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L.L.H: Chapter 347: The Akatsuki Peace Plan

When the art duo met for the first time, the atmosphere wasn’t as enthusiastic as Masahiko imagined.

The two held to their own opinions and visions, but there was no scene where the two were arguing about which of “Explosive Art” and “Ever-Lasting Art” is the real art.

After Deidara said that, “Only a momentary explosion is art,” he did attract Sasori’s attention, but it was only for a moment. After discovering that Deidara was just a “yellow-haired kid,” Sasori decisively ignored him, and Kakuzu took a few steps forward and discussed the purpose and details of the alliance with Onoki.

Masahiko squeezed a smile and messed up Deidara’s hair to comfort his ignorant heart and prevent him from rushing forward on an impulse, but doing so seemed to have a counterproductive effect.

Deidara’s right hand was already in his pocket, and the mouth on his palm began to chew the clay, and his flushing face proved that he had the idea of blowing everyone around him to the sky. It’s a pity that since Masahiko was by his side, he was stopped before he could do anything.

“If you want to prove your point to him, you must at least be as strong as he is right now. I’m afraid that if you ever tried to attack him now, you will be killed in a second.” Masahiko finally comforted him and told him the truth, but it felt a bit too harsh…

Hearing Masahiko’s words, Deidara really calmed down this time. He took off Masahiko’s hand from his hair, then turned angrily and left.

“Big brother Deidara, is he okay?” Kurotsuchi looked worried.

“He will be okay.” Masahiko looked at her, then turned to the four children, “It’s inevitable that there will be some setbacks and failures on the road to growth. But if your heart is strong enough, you will eventually break the seal and stand!”

Kimimaro immediately nodded and said, “Yes,” while Haku replied with a smile, Kurotsuchi was pondering…

Karin: haha.

On the other side, I don’t know what both Sasori and Kakuzu said to Onoki, causing his expression to change slightly. After pondering for a moment, he waved his hand, motioned to Kitsuchi to step forward, gave him a few words in a low voice, then led both Sasori and Kakuzu out of here.

Onoki really obeyed Masahiko’s words and ignored his existence, which made Masahiko a little uncomfortable. He frowned and glanced in the direction where the three were leaving and muttered, “Will Amegakure and Iwagakure really form an alliance?”

Suddenly sounds of panting and sighing emitted from the side, then Akatsuchi appeared and ran past people… step by step.

“Huh, what’s wrong? Onoki-Sama, who are you fighting with?”

“Brother Akatsuchi, you should really lose weight!” Kurotsuchi’s smiled.

Masahiko shook his head and laughed, “He can’t lose weight. This is not from eating. It’s a talent! The heavy body and the Earth Release are very harmonious.”

Akatuchi took this sentence seriously and slightly raised his chest, feeling very proud of his sturdy body.

Masahiko couldn’t help but smile.

Fortunately, the ground began to shake at this time, and all the ninjas from Iwagakure, the Rock Village, showed their talents, cleared the battlefield and rebuilt the Tsuchikage Building.

Masahiko immediately turned around and said, “Although we saw a good show, our plan doesn’t need to change. “Let’s go together and have lunch.”


After lunch, Masahiko walked around the streets of Iwagakure with the five children.

Because he took action in front of everyone at noon, his identity has spread throughout Iwagakure. At this time, every group of people looked at him differently… well, no matter what their gazes are, Masahiko regarded it as worship.

“God, don’t we need to practice in the afternoon?” Kimimaro whispered beside him, but he didn’t get a response.


“Hey, Great Elder! Kimimaro is calling you!” Karin shouted.

Masahiko’s face twitched, and then he glanced at Karin: “Yes, practice your cultivation, and you might reach Valhalla one day.”

He was a little absent-minded, curious about the fact that Amegakure was looking for alliance everywhere. And he didn’t know whether this was Yahiko’s plan to create the peaceful Shinobi World or not.

“Hmm… should I go and see?” Masahiko murmured. Although he had said to Onoki before that he doesn’t care about this, he now feels that he just needs to take a look…

While pondering, Kakuzu’s face suddenly appeared before his eyes. Masahiko was taken aback for a moment, then smiled.

“Older, but more experienced and patient….”

Masahiko turned around and told the other five, “You go back to practice first, and I will look for you later.”

Sending away the five children, Masahiko looked satisfied as he walked towards Kakuzu, “Has the alliance talk succeeded?”

“Not yet, Elder. The Tsuchikage is still thinking about it, and it’s estimated that he will wait for the arrival of Chiyo from Sunagakure before making a decision.”

Masahiko paused, “Then what are the specific details of this alliance?”

Kakuzu turned around, “Money first, Elder.”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched. How is he so sure that Masahiko won’t just force him to talk?

“I, Masahiko, have no money!”

Kakuzu felt a bit sad that he couldn’t make some money out of this, but he still told Masahiko.

After learning about it, Masahiko fell into deep thought.

“Yahiko… I took it for granted. But to come up with such a thing, he should have planned for this for a long time. Becoming the leader of Amegakure was just the first step.”

The location of Amegakure in the Shinobi World is quite special. If you don’t count the ocean and draw all the countries on the land on one map, you will find that Amegakure is almost exactly in the center.

Therefore, Yahiko wanted to unite with the major villages and form an organization on the Land of Rain, the Akatsuki.

Akatsuki’s members will include several S-ranked ninjas dispatched from each village, which means that it will also include ninjas such as Sasori, and Kakuzu, who are very powerful ninjas and don’t belong to the major village, as well as Mifune, the leader of the Samurai village.

The Akatsuki’s purpose is to stand in a neutral position, arbitrate and prevent large-scale wars in the Shinobi World, and the country that takes the lead in the war will be jointly attacked by all Akatsuki members.

The imaginary scene is very beautiful, but Masahiko doesn’t agree with it. Iwagakure and Sunagakure are really possible to join, but Konoha won’t.

Even though Yahiko and Jiraiya also have a relationship of mentor and apprentice, and he’s friends with Obito and Rin, but this is unlikely won’t affect Konoha’s decision-making.

Leaving aside the Uzumaki, Konoha is now the leader of the Shinobi World. Why should he accept the constraints of this inexplicable Akatsuki organization?

And let’s say all the villages have agreed to join, this organization will not have the desired effect. Yahiko isn’t strong enough to play a reconciling role at all or be the leader of such a strong group.

“Young men.” Masahiko sighed and shook his head.

The reason Onoki hesitated was only that Iwagakure had just lost the war and suffered heavy losses. If the Akatsuki organization was formed, it will at least put some pressure on Konoha and prevent her from taking their land.

Masahiko pondered for a long time, shook his head, then laughed, “Although he will definitely fail, that is still Yahiko’s passion. At least it shows that he’s not just talking.”

“Let’s call this the Akatsuki Peace Plan. I’d like to see how much the undead Yahiko can bring to the Shinobi World….”