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L.L.H: Chapter 343: Stubborn Ugly Expression

The handsome little boy Deidara went offline for a few hours after that.

Masahiko felt that it was well calculated, the bomb he threw right didn’t cause any injuries to Deidara, and it only burned his clothes…

Of course, his mental state was very bad, and he looked like he wanted to hit Masahiko desperately. But soon, he was attracted by the clay ball squeezed in Masahiko’s hand.

“How did you learn my Secret Explosion Technique?”

“I have a self-taught talent.” Masahiko smiled, “But now I’m running through some problem. How do you chew it into a spider?”

Deidara took a deep look at him, then muttered to himself, “What the hell is the old man. This guy is obviously looking for trouble. Why didn’t he send someone to spy on him?”

“Don’t just look at me. Come and teach me your art? How can I shape cute little animals? I only want to learn how to make a bird, chicken, and ducks.” Masahiko said.

Deidara squinted his eyes, looking at him again, took a piece of clay with the mouth of his hand, then started chewing. After a few moments, a pure white bird flew towards Masahiko.

“My art is an explosion, not making cute animals!”

The bird exploded in front of Masahiko’s eyes, blowing his red hair. Masahiko’s expression didn’t change; he bent down, picked up a piece of clay, and threw it into his mouth.

He analyzed Deidaya’s palm’s mouth’s movements and tried to copy it, but in the end, he spat out a white ball with some tooth marks.

Deidara said with disdain, “You’re only using your teeth. Use your tongue too!”

Masahiko was taken aback, then looked at Deidara weirdly; is his tongue… so flexible?”

“It seems that the ancestor can’t learn this craft.” Masahiko a bit emotionally, “Squeezing with my hand and making grenades is enough….”

Masahiko thought of this secretly, and the ground under his feet suddenly trembled slightly. Looking around, the 12-year-old Akatsuchi managed to unleash a large-scale Ninjutsu of “opening earth and raising rock,” which made Kimimaro and Haku unable to deal with him anymore.

Deidara’s gaze was also attracted there. Masahiko remembered what Karin told him last night and said with temptation, “Haku is a boy, you know.”

Deidara was taken aback, curled his lips, and said, “I’ve known that a long time ago!”

This time it was Masahiko’s turn to be stunned…

After half a minute, the battle between the two girls was finally over.

Kurotsuchi had a bright smile, and only a small slit was cut from her sleeve, while Karin had an unpleasant face to see and was covered with cuts, but she wasn’t injured in any way.

She can recover from her injuries with a simple bite, and her Chakra reserve is a big advantage.

“Huh? Brother Deidea, you got up. Why do you look like that? Hahahahaha…” Kurotsuchi laughed heartlessly.

Karin looked angry, gritted her teeth, and said, “Uncle Shanks, find me a private place. I want to take a bath….”

However, she didn’t forget to conceal Masahiko’s identity.

Masahiko nodded in satisfaction. If his identity was revealed, how would he be able to continue teasing Deidara happily?

“How can I find a private place? Just wash it here.” Masahiko said, then did a simple seal with one hand, and a curtain of water was poured on Karin.

Karin’s mouth twitched, “That’s….”

“Fire Release: Fire Ball!”

Before she could even make a sentence, a huge fireball that frightened her to death flew toward her.

The fireball split into two just before hitting her and successfully evaporated the water on her body and clothes, and Karin was instantly “renewed.”

“Uncle Shanks, how did you do that?” Kurotsuchi was surprised.

Even Karin was a little surprised. Masahiko nodded in satisfaction when he saw it, “It’s very simple. It’s the same as roasting wild boars.”


Karin clenched both of her fists and looked like she was about to explode.

Upon seeing this, Masahiko immediately threw the grenade back on his hand. And after a second, the grenade exploded, and the flames skyrocketed.

“Uncle Shanks, did brother Deidara teach you how to use clay?” Kurotsuchi asked in surprise.

“I taught myself. Karin, come here, and I will teach you that art of explosion.” Masahiko smiled.

“Hey! Do you think anyone can learn my art!” Deidara finally said.

Masahiko shook his head, walked Karin to the side, then took out another grenade.

“Use the Mind’s Eyes of the Kagura to carefully perceive the Chakra fluctuations of the Earth Release inside, and try making one.”

Up to now, Masahiko has only taught Karin some Taijutsu and Kunai Throwing Techniques, and he has been considering a proper path of development for her.

Karin’s hot temper is only useful for Taijutsu-type ninjas.
This time when he first saw the explosive Ninjutsu, he thought at first glance that she was a fit match.

He didn’t know the secret technique and how to pass it on, but Karin shouldn’t have a hard time learning it. She had the Mind’s Eyes of the Kagura, and she can always take it slowly.

Karin immediately forgot about being a “roasted boar” and overjoyed, “Are you finally going to teach me Ninjutsu? When I finally learn it, I must teach that dirty little girl a lesson….”

Masahiko couldn’t laugh or cry: “So you’re the clean one now? She’s the one who made you dirty. Don’t talk nonsense. This kind of secret technique will become a very strong tool for you if you use it well. Work hard!”

With a few brief explanations, Masahiko disappeared in the spot instantly and appeared in front of the embarrassed Haku and Kimimaro. He waved his hand to destroy the rocks binding them, then shook his head gently, “Get up first.”

“God…” Kimimaro gasped slightly, and with an unwillingness on his face, he said, “We haven’t lost yet!”

Masahiko smiled, “You’re not his opponent currently. He has been merciful. We will stay in Iwagakure for two months, and I think you will be able to beat him in two months.

Akatsuchi, in front of him, smiled gently.

“Let’s go back and rest for a while. It’s almost noon. I will get you something to eat.” Masahiko waved his hand and motioned for the three of them to follow.


Ten minutes later, by the campfire.

Masahiko put the other half of the wild boar on the flames, then he started seasoning it and cutting it with his 40-meter machete.

“Uncle Shanks, how long will it take to get ready?” Kurotsuchi has been drooling…

“It’s still too early. It will take at least half an hour.” Masahiko responded, then glanced at Deidara, who was staring at Kimimaro.

According to his long observations, Deidara was really peeking at Haku from time to time, but his attention seemed to be on the telescope hanging from Haku’s neck.

“Deidara boy, do you like that telescope?” Masahiko asked.

Deidara didn’t reply, and Kurotsuchi spoke from the side, “Brother Deidara seemed to have one of these types of telescope. It a birthday present from the old man last month.”

Masahiko smiled and said, “Five million Ryo, Onoki is really taking good care of you guys.”

“So expensive?!” Kurotsuchi was surprised.

“Huh…” Deidara turned his head slightly awkwardly.

Masahiko was startled and remembered that decades ago when Konoha was first built, he saw Onoki, and he often made similar expressions… when Masahiko was bullying him.

“This stubborn look really looks like.”

“Wait, Onoki’s is much uglier….”