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L.L.H: Chapter 344: Earth Release!

One month later.

Masahiko was smiling, sitting cross-legged on the boulder, looking at the three-on-three battle going on before him.

After Karin’s title was upgraded from “Kunai Throwing Little Expert” to “Bombardier,” Kimimaro’s team got a bit stronger.

With the pressure Onoki’s disciples brought, the strength of the three of them has grown rapidly in the past month. From the initial three-on-two shameful lost to three-on-two glorious victory, and now a three-on-three shameful lost…

Naturally, the progress of Kimimaro and his friends also brought some pressure and motivation to Onoki’s three disciples. A virtuous circle was expected, and they had also made some progress, especially Deidara, who had been able to produce some larger bombs lately. When it exploded, the first person to test its effects was Masahiko himself…

As time passed, the balance of victory and defeat gradually tilted, and Kimimaro’s team was in danger again. Masahiko got up and jumped off the boulder, preparing to stop the battle.

“The battle lasted for 13 minutes, which is half a minute longer than yesterday.” Masahiko nodded in satisfaction, “At this rate of improvement, in two more months, they would be able to draw a tie. If they want to win, it’s estimated that it will take a year of hard work….”

As he was about to act, Masahiko was surprised to find that Kimimaro had done something horrifying… he pulled out his spine and smashed with it the terracotta Earth Release.

“Can he do such a thing?” Masahiko jumped on the boulder again, “They’re growing so fast.”


Five minutes later, Masahiko shot to terminate the battle. The overall difference in strength is there. Even though Kimimaro broke his limit during this battle, they still ended up failing to defeat the other team.

At this time, Masahiko was performing medical Ninjutsu on Kimimaro.

“Although the hardness and strength of the spine bone are much higher than other bones, if I’m not by your side, you should never use this technique. It will make your disease worse.”

Kimimaro’s face turned red, “I see, God!”

Karin pinched the clay on the side, then whispered, “Elder, then teach me some medical Ninjutsu. I will always be by your side, Kimimaro-Kun.”

“You’d better focus on the shapes of your clay. Medical Ninjutsu is not something you can learn in a day or two.”

Karin bulged, slammed the clay in her hands to the ground, the shouted, “Elder, why on earth do you want me to learn how to shape clay? I can squeeze them into balls and throw them. It will explode anyway, isn’t that enough?”

“Keep it down, keep it down.” Masahiko glanced at Kurotsuchi and the other two not far away. Because they felt the pressure from Kimimaro, the three were doing additional training at this time.

Karin curled her lips, “Elder, how long do you think you can keep this hidden? Except for that idiot Deidara, the other two have guessed it already.”

Masahiko shook his head helplessly and didn’t know whether Onoki did this on purpose. For the past month, not a single one in the village has paid attention to his disciples or the outsider they were spending some much with.

“As long as that idiot Deidara doesn’t know so that he keeps dare to make interesting explosives to provoke me, and then I can bully him reasonably.”

Karin looked at Masahiko with contempt and wanted to make fun of him, but she found that Kimimaro was looking at her and immediately replied, “You… really… love the younger generation.”

In order to gain Kimimaro’s love, Karin is becoming more and more obedient…

The soft white light of the medical Ninjutsu in Masahiko’s hands gradually faded, “Okay, Kimimaro.”

“Thank you, God, for the treatment.”

Kimimaro stood up straight, stretched his muscles and joints, then looked at the clay in front of Karin, “Karin, you need to work harder.”

“Yes, Kimimaro-Kun.” Being “encouraged” by Kimimaro made Karin’s cheeks turn red and filled her heart with motivation.

Masahiko shook his head lightly and couldn’t bear to tell Karin that her Kimimaro-Kun feels dragged down by her since she’s too weak.

As he grew up, Kimimaro’s militant and competitive spirits, which he has originally inherited from the Kaguya Clan, grew stronger. Just after receiving Masahiko’s treatment, he started practicing again.

Five out of the six kids were training, only Haku stood on the edge of the cliff, using the telescope that Masahiko gave him to watch people coming and going out of Iwagakure. If it wasn’t for Masahiko’s special status, he would have been arrested by the Anbu as a spy a long time ago.

“Is it interesting to watch people like that every day?” Masahiko walked to Haku’s side.

Haku smiled sweetly and didn’t answer, “Elder, thank you for the present.”

“So, what’s so good about it?” Masahiko looked at Iwagakure from a distance.

Masahiko’s eyesight was already very strong, and he could see clearly from a great distance, but watching the Village from two kilometers was too much.

“Huh?” Haku gasped softly, causing Masahiko to frown and turn his head.

“What’s happening?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just that two people look a little strange.” Haku replied.

Masahiko didn’t take it seriously, “There are too many strange people in this world. Isn’t Zabuza already a weirdo? Ordinary people do have eyebrows. And there’s also his other bro, Kisame, don’t let me start on that guy….”

Haku’s sweet smile stiffened for a moment, “I told you Zabuza-San… It’s okay.”

Masahiko smiled and took the telescope from him, “It’s okay if you think he’s not a weirdo, but that doesn’t change the reality. Give me the telescope. Let me have a look.”

After he looked into the telescope and observed the village, Masahiko shook his head and smiled, “Where are the strange people? Why I don’t see them?”

“They seemed to have walked into the Tsuchikage Building just now,” Haku replied softly.

“That’s it.” Masahiko handed the telescope back, “It’s probably people who came with a task, don’t worry about it. It’s almost noon. Get ready. We’re going to have dinner in the village.”

Calling the six children, Kurotsuchi came with a disappointed look on her face, “Uncle Shanks, are you too lazy to cook lunch again?”

Masahiko shook his head helplessly, “You have gained some weight, so you’re gonna need to eat less.”

Kurotsuchi had a pleased smile on her face, “It’s okay, I’ll lose it again when you leave.”

Masahiko felt a bit helpless, “Still, I won’t cook for you today. I’m also the one paying for lunch. Isn’t that enough to satisfy you?”

Masahiko turned around and suddenly felt that his heart jumped out of his chest.

A white cone-shaped crystal light beam suddenly cut the roof of the Tsuchikage building, then the clouds in the sky!

“That’s!!” Karin widened her eyes.

Kurotsuchi and her friends looked at each other, then Akatsuchi said calmly, “That seems to be Onoki-Sama’s Dust Release.”

“What kinds of madness have hit the old man’s head to release this kind of thing inside the village?!” Deidara asked in confusion.

“Master…” Kurotsuchi looked worried.

Masahiko frowned slightly. She knew best in her heart that it was indeed her master’s Dust Release.

“Onoki, who are you fighting?”