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L.L.H: Chapter 341: Telescope

Following Kurotsuchi and her party, Masahiko and the four entered Iwagakure unimpeded.

Kurotsuchi sent them into the village and waved goodbye, “Uncle Red-haired, we have to go to see the old man first, see you later!”

Masahiko also waved his hand and said, “Well, we’re going to Iwagakure first.”

When Kurotsuchi and the others walked away, Karin suddenly lost her mind.

“Hahahahaha hiccup… Red-haired Uncle Shanks, where shall we go first!”

Masahiko’s face darkened, “Calm yourself, calm yourself, Kimimaro is looking at you!”

Karin was startled and quickly changed the mode back to the cute little girl, then secretly glanced at Kimimaro, only to find that he wasn’t looking at her at all but watching the scenery of Iwagakure…

Masahiko felt helpless, “What so funny about being called Shanks? It should be so cool, you know!”

The corners of Karin’s mouth were still twitching, “Elder, we have entered Iwagakure. What should we do now? Hide our identities? You said you were an artist, this is gonna be….”

“It’s not a secret. Onoki will soon get the news that I’m here. But he won’t necessarily tell the two kids.”

Karin was taken aback and was about to ask why when Masahiko smiled and said, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to see Iwagakure.”


At the same time, at Onoki’s office.

The little old man, Onoki, was floating in the air, his fist pressed against Deidara’s head as he kept spinning and spinning.

Deidara shrank his head, looking all afraid.

Kurotsuchi smiled and bloomed; she wasn’t gloating, but…

“Father, you have to fly now to punish big brother Deidara.”

Onoki’s eyes widened, and then he vented, “This nasty kid grew up so fast.”

“It’s not that Big brother Deidara grew up fast, but you’re getting shorter and shorter. I’m even taller than you now.” Kurotsuchi told the truth.

Onoki glared at her but couldn’t do anything to his naughty granddaughter.

After a long while, he calmed down, floated back to his seat, and sat down, “Boy, I heard that you were stopped by someone outside of the village?”

Deidara turned his head arrogantly, refusing to reply, so Kurotsuchi did, “It’s a red-haired uncle named Shanks. He said he was hungry and wanted to hunt a bird to eat. Thus, big brother Deidara was shot down.”

“Hungry? Hunting a bird? Red-haired uncle Shanks?” Onoki was taken aback for a while. This style seemed familiar.

“That Shanks guy is a real pain. There’s also a kid with him that can use Ice Release and a boy that seemed to me like a fantasy character. The kid uses his bones to fight. Huh!” Deidara added.

“Ice Release… and Shikotsumyaku?”

Kurotsuchi looked surprised, “It turned out that it’s the legendary Shikotsumyaku. I’ve read that it’s really strong. You’re not his opponent, brother Deidara. And the one named Kimimaro is even one year younger than you.”

Deidara’s face flushed, “That’s because I ran out of clay. Otherwise, my art wouldn’t have failed! Huh!”

Kurotsuchi curled her lips and said, “If you could, why would have uncle shanks let you fight him? He’s so strong….”

“Is that guy Shanks strong?” Onoki interrupted.

Kurotsuchi was taken aback, “He should be very strong. When uncle Taiseki tried to stealthily attack him, he was knocked out with one strike.”

“Taiseki…” Onoki nodded thoughtfully. He probably guessed who the so-called “Shanks” was.

“Did that guy Shanks say what he was doing in Iwagakure?”

Kurotsuchi nodded, “He said that he was taking three kids with him on a trip. He also said that we should learn from each other and improve our strength together.”

Onoki understood, “Honing the younger generation, huh?”

After pondering for a moment, he looked at the two kids in front of him, “Since there’s no malice, then you can get along with them and learn from each other. But before that, Deidara boy!”

Deidara: “Ah~!”


Iwagakure Casino.

Masahiko smiled and watched the three cute kids gambling.

Haku was a natural. He was gambling with a clam face, while Kimimaro started shaking every time he raised his dice cup, and… Karin kept screaming over and over on the side.

As for why they are in the casino? Naturally, because Masahiko was short of money to spend.

All the money they spent on this trip was the Ryos he earned from stuffing the Fat Cat’s mouth with food as his chef.

Even then, the money wasn’t enough. If it wasn’t for some bandits on the road, they wouldn’t have made it here.

After finally entering Iwagakure, Masahiko’s bank account was only enough for four people’s accommodation expenses. They couldn’t even afford to eat, so he naturally had to come to the casino and earn some money.

After half an hour, the three kids who were enthusiastic about playing returned in frustration. It was normal for the first-timers to lose it all.

Dangdangdang! Dangdang~~~ Dandang! Dangdang!!

This was the sound of the last golden Ryo flipping and rolling in the hands of the God of Gambling himself.

After an hour, the three children watched Masahiko’s winning streak all the way with a stunned expression. And the one Ryo became 10,000 golden tickets.

“God is really omnipotent!” Kimimaro started worshiping.

“Elder, give me a little bit.” Karin’s eyes were shining.

“Elder, many people are watching us.” Haku was the calmest.

Masahiko smiled, “Let’s walk in the village, and you can buy whatever you want!”

Soon after the big story was exported, Masahiko’s face stiffened in front of one of the shops.

“You want five million Ryo for this thing?!”

It was indeed the first time he saw in the hands of the man in Naruto World, single scope telescope.

Although it’s rare, Masahiko doesn’t think it can be worth the reward for an S-Class mission.

Such a thing can be made in a few minutes. Isn’t it just two lenses that placed together at a good distance?

The owner was a simple middle-aged man with a proud smile, “This isn’t an ordinary telescope, the materials are rare, and the workmanship is exquisite. There are only two in our shop, and the other one was bought by Tsuchikage-Sama!”

Masahiko was stunned. He took the telescope from Haku’s hand and placed it in front of him to use it.

“Oh? It can channel Chakra?”

The magnification of the telescope isn’t high. It only zooms in like 40 times, but when using it, you need to focus Chakra on your eyes, and the picture will get very clear.

“It’s kind of interesting. After using this thing for a long time, there may be some unexpected gains.”

Always focusing the Chakra on the same eye while using this telescope will make that eye’s vision particularly good, and he might even gain the ability to see through simple Genjutsu. If this is the case, then five million Roy is very worthwhile.

Masahiko changed direction and eyes, then tried it again.

“Huh?” Masahiko was taken aback in his line of sight; Deidara and Kurotsuchi were slowly walking towards them.

But Deidara… what happened to your face?