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L.L.H: Chapter 335: The Senju Brothers

In Otogakure, a small wooden pavilion.

The three sat and drank tea.

But in fact, the only one who could drink his tea is Masahiko, the other two were dead, and it was meaningless for them to drink tea.
It seems that Orochimaru has encountered some difficulties in replicating Madara’s cells. Masahiko estimated that he has not been able to analyze Indra’s Chakra. This scientific problem will not be solved for a while.

His favorite sandbag, Madara, could not be summoned by the Edo Tensei. Therefore, Orochimaru summoned Hashirama and Tobirama to chat with Masahiko.

Of course, Masahiko is basically the only one also talking, and the other two were listening. Masahiko talked about the big things that happened in the Shinobi World in recent years.

There was a moment of silence in the room, then the silence was broken, “Kagami is also old now.”

Masahiko nodded, indeed. Kagami is over 60 years old, and his strength is declining. If not, he alone would be able to subdue the Senju.

“Well, after listening for so long, what do you think about all this chaos between the Shinobi World and Konoha?” Masahiko said with a smile.

Tobirama rolled his eyes, then said, “Second Grandpa, I’ve told you before, you should intervene more and make the decisions for them. Make the former Fourth Hokage take his position again, or give Hashirama’s grandson, Nawaki, the Hokage position. If the Uchiha dares to turmoil, then you….”
Hashirama waved his hand, “Tobirama, force can’t solve the problem. After hearing Second Grandpa’s explanation, I think that kid named Uchiha Obito is pretty good, and Konoha owes the Uchiha a Hokage!”

“Big Brother!”

This time Masahiko was the spectator. He smiled and watched the two brothers quarreling, feeling a bit nostalgic.

The subject of the quarrel gradually went off the track, and soon it became completely irrelevant; things like, “Big bro, you broke Tsunade for life” were brought up.

After a while, the three of them looked at each other, then smiled.

“The current situation of Konoha should be dealt with by Konoha’s own people. We are all people who have passed away already, and there is no need to argue about it.” Hashirama said

“I’m not… Am I?! Come on, man, you’re freaking me out!” Masahiko shook his head again and again.

Tobirama smiled and said, “I’m sure that in the eyes of those children, your existence is puzzling.”

“Yeah, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people whispered behind my back: why is this old man still alive?” Masahiko said with a smile, “It’s their unhappiness that pushes me to live harder.”

“Okay.” Masahiko stood up, “It’s time for Kimimaro’s treatment. When it’s over, there are serious things I’m going to ask your help for.”

Hashirama and Tobirama looked at each other, “Serious things?”


“Stay focused. This is the twenty-four style of the Gentle Fist…” Masahiko danced his fists and feet.

“This is Arhat Fist, knee raise, shoulder raise, palm slam, palm raise, palm press….”

“This is the spider fist style,” Masahiko frowned slightly, then remembered how ridiculous it looks, “Uh, ignore it… next one.”

“This is Konoha Senpuu…”

Konoha Goriki Senpuu…”


Masahiko demonstrated every Taijutsu technique had known and learned over hundred years one by one in front of Hashirama and Tobirama. Because of the variety, it took nearly an hour.

“Did you see these techniques? I want to learn from each of them and develop a set of physical skills of my own. And this is where I need your help.”

“Tobirama, you’re better at studying and developing techniques, so I’m gonna rely on your experience. Hashirama, you’re going to be my training partner.”

The two of them nodded at each other, then Tobirama put forward his opinion, “Second Grandpa, you must first get rid of those useless techniques, and then establish your own Taijutsu techniques based on what you think your mastery is higher.”

Masahiko nodded. The LV10 Gentle Fist should be the base. In this case, then he must get rid of every useless technique he knew… this gonna take a while.

Masahiko said that it’s gonna take time, but he didn’t expect it to be this slow of a process.

After a full month…

It was a great day outside in Otogakure, and the sound of fists and kicks continued to be heard.

Masahiko has streamlined hundreds of moves and various techniques into eighteen forms. At this time, there are some repeated moves, but he can steadily parry Hashirama’s strong attacks in Sage Mode, and from time to time, he can counterattack.

Although Hashirama isn’t using his original body and being summoned by the Edo Tensei, his experience and high-level Taijutsu have not weakened. The only inferior is his physical strength which was made up for using the Sage Mode, which Masahiko didn’t use.

After hitting Hashirama with a punch, Masahiko fell back, “It’s finally succeeded. Did you hit me 18 strokes in total?”

Masahiko couldn’t help himself, “I’m still worried about how to name these techniques, Masahiko’s strokes… Nah, it must rhyme.”

“Second Grandpa, congratulations.” Hashirama stepped forward and said with a smile.

Not far away, Tobirama came slowly, followed by the three kids behind him.

Kimimaro’s disease was finally suppressed by Masahiko. These days, the three of them have resumed training. Masahiko has also asked Tobirama to help them a bit, and all of them have improved a lot.

Especially Haku, because of his Ice Release Kekkei Genkai, he’s also very talented in Water Release, and he has been taught a few special techniques by Tobirama to make up for his single move shortcomings.

Now facing Guren, he may be able to… survive longer.

Seeing Tobirama approaching, Masahiko turned his head with a smile, “How is it? These Taijutsu Techniques developed by Grandpa isn’t bad, right?”

Tobirama frowned, “Second, Grandpa, your physique is indeed pretty good, but it is in the hand of your enemy. I believe Stroking enemies… the lethality isn’t enough.”

“Stroking enemies?” Masahiko was taken aback, and after thinking about it for a moment, he found that it seemed to be a case.

“Masahiko Eighteen… pat? Bah!” Masahiko shook his head again and again, then sighed: “It seems that it hasn’t succeeded, so I have to change it.”

A smile appeared on Tobirama’s face, “It can’t be said that it was unsuccessful. Your set of Taijutsu skills is still very effective.”

“Your Taijutsu techniques… are very stable,” Hashirama added.

Tobirama nodded, “Yes, very stable. Just now, Big brother’s attacks didn’t hit you once, and the defense is very good. If this style was taught to a child, he would be able to keep up longer with enemies stronger than him. The only drawback is that if you’re not strong enough, it will take you longer to deal with enemies weaker than you using these techniques.”

Masahiko nodded thoughtfully, then sighed in relief, so it’s successful?

Suddenly he felt something was wrong.

Facing someone stronger than you, you won’t fall quickly, but if you face someone weaker, you won’t be able to defeat them quickly…

“What is this? If these Taijutsu skills were spread…” Masahiko fell into deep thinking.