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L.L.H: Chapter 348: The Uzumaki Narrator

The alliance hasn’t yet succeeded, and Masahiko’s acquaintances needed to work harder. Therefore, Kakuzu and Sasori lived temporarily in Iwagakure.

The leisure life of Masahiko’s training of children has also undergone some minor changes.

Since Deidara was “tragically humiliated” that day, he became more obsessed with his art, working harder at practice, and finally was able to make a bomb with a level of C2.

He didn’t become a coward because he knew Masahiko’s true identity. Masahiko was the first to try the C2 as always, and later, Deidara was the first to try some of his Martial Arts techniques.

The C2 Flying Dragon Bomb couldn’t explode in front of Masahiko. Masahiko weighed it twice in his palm and kneaded it into “a high explosive grenade,” then threw it back.

Not only that, but Masahiko has also figured out the advanced principle of the Explosive Ninjutsu, and now he’s trying to mix up both Lightning and Earth Releases by transforming its nature and refine it into the clay.

With his Chakra control ability, he easily produced a C3 “Super Explosive Grenade” and C4 “Biochemical Grenade.” After the explosion, it turns into fine dust and hides in the human body, which can be set off at any time.

Not only that, but Masahiko also tried a C5 “Cloud Explosive Bomb” in his own space. After exploding at a close range, Masahiko suffered a lot of injuries with all of his physical strength. It’s estimated that Deidara’s power of self-detonation is just like that.

“It’s a pity that the clay bomb has a limit after all, and it can’t accommodate higher-level of Chakra. Masahiko felt deeply sad that he hit such a limit. In fact, it only needs to be upgraded by one level, and it can replace Masahiko’s Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack and become his strongest attacking Ninjutsu.

But no matter what, Deidara’s strength has indeed made a leap forward, and the balance of strength of the six children has also been broken. They can’t happily do three-on-three battles anymore and can only practice individually.

There is no need to supervise the battles, but Masahiko was still happy. He has other things to do now since Sasori here.

“Sasori, I’m here again. Come on, Clickety Crackety, transform for me, you freak for eternity!” Masahiko’s eyes were sparkling with excitement.

Whoosh! Whoosh!!

Masahiko waved his sleeves and caught a large piece of poisoned thousand Senbon that were thrown at him. He put it in his pocket with a smile and said: “Today is a full refund again.”

Sasori: “…”

He has been trying to control himself and not show human anger. But every time he saw Masahiko’s smiling face, he couldn’t help but shake. Every time he hears Masahiko’s “Crickety Crackety,” he hits him with a thousand of Senbon… in short, he was running out of these.

Masahiko walked on the streets of Iwagakure, still muttering, “Sasori must be quite rich. He has shot me today seven or eight times.”

Counting the hundreds of thousands of Senbon, Masahiko smiled, “Human emotions are not easy to abandon. Making yourself a puppet with no desires is just a fantasy in your head, boy.”

“The Shinobi World doesn’t have any great methods to accomplish that, Sasori….”

Masahiko walked briskly. When he reached the gate of Iwagakure, his smiling face suddenly stiffened. Looking at the dusty woman in front of him, his expression was a little complicated: “Chiyo, long time no see.”

Chiyo also fixedly looked at Masahiko for two seconds before speaking, “Elder, if I didn’t know for a fact that I’m really old now, I would have thought that the last time I saw you were yesterday….”

Masahiko was stunned for a while before he realized what Chiyo meant by that, “If you mean that I look young, just say so.”

Chiyo squeezed out an ugly smile, then looked expectant, “Elder, Sasori… is he okay?”

Masahiko sighed and nodded, “He’s not great, but he’s not bad too.”

A few ninjas from Iwagakure rushed to him, and Masahiko frowned, then waved, “Come with me, Onoki can wait. He will surely understand that it has been so long since you saw your grandson.”

Although Onoki doesn’t think that Kurotsuchi is cute…

Regardless of the reactions of the Iwagakure’s ninjas, Masahiko turned to Chiyo, “Come with me. I will take you to see him.”

“Thank you, Elder.”

In front of Sasori’s temporary residence, Masahiko smiled and shouted, “Sasori, you have a guest!”

Sasori walked out hurriedly, “You really have some nerves, aren’t you? you actually came twice today….”

“Hey, it turned out that your Grandma is here….”

Chiyo looked at the immature face of Sasori in a daze, “You actually… turned yourself into a puppet.”

Noticing the embarrassing atmosphere in the air, Masahiko couldn’t help but say, “Yes, he has transformed himself into a puppet, and every time he moves an inch, he makes Ka ka ka ka sounds, isn’t that interesting?”

Sasori and Chiyo looked at Masahiko at the same time. The latter couldn’t help but frown and scratch his head, “Well… don’t stand here. If you have something to say, then enter the house and talk.”

“Boring,” Sasori said lightly, then walked into his house.

When Chiyo’s face stiffened, she suddenly heard Masahiko say: “There’s a clear psychological explanation for his action: Sasori face his Grandma who was countless times old, and when he remembered how she taught him puppetry, he felt a little emotional. But he’s a puppet now. He shouldn’t have family affection, he can’t have feelings, so he can only say ‘boring’ indifferently, turn around and enter the house to cover up his agitated mood.”

Chiyo felt a bit relieved upon hearing this, and followed Sasori into the house, then asked, “Sasori, why did you leave the village? Why did you transform yourself into a puppet?”

Sasori was about to answer but heard Masahiko speak again: “At this time, Sasori should say, ‘Only ever-lasting is a real art,’ but he actually didn’t think that way. What he thought of was the death of his parents. This is taught him of the fragility of human beings, and his Grandma’s concealment made him even more sorrowful. Only by making himself an immortal and unemotional puppet can he finally feel free of this.”

Sasori glared at him and raised his hand, but then he put it down stiffly. He was really running out of Senbon.

Chiyo looked moved, and with the sad face, she said, “Is that really the case, Sasori? I shouldn’t have hidden it from you. I should have seen that you’re different from other children.”

“Boring,” Sasori spoke lightly again.

Masahiko chuckled and explained, “Hmm, this ‘boring’ is different from the one before. On the surface, it means that the true expression of Chiyo is very boring. But in fact, it refers to the fact that the things that have passed will not go back. Now, is there any point in regret?”

Chiyo’s spirit was lifted up: “It’s not too late, Sasori! Come back to Sunagakure with me. I will find a way to restore your flesh and blood!”

Masahiko was stunned. The method Chiyo was referring to is probably the One’s Own Life Reincarnation. But is this possible to do? Regardless of whether it’s possible or not, Chiyo is really amazing. For this grandson, she was willing to give her life without hesitation…

Masahiko sighed for a long time. He raised his head and found that Chiyo was looking at him straight in his eyes and tilting her head toward Sasori, who was also looking at him strangely…

“Hey, don’t look at me! It’s up to you to decide whether or not to return to Sunagakure.”

“I’m just narrator….”