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L.L.H: Chapter 342: Fire in The Hall!

The night is getting darker.

Masahiko and his group followed Deidara and Kurotsuchi for a brief stroll around Iwagakure.

Two miles away from the west side of the village, on the mountainside, this where they found Deidara’s house.

Masahiko looked away and shook his head speechlessly, “Even a blown-up house will look better than this one.”

Kurotsuchi side from the side, “Uncle Shanks, do you really want to live with big brother Deidara.”

“Iwagakure is really expensive.” Masahiko chuckled, “And I can help you watch Deidara when I live here. You can tell your old guard to withdraw.”

“He’s not old. He looks in his twenties.” Kurotsuchi corrected.

“Twenties? So that scary dude looks in his twenties, and I’m 38…?” Masahiko sighed, “Well, whatever.”

On the side, Deidara kept silent. The group wanted to live in his house without considering his feelings at all.

But he didn’t open his mouth because he knew that even if he refused, it would be useless.

“Red-haired uncle, I’ll leave first. See you tomorrow.” Kurotsuchi waved her hand.

Masahiko also waved his hand to say goodbye, then turned to Deidara, “Which one is your room?”

“The one on the far left, huh!” Deidara was very cooperative.

Masahiko glanced at him with a smile, knowing that he was holding back something bad, but he wasn’t afraid.

“Then I will take the second room, Kimimaro the third, then Karin and the far right is white. It’s getting later, so I will go back to rest. There will be training tasks tomorrow.”

Everyone spread out and left. Only Karin hesitated for a moment, tiptoeing towards Masahiko.

“Why, do you want Haku to sleep with me in the same room?” Masahiko raised his eyebrows.

Karin rolled her eyes and said, gossiping, “Elder, have you not noticed how Deidara has been secretly looking at him?”

Masahiko was surprised: “No way!”

“Yes, Great Elder, I caught him looking at him many times.” Karin’s face was full of evil funny smiles.

Masahiko groaned for a moment, “And how do you feeling knowing that although you’re the only girl in the group, he didn’t look at you at all?”

The smile on Karin’s face stiffened. She turned her head and went back to her room without saying a word.

Masahiko watched her returning, then walked to his room full of thoughts, “Haku’s charm… is it really that big of a deal?”


Later at night.

Masahiko lay on his back on the bed, his eyes closed tightly, thinking about whether he should ask Haku to disguise a little. It’s hard to bear wherever he goes. Even a talented kid like Deidara couldn’t resist his charm…

“Huh?” At this moment, Masahiko suddenly sensed an unusual Chakra wave, he stretched his right hand to the window, and a dozen of small white spiders were attracted by him using his repulsive force.

“Huh?” Deidara exclaimed depressedly from the next room, “Art is an explosion! KAI!”

“If you don’t sleep at night, I will be the one blowing your head.” Masahiko cursed, suppressed the Chakra wave on the dozen white spider, kneaded them together in his hands, opened his window, then threw the clay directly through Deidara’s window.

“Eat that!”



Masahiko perceived slightly then nodded in satisfaction, “I can sleep now, right?”

Deidara was knocked out…


The next day, early morning.

Masahiko led his group to do some simple training and saw Kurotsuchi coming with a smiling face, and beside her, the simple and honest fat man Akatsuchi.

“Uncle, you got up very early! Where’s big brother Deidara?”

Masahiko smiled, “He’s going to sleep until noon. You guys came just right. Kimimaro and the other have just finished warming up….”

“Isn’t it too early in the morning for something like that?”

“Aren’t you trying to take away your grandfather’s position as the Tsuchikage? You can’t do it if you don’t work harder. Come here, you and…” Masahiko frowned slightly, hesitating.

Kurotsuchi should be a bit stronger than Karin, yet also weaker than Haku and Kimimaro.

Kurotsuchi was very considerate, though, “I will go easy on Karin.”

Karin clenched her fists on the side, and the veins on her forehead started throbbing violently…

Masahiko turned his head and glanced at Karin with a smile, “Unhappy, right? You will always get bullied if you don’t get stronger. No, go there and get your butt handed to you!”

Karin: ”…”

Asking the two girls to go to the side to exchange feelings, Masahiko looked at the big fat kid. Akatsuchi bowed to him and said hello.

Masahiko groaned slightly and turned to Kimimaro and Haku: “You two will fight him together.”

After hesitating for a while, Masahiko added another sentence, “Start a big lightly.”

“Got it, God!” Kimimaro, the militant, replied decisively and rushed towards the battlefield.

Masahiko shook his head helplessly. He wasn’t gonna go lightly, isn’t he? Sure enough, at first contact, Kimimaro flew back.

The subsequent battle also proved that Masahiko’s induction isn’t wrong. The 12-year-old Akatsuchi was unexpectedly strong.

In addition to the speed disadvantage, Chakra and strength are far above Haku and Kimimaro.

The two attacked together, and they could barely defend themselves, facing one Ninjutsu after another.

“A fat man who is harmless to humans and animals is easy to be ignored.” Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “The kid is highly talented in nature transformations.”

The situation on Karin’s side was even more critical.

Only when he saw Kurotsuchi using her Bloodline Limit, Masahiko has remembered then that she can use Lava Release.

“Deidara isn’t even here, and they can’t win a three-on-two battle. These kids need to get stronger.” Masahiko sighed slightly and walked aside.

Masahiko has piled up a lot of white clay here, all of which he smoothed out of Deidara’s room in the morning.

He wanted to test whether he could learn this secret technique of explosives. Anyone can learn this stuff, but only Deidara can use it to its best because of his “natural talent,” which he gained after stealing a secret Kinjutsu from his village.

Half a minute later, Masahiko squeezed a small white ball with the same fluctuation as yesterday’s clay spider Chakra, then smiled, shaking his head, “For me, a predecessor who knows everything, this won’t be hard at all. The Uzumaki has one more thing you don’t, the inheritance of every secret technique!”

Masahiko groaned slightly and put his hands together, wanting to “shape” the clay and change its appearance.

However, this time, he encountered difficulties…

“Do I need to chew it?”

Masahiko hesitated for a while before grabbing a piece of clay and putting it in his mouth.

“It tastes good, a bit sweet.” Masahiko chewed and subconsciously started blowing to make a bubble…

“Bah, baaah!” Masahiko spat out a small ball with teeth marks on it with a darkened face.

“How can that kid chew it with his hand’s mouth into a spider?” Masahiko looked speechless. After squeezing it for a long time, he made… grenade.

After weighing it, he threw it to Deidara’s room, “Fire in the hall!”