great Elder was finally reliable once!” Karin said happily.

Kimimaro ignored her, “God, I know you can heal me!”

“Yeah.” Masahiko nodded with a smile. Just when he was about to tell him that he need always to take care of himself, a knock came from the door outside.

“Elder, someone is looking for you.”

Masahiko walked to the door, “Is it Orochimaru?”

Haku shook his head, “No, it’s… the fat kid?”

Masahiko was stunned for a while before he finally figured out who was the fat kid.

“Jirobo is looking for me. What does he want? Is this little fat kid looking for a beating again?” Masahiko smiled and shook his head.

Kimimaro’s condition improved, Masahiko’s mood improved a lot, and he finally lived up to the child’s trust in him. Jirobo was looking for him, yet he was willing to go downstairs to meet him.

Outside the building, Jirobo wasn’t the only one there, but also Tayuya, and what’s more important is that there is a fourteen or fifteen-year-old girl between them who is looking at him angrily.

“Is it you who ruined the village we finally built and dared to be disrespectful to Orochimaru-Sama?”

Masahiko frowned, glanced at Jirobo, then extended his index finger out, and all of a sudden, the fat kit shrank back in fright.

The girl sneered and looked at Jirobo, “Is this the Buddha’s Finger you were talking about? Who would fall for such a trick except you, idiot?”

Masahiko was a bit confused. Didn’t Orochimaru inform his subordinates about identity?

He was about to wave his hand and give them a repulsive shock wave farewell when the girl on the opposite turned to Tayuya again: “And you, why didn’t you block your ears when he roared?”

Tayuya gently pulled the girl, “Sister Guren, you just came back, you don’t know what happens, don’t let this guy fool you, the guy on the opposite side is very strong, and he’s a guest of Orochimaru-Sama.”

“Guren?” Masahiko frowned. He seemed to have heard this name before, “Crystal Release Kunoichi?”
(T/N: Guren a Kunoichi from Otogakure, and she has only appeared in the anime.)

Guren didn’t listen to her persuasion, “How can this guy be Orochimaru-Sama’s guest? And who told him he can build such a filthy house in our village?”

“Filthy? This is Wood Release, Wood Release!!” Masahiko reluctantly glanced back at the seemingly worked up Karin and Kimimaro, who had rushed out.

Masahiko then smiled and said to the three on the opposite side, “So you three dare to look down on my Buddha’s Finger and Lion Roar?”

“Small flies tend to name their skills this way…” Two transparent ice crystals slowly appeared on both sides of Guren’s cheeks, ready to cover her ears at any moment.

Masahiko smiled, “Then I will teach you one more trick, the fusion of Ninjutsu, Buddha’s Finger, and the Lion Roar.”

“Fusion?” The three behind him were curious, while the three in front of him were wary.

Masahiko stretched his right hand forward, pointed at Guren, flipped his palm, and slightly hooked his finger that got covered with Chakra, then he made a provocative action and shouted, “Come to me!”

The silence controlled the place, but… nothing happened.

“Elder, is it over?” Karin whispered.

“What do you mean? It worked. She’s rushing over! Haku, I’ll leave her to you.” Masahiko smiled.