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L.L.H: Chapter 351: The Ultimate Art of Sasori

Iwagakure was getting more and more lively.

First, it was Sasori and Kakuzu, then Chiyo, and now Yahiko and Ringo. In the past few days, another team of elite ninjas from Sungakure came to participate in this alliance talk on behalf of the Fourth Kazekage.

The process of forming an alliance seemed a bit unsatisfactory. After all, Yahiko still lacked in strength. Facing these big countries and villages, he was very unassuming, but Masahiko didn’t intervene to help.

As Masahiko said, if he wants to bring peace to the Shinobi World, he doesn’t need the Akatsuki at all. All that he needs to do is go to the battlefield personally and shout, “This world is my home, and I like to eat and sleep wherever I want!”

The war is basically over.

There are reasons for not doing this. The first is because Hashirama said, “Peace brought by force is a false peace. Only when everyone understands each other real peace can be accomplished.” Masahiko didn’t agree with this sentence too much, but since it was Hashirama, he was willing to wait and see.

The second is that Masahiko didn’t have any pain in the past. The death of family members in the war happened in the Warring States Period when the world was in true chaos. Peace or war really doesn’t have much impact on him, and it’s not necessarily more important than training these three kids in front of him.
Karin’s explosive use became more and more proficient. Although she was still reluctant about it, she still kept doing grenade shapes. She felt that they were easier to handle.”

This time she came to Iwagakure and had the biggest gain. All of a sudden, Karin became half of the main offensive power of the team.

“Therefore… the next place to go needs to be for the sake of Haku and Kimimaro’s strength improvement so that I not be partial,” Masahiko muttered.

That’s right, he decided to leave Iwagakure.

Time flies quickly, and he has spent more than two months here with the three kids. It’s September 54th year of Konoha, and it has been five months since they left it.

There are still more than three months before the New Year. Masahiko must take Kimimaro and his friends back to the Uzumaki so they can celebrate the New Year there. The remaining time is only enough for them to go to another place.

After waiting for the New Year, he has to go to Konoha and see how the fight between the Senju and the Uchiha is going on. And at the same time, find a way to gain some witness points. His points have been at 365 for a while, and several skills need to be improved…

“Haku will be affected by the cold weather if we go north and Kimimaro….” Masahiko pondered.

Seeing that it was getting late, Masahiko didn’t immediately notify the three kids.

“Tomorrow, I will have to say goodbye to Kurotsuchi and the others….”

Masahiko had thought about taking Deidara with him, but after getting along during this time, he felt that Deidara was indeed a bit insane and might get them into trouble…

In comparison, he prefers Kurotsuchi, but it’s too difficult to abduct her.

“When I say goodbye tomorrow, will that little girl cry? Because she can’t eat the food, I cook?” Masahiko smiled secretly and threw himself on the bed.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

As soon as he lay down, there were three knocks on the door.

“Huh? Is it Chiyo? Why did she come to me so late…” Masahiko frowned and opened the door.

“Elder, sorry to disturb your rest.” Chiyo pulled out an ugly smile.

“It’s okay, but why did you come to see me so late? Didn’t you get the Grandma-Grandson relationship you wished for with Sasori? Hmmm, I get it, you think Sasori is cold now, and you want me to come and find you some psychological explanations for his behavior, so you can find some comfort, right?”

Chiyo smiled bitterly, then shook her head, “Elder, I just wanted to ask if you can help Sasori restore his body.”

“Oh, so that’s what it is….” Masahiko pondered for a moment, “So you think the One’s Own Life Reincarnation won’t work?”

Chiyo was taken aback, “You actually know?”

Before Masahiko could speak, she took the initiative to find an explanation: “Oh, that’s right, when you came to Sunagakure, to make those toys, we were studying this Ninjutsu. You knew at that time.”

Masahiko smiled and nodded to confirm.

Chiyo continued to speak: “This technique was originally developed to give life to puppets, but because of its too great side effects, it was listed as a forbidden technique….”

“These details can be skipped.” Masahiko interrupted, “You don’t need to explain the principle of this Ninjutsu. Just tell me why you came to me. It’s getting too late….”

Chiyo nodded and said quickly, “This technique may give life to the puppet, but it can’t give the puppet flesh and blood. I’m not afraid of death, but I’m worried that after using this technique, Sasori will not recover his body.”

Masahiko nodded and glanced behind Chiyo, “Before looking for a way, are you sure that Sasori is willing to regain his body?”

Chiyo sighed and said calmly, “I will definitely make him agree.”

Masahiko looked behind Chiyo, “Will you agree? Sasori?”

Chiyo was stunned, then turned her head instantly and saw Sasori standing quietly behind her.

“Boring.” These words were spat out of his mouth again.

Masahiko smiled and said to Chiyo, “This one is different from before….”

Crack! Click! Crack!!

After he finally got his reward from Yahiko, Sasori’s confidence became stronger, and he wanted to shoot at him some Senbon.

Masahiko waved his sleeves to accept these thousand Senbon, stepped back, and closed the door with a smile, “You guys should talk. This ancestor needs to sleep.”

It was quiet for a moment, then Chiyo took the lead to speak. She didn’t verbally persuade but took a scroll out of her sleeve, then after a few seals, a huge puppet appeared beside her.

“This is the precious creativity that Elder Masahiko brought to our puppetry.” Chiyo’s expression was calm, her hands danced, the clicking sound continued, and the huge puppet constantly changed forms.

“A puppet has three different forms. There will be hundreds of attack methods. Sasori, you don’t what this means? Three forms are just my limit. If it were you….”

In the house, Masahiko put his ear on the door and said in his heart, “I gave you an idea worth a piece of heaven….”

“Sasori, you are on the wrong path!” Chiyo’s tone became more and more passionate, “We are puppets masters. We shouldn’t turn ourselves into puppets!”

“Grandma.” Sasori said indifferently, “Your puppets look pretty good.”

As soon as Chiyo felt a bit relieved, she heard Sasori speak again, “But only eternity is the real art. Let me show you my… ultimate art.”

Masahiko frowned inside the house, “Sasori’s ultimate art, Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets? When did he collect so many puppets?

His ears were on the door, but he suddenly couldn’t hear anything. If it weren’t for the Chakra fluctuation, Masahiko would have thought that Sasori and Chiyo are gone.

“What is this?”


A loud noise came, and the ground under Masahiko’s feet trembled slightly.

Masahiko hurriedly pushed the door open and walked out. The scene in front of him made him rub his eyes again and again in disbelief…

Sasori in front of him was more than ten meters tall giant!