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L.L.H: Chapter 349: Let’s Go Back

Sasori’s house went a bit quiet for a while.

After some time, Sasori said lightly, “Boring.”

Masahiko turned his head to look at Chiyo, who was waiting for an explanation, and gave her a look of “rest assured.”

“This was the third time Sasori uses ‘boring,’ yet this one is different from the previous two.” Masahiko smiled and said, “This time, it was because of what you said, Chiyo. He really missed the day when he was young and a Sunagakure Shinobi. He didn’t forget them. But it’s also impossible to restore his human body again. This is just empty talk, so he used boredom to cover his disappointment.”

Chiyo’s spirit was lifted upon hearing this and repeated loudly, “Sasori, come back with me, I will think of away!”

“Huh, boring!” Sasori also increased his volume, but the answer remained the same.

Masahiko’s mouth twitched. Sasori, would you say something else?

Chiyo was looking at him again, and Masahiko started to feel a headache, “This is the fourth time he has said ‘boring,’ it’s also different from the previous three….”

Masahiko looked at him for a long time, then said, “There’s no specific meaning to it this time. He just doesn’t want me to know how to explain it!”

As soon as the words fell, Sasori’s puppet body trembled fiercely, breaking his ‘none emotional puppet show.’

“Huh? I wasn’t wrong? I’m really an old man with insight into the hearts of people.” Masahiko raised his eyebrows and muttered to himself.

Chiyo paused for a moment, looked at Sasori with a sad face, and wanted to speak but was interrupted by Masahiko.

“At this time, Chiyo, you will start complaining. What you’re going to say shouldn’t be more than: young bereaved husband, a middle-aged bereaved son, and a daughter-in-law, and when you got old, you’re only hope was to have your grandson, Sasori, by your side.”

“Then Sasori will be more moved and say ‘boring’ again to keep himself from being disturbed by family affection.”

“After that, Chiyo, you will finally start to see that. You will try to help him remember the time when he was a child and even use the pair of father and mother puppets to impress him.”

“After that, Sasori will still say ‘boring,’ this time it would be meant to himself, who made the motherfather puppets when he was a child, but what he really thinks is not this, but how he really miss the simple time back then, and it’s a pity that he can’t go back.”

“Again and then and then….”

After half an hour.

“Chiyo said this, Sasori, your puppet body, will never cover up your good heart. These two lines cause tears to shed in his eyes and said: Grandma! I’ll go back with you!” Masahiko’s tone was full of emotion.

After narrating for so long, Masahiko felt a little thirsty. He thought about asking for a glass of water but noticed Chiyo and Sasori were looking at him expressionlessly.

Masahiko scratched his head, “You two… shouldn’t you guy each other, cry, and then return to Sungakure together? Oh, you want to thank me? No, no, just give me a glass of water.”
Chiyo gave Masahiko a helpless look, then turner her head and said, “Sasori, come back with me.”

“Chiyo, why are you doing this again?” Masahiko frowned.

“Boring,” Sasori responded faintly.

“Huh?” Masahiko was a little confused. Isn’t this over?


If the narration is ignored by the interlocutor, it will be meaningless.

And all of a sudden the narrator, became just a listener.

In front of Masahiko was an annual family live drama show, the old Grandma Chiyo Vs. the indifferent little forever teenager. In the end… Chiyo was defeated because whatever what she said, the answer was always ‘boring.’

But Chiyo didn’t give up and once again asked for help from the audience on the sidelines, the friendly Uzumaki narrator, who was willing to help.

“Sasori, before I persuade you, can you do a clickety-clackety, turn around and show my body?” Masahiko already understood that Sasori was a little overwhelmed before and wanted to break the embarrassing atmosphere first.

Sasori: “…”

“Hold it back, you hold it back, you can’t afford to lose a thousand Senbon so soon!”

In fact, a thousand Senbon aren’t expensive, and it’s the same price as a 50 thousand pack of Kunai, only a thousand Ryo. But even so, the combined value of the Senbon, Sasori shout at Masahiko these days was close to one million, not to mention the previous poison he quenched on it.

Over the years, Sasori has been wandering outside by himself, and he has often done some missions in the black market, and other times he robbed the house. It costs money to configure puppets and make poison. Fortunately, since he made himself a puppet, he can save the money for food, but it wasn’t working well for him lately.

If this were not the case, he wouldn’t have accepted such a dangerous mission in Iwagakure, even if Hanzo’s corpse was lured.

Thinking of this, Sasori suddenly remembered the reward after the successful alliance and raised his head, “Grandma, don’t waste time here. You should go to the Tsuchikage to discuss the alliance.

“Alliance?” Chiyo was taken aback.

She heard that Sasori appeared in Iwagakure and rushed over immediately. As for the reason and his purpose for appearing here, she didn’t care much at the time.

Masahiko smiled and continued to persuade, “Sasori, you see how much your Grandma cares about you…?!”

“What alliance?” Chiyo interrupted.

Masahiko paused and once again persuaded: Did you see it? She doesn’t even know the reason why you appeared in Iwagakure, yet she rushed over here immediately….”

“The alliance between Amegakure and Sunagakure.” Sasori interrupted.

Masahiko paused again and then said: “Yes, it was the leader of Amegakure, Yahiko, who….”

“Amegakure actually wants to form an alliance with Sunagakure?” Chiyo interrupted with a frown.

Masahiko: “???”

Didn’t you want me to persuade Sasori? Why don’t you let me talk?

Masahiko was a bit irritated and quietly watched Chiyo and Sasori discuss and ask every question about the reason and the method of the alliance, and then the room fell into silence again.

After a long time, Chiyo broke the silence, “Sasori, since you’re doing tasks for Amegakure, why can’t you go back to the village?”

“This was just a high-paying task that I took in my free time.” Sasori was expressionless.

Chiyo sighed for a long time, then shook her head, “The new leader of Amegakure has a good idea, but a little bit naïve. However… I cannot make such a decision on behalf of the village. I can only give my own opinions.”

Sasori said lightly, “We’re not in a hurry.”

Masahiko grabbed one of his red hairs, looked at the two people who went quiet again, raised his eyebrows, and said, “You’ve finally finished the conversation? Clickety, Crackety, so why don’t you transform for me now, you freak for eternity!”

Sasori stood up silently, “Grandma, you can go now and discuss with the Tsuchikage.”

Chiyo nodded and glanced at Masahiko, “Elder, we’re going to see Onoki.”

Watching the two walk away, Masahiko shook his head and laughed, then chased loudly from behind, “Sasori, have you seen how much your Grandma loves you? She didn’t want you to embarrass yourself, so she asked you to come with her!”