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L.L.H: Chapter 334: Practicing Partner

Masahiko’s eyes watched the beautiful battle going on.

Crystal Release: Crimson fruit…

Ice Release: Ice Rock Dome of Magnificent Nothingness…

Masahiko frowned.

“Elder, what’s wrong? Is Haku in danger?” Karin noticed his expression and thought that something was wrong.

“No, they’re techniques… just doesn’t rhyme.” Masahiko groaned.

Suddenly, the heavy pressure of Chakra brew from his body, and the temperature in the air within 100 meters of him dropped by more than ten degrees, and Haku, who was about to be crushed by the crystals, gradually get control over the situation again.

Karin quickly fell back holding Kimimaro, while Masahiko suddenly turned into a self-propelled ice machine in the form of a human.

“Elder, why are you suddenly… so cold?” Karin murmured.

Masahiko glanced at her, then looked at the sky as two snowflakes fell down.

“Snow, huh… only two pieces? It seems that I can’t greatly affect the weather yet. It’s still not strong enough.” Masahiko shook his head slightly, looking a bit lonely and invincible.

“That’s… snowflakes? Isn’t it almost May?” Karin asked in confusion.

“That’s the power of God!” Kimimaro looked proud.

“It can indeed be called the power of God.” Orochimaru’s figure appeared from the side, “Elder, you’re stronger.”

Masahiko nodded. After adding some medical skills to his kit, his Chakra control ability was much stronger. Before that, he couldn’t do the delicate work of using Ice Release to manipulate the weather.

“You’ve come very quickly. Were you afraid about these three?”

Orochimaru shook his head, “You’re my guest, Elder, how to deal with them is up to you, I’m just worried that you will destroy Otogakure again, rebuilding… is not easy, and getting funds from the Daimyo isn’t that easy.”

“You’re asking for funds? This is not like you. You should directly…”

“If I do that, as a rogue ninja from Konoha, I’m afraid that everyone will know about this village.” Orochimaru interrupted.

Masahiko laughed and said, “Are you afraid that Jiraiya will find you.”

Orochimaru didn’t respond and instead said, “There are not too many people in Otogakure who know that the leader is me. I have been dealing with the aftermath of your Lion Roar Technique for a while now.”

Masahiko felt a bit embarrassed and tried to change the topic, “You two go help him. And Kimimaro, don’t use your bones techniques.”

Just when he was talking to Orochimaru, the Ice Mirrors were shattered by the crystals again. In terms of potential, he’s indeed above Guren, but now he’s too young. Even with Masahiko’s help, Haku still couldn’t win.

Karin and Kimimaro joined the battle following the orders, and Jirobo and Tayuya naturally also joined, but they were almost instantly defeated.

As soon as Karin raised her hands, a pack of Kunai were flying toward Jirobo. His little yellow fat face instantly became pale dealing with these Kunai. At the critical moment, Guren threw a crystal shield there to block what was left of Kunai.

Jirobo was even more miserable. The melody illusion had no effect on the firm-willed Kimimaro, and she was kicked out instantly. Guren once again tried to help, and the battle gradually turned into a one-on-three. Tayuya and Jirobo stood up once again and joined the battle, but they were beaten by Kimimaro again…

“This girl using the Crystal Release is pretty good.” Masahiko nodded, “But if she continues to fight like this, she might die. Don’t you feel bad?”

Orochimaru licked his lips, “Dying here only proves that she’s not good enough.”

Masahiko shook his head then smirked again, “You should have heard her saying ‘Orochimaru-Sama,’ she looked really cute. You’re not young anymore man, don’t you want to find a companion that will help keep you warm in the cold nights?”

Masahiko was really addicted to matchmaking by now; even Orochimaru wasn’t spread from this.

“Doesn’t that Kaguya boy have the same attitude towards you?”

Masahiko’s face darkened. Does Orochimaru really care about the difference between men and women?

In a few words, the fighting on the other side finally came to an end. It wasn’t that victory was decided, but after the large magic mirrors were removed, the three little Shinobi from Otogakure finally noticed Orochimaru.

When they stopped, Kimimaro and the other two didn’t attack them. They turned to Masahiko and waited for his next order.

The three kids from Otogakure ran over and greeted Orochimaru, bending their knees, “Master Orochimaru!”

Their actions were so neat that Masahiko almost laughed out loud. Orochimaru surely has a kind of “Emperor of the sea” demeanor.

“Orochimaru-Sama, this guy… is this really your guest?” Guren asked.

Even in the face of Orochimaru, she was still unfriendly to Masahiko.

Orochimaru didn’t respond but looked at Masahiko, “Elder?”

Masahiko smiled and said, “Thanks for your help treating Kimimaro’s disease. She’s a good girl and strong too. Keep her by your side. I would be embarrassed if me, coming here, causes you to lose one of your subordinates.”

The communication between the two was right before the kids from Otogakure. They all panicked when they saw how Masahiko was talking to Orochimaru and secretly looked at Masahiko.

It was the ancestor’s time to shine. Masahiko straightened his chest slightly, but Orochimaru made a quick call, waved his hand, signaling the three kids to retreat.

“Huh…” Masahiko sighed in disappointment, then glared at Karin, who was chuckling on the side, then turned to Orochimaru as usual, “Kimimaro will recover in half a month. Your library has helped me a lot. I was so worried about this kid. You owe me big time.”

“God!” Kimimaro was touched.

Orochimaru didn’t try to ask for Masahiko’s blood as usual but licked his lips, then replied, “You said before that Danzo is dead?”

Seeing Masahiko nodding, Orochimaru continued to speak, “But I used the Edo Tensei to summon him and failed.”

Masahiko’s face suddenly changed. Failing means that Danzo’s soul is either sealed or he’s already summoned.

Masahiko felt a little distressed and then calm down again.

As long as he’s this strong, those people wouldn’t dare to make a big move. The most urgent task is healing Kimimaro, creating his own martial art, and pass on the “Masahiko enlightenment” to the younger generation, so they can get stronger and be protect each other if anything happens.

But before that, he will need a training partner to practice his martial arts…

“Orochimaru, have you replicated Madara’s cells yet? If they haven’t been replicated yet, the call for me Hashirama and Tobirama so we can chat and practice some punches and kicks.”

Orochimaru nodded, “Elder, let me prepare…”