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L.L.H: Chapter 346: True Art!

Crack! Click! Crack!!

Masahiko watched Sasori’s right arm folding and deforming in amazement, making clicking sounds while changing into a cylinder shape. The front end of the cylinder rotated, and hundreds of poisoned Senbon fired at the same time, blocking all the route escape of Masahiko.

“Nah, I’m serious. Are you really a puppet now? And what is that a machinegun?” Masahiko couldn’t laugh or cry, and suddenly a shock wave burst out of his body, and slammed Sasori to the wall, then fell to the ground, making a crisp sound.

At the same time, Optimus Prime, who had fallen to the ground before, twisted his body, raised his intact left arm, and swung at the back of Masahiko’s head.

Masahiko didn’t turn around and kicked back with his right, and after the loud crash, Optimus Prime’s left arm was also scattered into metal fragments.

Taiseki, who was watching the battle around him, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. A month ago, he was kicked the same way by Masahiko, and it was great that he’s still alive… It was great.

After two tentative attacks, Sasori fell back again, pulled a further distance from Masahiko, and at the same time, took another scroll out of his sleeve.

Masahiko didn’t try to stop him, but he looked at Sasori’s unchanging face carefully and felt rather embarrassed.

Behind him, Onoki stepped forward, “Elder, I’m very grateful for disciplining my naughty granddaughter for the past month.”

“Master, I can’t pretend that I didn’t hear that.” Kurotsuchi ran over and stood up straight next to Onoki…

Onoki: “…”

“Elder, nice to see you. The food you cooked for us was really delicious!” Kurotsuchi turned to Masahiko with a grin. Sure enough, she had long guessed his identity, and she wasn’t surprised to see his true strength in battle.

Deidea on the side was a different case. His current facial expressions include, “Daaamn,” “How could this happen,” “Impossible,” “I want to blow him up,” and so on…

Masahiko glanced at Deidara, then smiled and turned his head, “Black-haired girl, don’t call me Elder. The usual uncle is just fine. Onoki, you should say sorry to her. She was really worried about you.”

Kurotsuhi was taken aback for a moment, then shook her head again and again, “No way, no way, let’s forget it.”

Onoki: “…”

Masahiko gave Kurotsuchi an expression of “this old man admires you,” then started doing hand signs, and Hanzo’s puppet body suddenly disappeared and entered his space.

“Sasori, I took Hanzo’s corpse. You better not call that guy in your hand, it’s useless in front of me, and you will end up regretting your actions later.” Masahiko could guess that the guy in the scroll is, in fact, the Third Kazekage.

Sasori’s body had been transformed into a puppet by himself, and he couldn’t put any expressions on his face after that. But he hadn’t completely abandoned his emotion from when he was a human, so he could only hide hesitation and surprise in his heart.

This will at least make him appear calm on the surface, “What Grandma Chiyo guessed wasn’t wrong, Hamura was originally really you.”

“Did Chiyo guessed it?” Masahiko chuckled lightly, “I didn’t deliberately conceal it. But I’m sure that after all of these years of studying, my ‘Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka’ has actually helped you quite a lot, right?

Sasori: Haha.

“Master Tsuchikage! The ninjas who were hit by the poison are in bad condition, and the toxicity is hard to suppress!” An Anbu flashed in.

Onoki clenched his teeth when he heard these words, then turned to Masahiko, “Elder, you won’t try and stop me from getting rid of this rogue ninja, right?”

“Tsuchikage-Dono, we’re not here to start a war with Iwagakure.” Kakuzu suddenly appeared beside Sasori, “We are indeed hired by the leader of Amegakure to come to form an alliance.”

“Elder Masahiko, long time no see.”

Masahiko looked at the same unchanged Kakuzu and smiled: “It’s really been a long time since I saw. You’re alive and well. I still remember that you said you would attend my 150-year-old birthday banquet.”

“I also remember, Elder.” Kakuzu replied, then turned to Sasori, “Give them the antidote.”

Sasori had no expression on his face, “Don’t use such a commanding tone. I’m not your subordinate.”

Kakuzu said patiently, “We are here to negotiate peace. If Iwagakure ninjas died and the negotiation fails, the rest of the reward will be lost. Also, with these two seniors here, if you don’t hand over the antidote, you might die, which is a shame.”

“Do you still think that the peace talks can be successful?” Sasori refused to admit defeat, but he still took the antidote from his sleeve and threw it to Masahiko.

Masahiko caught it and opened the bottle containing the antidote. And suddenly a strong smell came out.

“Why this kind of antidote? Are you trying to kill them before treating them?!”

“What’s this smell?” Kurotsuchi held her nose and back away, and so the other kids.

Masahiko hurriedly closed the bottle cap and handed it to Onoki, “Just tell them to smell it.”

On the other side, Sasori was about to explain the usage of the antidote and was stunned when he heard these words, “How did you know?”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head. Come on, you’re not expecting him to say that this is how he saw it performed in TV Dramas?

Masahiko refused to explain, and Sasori didn’t ask any more questions.

Kizaru was very concerned about the reward of the mission and asked again, “Tsuchikage-Dono, can we negotiate the peace talk now?”

The look on Onoki’s old face changed a lot. He could see now that the two were really here to make peace, but he really doesn’t like Amegakure, a piece of land that he used as a transit battlefield to attack Konoha.

Although both Kakuzu and Sasori are well-known S-Ranked ninjas, this is Iwagakure, and Onoki is very confident in his own strength, and there is hope to make some money for their heads.

But now Masahiko is present, and his relationship with the two is very unclear. He doesn’t know what to do very a while.

After a few moments, Onoki sighed and turned his head, “Elder, what do you think?”

Masahiko was startled and waved his hands again and again, “It doesn’t matter to me. I’m just a witnesser. Treat me as if I don’t exist. If it weren’t for Hanzo’s corpse that was being desecrated after his death, I might not have come forward.”

Onoki felt helpless. Uzumaki Masahiko was standing there personally. How can he ignore this?

He could only look at the two and ask: “The leader of Amegakure wants to form an alliance, then why did he choose our village?”

Kakuzu shook his head and said, “The leader of Amegakure, Yahiko, and his deputy leader Ringo set off at the same time with us. They should have already arrived at Konoha by this time. Not only that, once the peace talks in Iwagakure are over, we will be heading to Sunagakure….”

“An alliance with the three major villages at the same time?” Onoki chuckled and shook his head, “The leaders of the small villages are whimsical.”

“It’s not just an alliance. It’s deeper than that. He’s looking for cooperation.” Sasori said, “But this battle has exposed my identity. We shouldn’t have come to Iwagakure.

Masahiko couldn’t help but interrupt: “Chiyo will definitely come looking for you, and when she sees your puppet body, she will surely be very sad. It’s hard for me to understand. Why did you abandon your human body?”

Sasori stiffened for a moment, “True art is ever-lasting!”

Masahiko: “…”

Does he mean that he’s very beautiful but can only be called art when he’s eternal?

Deidara, who has been immersed in inexplicable emotions since he learned of Masahiko’s true identity, his expression finally changed when he heard this.

“Hey, what you said is wrong. Only a momentary explosion can be called art!”

Sasori tilted his head slightly, “Oh?”