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L.L.H: Chapter 340: Super Earth Blue

An adult and five children ate half of a wild boar.

Masahiko was naturally the main force in this fight, and the five children didn’t disappoint too. Especially Kurotsuchi, at this time, she was already lying on her back, rubbing her belly, with a face full of happiness. She couldn’t even speak.

Masahiko glanced at the little girl with a smile. He liked her character so much. She was happy and refreshing; she’s like a shining sun. Not like Deidara, who ate his roasted meat and kept giving him and Kimimaro stares from time to time.

“What are you looking at? If you’re still hungry, eat more. Or do you want me to bring clay to the other two mouths of yours? If you’re not eating, give it to the other two from your village. They look starving.”

Deidara glanced at him but didn’t reply. His eyes were still flickering around, thinking, “I’ll run away the moment they look away.”

The little girl lying on her back suddenly let out a sigh, “Huh… I’ve finally returned to life. Uncle, your cooking skills are so good, I almost ate to death. The other two uncles, you should come and eat some, don’t waste such an opportunity. Keep your eyes on brother Deidara btw. He still wants to run away!”

“Hey!” Deidara pouted.

The two ninjas hesitated for a moment, nodded, and were about to come over, but Taiseki, who was unconscious the whole time, suddenly stood up, took out a Kunai, and looked at the surrounding environment vigilantly, but he was obviously kicked by Masahiko.

“Uncle Taiseki, you finally woke up, come over and eat some pork.” Kurotsuchi smiled.

Taiseki: “???”


The pork eaters were replaced by the three Iwagakure ninjas, and Masahiko took the five children to sit around, wanting them to get to know each other.

“Don’t be shy, introduce yourselves. We are going to stay in Iwagakure for some time. You guys are the same age, similar in strength, and already familiar with each other, and if you have nothing to do, you can learn from each other, and your strength will improve faster.”

“Kurotsuchi, 8 years old.” The still straightforward little girl spoke first.

“Uzumaki Karin, 7 years old.”

“Haku, 9 years old.”

“Kimimaro, 9 years old.”


“Humph! Deidara, 10 years old. Huh!”

“What’s up with all of those noises you make, dude?” Masahiko smiled but suddenly found that Deidara and Kurotsuch’s eyes were locked on him.

“I don’t need to introduce myself. I’m not the same age as you. I’m a little older.” Masahiko sneered.

“Uncle, don’t be shy.” Kurotsuchi returned the sentence.

“Red-haired uncle, 18 years old.”

“Who in hell called Redhead Uncle? And how could he be 18 years old? Try saying 38!” Kurotsuchi shouted.

Masahiko sighed, “Okay. My name is Shanks, and I’m 38 years old.”

Kimimaro and Haku were okay with this, their expression didn’t change, and they kept a sweet smile on their handsome faces. Karin, on the other hand, rolled her eyes.

Kurotsuchi noticed Karin’s expression, then shouted, “Uncle, you’re not really 38 years old, are you? You look like….”

Masahiko also rolled his eyes.

“I’m Red-haired Shanks and don’t ask how old I am. Just treat me as an over hundred years old man.”

And with this, Red-haired Shanks came to play a role in the Shinobi World. Kurotsuchi didn’t ask him again about his age, but Masahiko wanted to know more about Deidara’s departure.

As the kid’s bloodline limit got stronger and stronger, he became more obsessed with the “art” of explosion. When he feels like it, he will let one of his spiders lose, and the little ant would finally blow up something inside the village. The civilians were in great trouble because of this, and it was only getting worse since then.

Onoki hesitated again and again and finally ordered his apprentice to move out of the village and live outside alone. Of course, this was just to protect the civilians, not to drive him away.

However, this approach probably inspired Deidara’s rebellious emotions. He wanted to leave Iwagakure and embark on the path of chasing art alone. This is the third time he leaves, and it was the closest to success because he only just now learned how to create a bird and control it to fly.

Masahiko scratched his head. No wonder Deidara was so angry. Since he didn’t succeed this time, the Iwagakure ninjas would be prepared next time, and it would be harder for him to run away.

“You don’t know how blessed you are, having Onoki himself as your teacher, many people would envy you for that.”

Deidara glanced at him: “Aren’t you claiming to be an artist? You should always move forward in the pursuit of art! Huh!”

Masahiko said deeply, “Then you have to be strong enough. On my journey to pursue art, you don’t know how many times people wanted to kill me.”
Deidara was taken aback for a moment, “Huh! Then why didn’t they kill you?”

Masahiko smiled proudly, “That’s because they are all dead.”

“Puff…” Karin laughed out instantly. Even since they met Deidara and Kurotsuchi, this elder has been pretending to be a badass. She has been holding back for a while now, she wanted to laugh and make jokes, but she kept quiet. Now she couldn’t help it.

Masahiko turned his head mechanically and glared at her. Kurotsuchi and Deidara also looked at her puzzled.

After a while, Kurotsuchi smiled smirked, “Uncle Red-haired, you’re obviously bragging. Even your companions are laughing at you.”

Masahiko’s face darkened.

He has yet to explain, but the three ninjas from Iwagakure have finished eating pork and walked over, “Kurotsuchi-Sama, we should go back.”

Kurotsuchi smiled, “Brother Deidara, go back and accept the old man’s teaching.”

Deidara’s expression changed suddenly. He wouldn’t be afraid of anything but his master, Onoki.

Kurotsuchi, “Uncle, do you wanna go together?”

Masahiko nodded and led Kimimaro and the other two, following Kurotsuchi.

“Little black-haired girl, your grandpa values you very much. He even assigned three Jonin to guard you.” Masahiko originally thought that the three were out looking for Deidara. He didn’t expect that they would address her with “master.”

Kurotsuchi turned her head and explained, “Only this one is my guard. That one is brother Deidara’s guard. And the other one is for our brother.”

“Brother?” Masahiko was taken aback. He really didn’t expect Onoki to have a third disciple.

“Who is you, brother?”

Kurotsuchi smiled and pointed to the front door of Iwagakure, “Brother is waiting for us at the door of the village!”

Masahiko looked over, and it was a twelve or thirteen-year-old yellow-skinned fat boy.

“Your brother is… called Kitsuchi, right?” Masahiko was taken aback. He has totally forgotten about, Onoki’s big fat guard in the original. He didn’t know that he was one of Onoki’s disciples too, nor that he was this young.

Kurotsuchi corrected him, “No, my brother’s name is Akatsuchi, my father is, Kitsuchi.”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched, “Black, Red, and Yellow Earth. What’s up with these names, Onoki? What’s next, Super-Earth Blue?”
(T/N: Tsuchi means Earth. Ki: means Yellow. Aka: Red. And Kuro means Black.)