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L.L.H: Chapter 345: Come on Transform for Me!

In Iwagakure, in front of the collapsed Tsuchikage building.

Onoki was suspended in the air, and with his arms were wrapped in thick rock, he blasted his opponent back with a punch. But his opponent wasn’t a human being but a huge headless monster. The monster’s neck was cut flat, which was a masterpiece made by Onoki’s previous Dust Release.

Even if his head was lost, the height of the monster was still more than five meters. Fighting with it, Onoki seemed feeble, but whenever he waved his fist, the monster was blasted back along with a harsh metal friction sound.

The periphery of the battlefield was surrounded by a group of ninjas from Iwagakure, who were there to prevent the enemy from feeling. In more outer areas, the Anbu kept running here and there, evacuating nearby civilians and lower-ranked ninjas.

Masahiko rushed to Iwagakure with the five kids when he saw this scene.

As for why there are five kids, it’s because Akatsuchi was too fat to run fast…

“The old man is beating a monster?” Kurotsuchi’s eyes lit up, and the worried expression on her face immediately cleared and replaced by excitement.

“Huh? What is this?” Karin looked curious.

Masahiko held his forehead, and at a glance, he recognized that the monster in front of him was a modified version of his Optimus Prime, and he could sense Sasori’s Chakra there. But shouldn’t boys like Optimus Prime? Why didn’t the three boys react, yet the girls got all excited?

“Speaking of this, how did Sasori manage to invade Iwagakure?” Masahiko was slightly surprised.

Deidara spoke from the side, “Why is the old man fighting alone? Could it be that everyone else in the village is dead?”

Kurotsuchi turned her head and glared at him, “Yes, where is my father and uncle Taiseki?”

Masahiko slightly expanded the range of his perception when he heard these words and suddenly looked surprised.

On the side of the collapsed Tsuchikage Building, there are four slightly large Chakra fluctuations. Three of them should be high-ranked ninjas from Iwagakure, and Masahiko could guess their identities: Kurotsuchi’s father, Kitsuchi, Taiseki, and the Gobi’s Jinchuriki.

The trio was surrounding another acquaintance of Masahiko: Kakuzu!

“Interesting. Sasori and Kakuzu got together and invaded Iwagakure. Which one is this?” Masahiko whispered to himself, then turned to the five children and said, “I’ll take you to have a closer look.”

“Huh!” Deidara curled his lips. Under these circumstances, how could the Iwagakure ninjas let them approach? Even if there is Kurotsuchi and him in the team, they will be stopped.

But as they approached the battlefield, Deidara’s expression gradually became surprised. As if the ninjas of Iwagakure seemed like they couldn’t see them at all, they just let them walk to the edge of the battlefield.

“It’s really Sasori.” Even though the person in front of him was covering his head with a hood, Masahiko could confirm his identity from the fact that he kept waving his hands to manipulate Optimus Prime.

“Is he a puppet master?” Kurotsuchi asked in a light tone.

Masahiko nodded, not forgetting to educate the kids, “I’m optimistic for the future of the puppet masters. You should observe his movements carefully. You may end up encountering one in the future.”

The kids nodded and were about to respond, but Sasori raised his voice and said, “Tsuchikage! We are not here to cause unnecessary casualties. Stop!”

Onoki smirked slightly, “Needless casualties? Huh!”

He looked at the crumbling Optimus Prime in front of him, “You think this kind of junk can do anything? Earth Release: Super Heavy Rock Fist Technique!”

The density of the rock wrapped in his right hand instantly increased. And as soon as he threw his fist, Optimus Prime was blasted to the distance, and his right hand disintegrated into fragments.

After doing this, Onoki suddenly squinted and put his hands behind his back while floating. He wasn’t trying to do his winning pause or anything. He just twisted his back again…

“This is why I said you should retire a long time ago,” Kurotsuchi whispered on the side helplessly.

“This is useless!” Sasori hooked his right finger, and the scattered fragment combined and formed Optimus Prime’s right arm again.

Onoki’s old face wrinkled, “A genius design, but it’s still too naïve!”

Optimus Prime suddenly lost balance and leaned to the right, and fell down.

“Did the previous blow change the weight of the puppet’s right arm?” Sasori frowned slightly, “Sure enough, a puppet made of steel still has its limits.”

Onoki landed slowly, “Boys, get rid of the disguise on you, I have recognized you! You’re a rogue ninja from Sunagakure, and the leader of Takigakure, Kakuzu, you dare to come to me and talk about peace in Amegakure. This is truly ridiculous!”

Masahiko was confused upon hearing this, “Talking about peace in Amegakure, is it Yahiko? How did he make Sasori come to Iwagakure to negotiate for him?”

Unlike Sasori, it’s reasonable to see Kakuzu here. This guy is willing to do anything and everything for money.

Sasori took off his cloak, revealing the immature face that Masahiko was familiar with.

“Or… did he already turn himself into a puppet?” Masahiko sighed slightly

“Tsuchikage, I’m not here as a rogue ninja. I’ve temporarily joined Amegakure, and on behalf of the village, I’ve come here to sing an alliance with you.” Sasori slowly said.

“Temporarily joined Amegakure….” Masahiko frowned, feeling a little confused about how Yahiko pulled this thing.

But Onoki is now old and stubborn. He won’t listen to these explanations of Sasori. So far, Iwagakure has only agreed to sign an agreement with Sunagakure and Konoha, which belong to the major villages, Amegakure…

That’s what Masahiko expected, and this is what Onoki said, “A mere village-like Amegakure, thinks that by attracting rogue ninjas like to join, they can have the strength to stand on the same level of the five major villages and talk about peace?”

The surrounding ninja also showed pride, and the eyes that looked at Sasori were full of hostility and disdain.

“Sure enough, so we still have to prove our strength first?” Sasori whispered softly, then took a scroll out of his sleeve. And with a simple seal, a puppet appeared in front of everyone.

“How could this be….”

“Who is that?” Kurotsuchi asked in a low voice.

Masahiko frowned. He finally knew why Sasori accepted to temporarily join Amegakure because the puppet was Hanzo!

“This is too much. Hanzo’s corpse shouldn’t be treated like this.”

Masahiko whispered. Some of the Iwagakure ninjas seemed like they couldn’t believe their eyes, and even Onoki’s expression changed.

“Fall back, watch out for toxins in the air! Dust Release… huh?” Onoki paused.

Sasori was also shocked. The human puppet Hanzo was suddenly enveloped by blue light enchantment, and the toxin he carefully formulated was also trapped inside.

A red-haired middle-aged man suddenly appeared beside him, and Sosori jumped back a few meters away.


Masahiko raised his head, revealing a smirk, “So you made one for yourself, huh? Clickety Crackety, why don’t you show me some change in shape… no, that doesn’t rhyme.” Masahiko pondered.

Sasori: “…”

It’s that Hamura Bastard.