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L.L.H: Chapter 352: Performance of The Four Behemoths Wing Gundam


Chiyo looked stunned.

Sasori’s tender face was four or five times bigger as it stared down at Chiyo.

Masahiko was startled at first, then figured out what happened. He remembered that after Sasori transformed himself into a puppet in the original, he left a physical core. It seems that he put that core into Optimus Prime’s body. And the core now is in control taking this shape’ 大.’

The loud noises the giant was making have also made the kids wake up.


Kimimaro and Haku rushed out hurriedly.

On the other side, Deidara came out from the room, then widened his eyes in surprise upon seeing Sasori, “Is it that bastard, who claims that true art is eternity? How did he become so big…?!”

Karin came out late, looking a bit lost, “Great Elder, don’t these people know that young kids need sleep… what the hell is that?!”

“It’s a… human puppet… the real question is, would you be able to go back to sleep after seeing this?” Masahiko gradually came back to his senses, then took the kids away.

Chiyo looked sad, her finger twitched, and the broken parts of her puppets were rejoined.

“Sasori, why are you doing this? Puppet masters shouldn’t be looking for an in close combat. It seems that I didn’t teach you that well! Now that you have become a puppet, I guess you will facing mine!”

“Grandmother, how many of these giant puppets can you control at the same time?” Sasori asked indifferently.

Chiyo was stunned, “Why do you ask? For such a complicated puppet, one is the best. Although I can control two at the same time, it’s not only laborious but also not worth the loss. But with your talent, it’s indeed possible to control two at the same time.”

Sasori was silent for a moment, and with a move of his body, four huge Optimus Primes appeared beside him. At the same time, his upper body slowly opened four inlets. From each inlet, numerous chakra threads visible to the naked eye protruded, connecting them one by one with Optimus Prime.

“Grandma, is it possible for a mere mortal to control four at the same time?” Sasori said indifferently, then the four puppets in front of him rushed towards Chiyo.

Chiyo was shocked at first, then she took a deep breath, and her hands danced, looking firmly at him, as her puppet rushed to greet him.

“Puppet mastery isn’t about the number of puppets you can control. Let this old woman teach you this lesson…” Chiyo wanted to use practical actions to persuade Sasori to return.

In the distance, Karin looked both dazed and excited, and she pulled Masahiko’s sleeves, saying, “Elder, am I still dreaming?”

Five and ten-meter-high steel behemoths were tearing each other, no matter how strong you are, such a scene should bring a heavy sense of oppression to anyone watching, but these kids beside Masahiko were abnormal.

Kimimaro showed excitement and warfare, Deidara showed an expression of “unsatisfactory,” still believing that his art is superior, while Karin was excited, Haku was… as always smiling.

“It seems that I accidentally started the Gundam Era….” Masahiko scratched his head and smiled bitterly.

Chiyo said she would teach Sasori a lesson, but she still fell into a disadvantage almost instantly when they really faced each other. Sasori was controlling four puppets simultaneously, which was not as flexible as to when manipulating a single puppet, but the four-to-one advantage was still too great.

“Sasori’s ultimate art was changed. This shouldn’t be called the Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets any longer… how about the Performance of The Four Behemoths Wing Gundam… waited, they’re not winged… I better shut up before he…” Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “I thought she would last longer relying on her experience… but she already lost.”

Chiyo’s hands turned into afterimages as she concentrated all of her energy controlling her giant puppet, which revolved and jumped, showing the pinnacle of the puppets’ mastery technique against four puppets.

But… her opponent was more than just four puppets.

Sasori’s huge body appeared behind her at some point, her hands stiffened, and she gave up the control of her puppet with a wry smile.

“Grandma, you lost.” Sasori’s tone was always calm, “I have already told you that only eternity is true art.”

“Nonsense! Only a momentary explosion is art!” Deidara shouted in the distance.

Sasori turned his head slowly, and his eyes shout out two striking rays of light, “Oh? It’s you again?”

“Wow, this is so cool.” Masahiko’s voice suddenly emitted in Sasori’s ears, “So it’s not fake? Maaan, this is so cool!”

He doesn’t know when, but Masahiko was suddenly standing on his right shoulder.

Sasori tilted his head to look at him, and a small pit appeared on his shoulder, and Masahiko’s feet were stuck.

“Huh? A body-fitting mechanism, why is this here?” Masahiko’s mouth twitched.

As the wind rang in his ears, Sasori’s right arm slammed back and attacked.

Masahiko pulled out his feet, then flickered to the ground.

As soon as he landed, the four puppets quickly surrounded him.

“So you beat your Grandma, and now you want to fight me?” Masahiko said with a smile.

“Sasori…” Chiyo reached hurriedly to stop him.

“Didn’t you say that you want to see some transformations?” Sasori said lightly, “Well, I’m granting you that wish.”

Click! Crack! Click!! Crack!!!

The four Optimus Primes surrounding Masahiko folded and deformed simultaneously, then they transformed into four different forms.

The one in front turned into a cannon barrel, ejecting strong poisonous smoke. The one in the back had large and small holes, and a mess of weapons shout out from it. The one on the left had her right wrist folded back, and thousands of wooden arms stick out from it. And the one on the right had a hole in its chest… and it ejected flames.

Masahiko was speechless. He felt that these were all useless attacks. The real attack was the constant “cracking,” which was too noisy.

Masahiko rose into the sky with a stamp, his sight was level with the giant puppet, and all his attacks were blocked by the repulsive force two meters away from his body.

The puppet in the front quickly changed back to its original shape, then its right fist slammed violently. Masahiko raised his hand to meet it.


“The strength is close to Rin’s brutal force….” Masahiko groaned slightly, and the various attacks of the other puppets came again, but his figure disappeared instantly.

“Okay, this is so annoying. Can you mute the sound or something?” Masahiko appeared again, sitting on Sasori’s left shoulder.

Sasori ignored Masahiko this time and looked down at Chiyo, “Grandma, what else are you going to do to dissuade me now?”

Chiyo looked disturbed, while Masahiko smiled and said, sitting on Sasori’s shoulder, “But I’m also a human, and you can’t beat me.”

Sasori turned his head slightly, “One day, I will make you add to my collection.”

“Sasori!” Chiyo was startled and turned to Masahiko anxiously, “Elder Masahiko!”

Masahiko smiled, “There are so many people who want me to die, do you how many…?!”