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L.L.H: Chapter 354: Manners

Near the Land of Iron.

There is a vast expanse of white between the sky and the earth as the snowflakes are falling one after another. It was so beautiful… this is what Masahiko thought.

Karin, beside him, kept trembling, “Elder, why is it getting colder? Why don’t we watch the snow when we reach the village?”

Masahiko glanced at her, “You’re the one who’s wearing the most clothes, for god’s sake, look at you. You’ve wrapped yourself like a puppy. Aren’t you embarrassed to say that you’re cold?”

Karin glanced at Masahiko, rolled her eyes, then looked at Kimimaro and Haku, which were also shivering.

Snow was constantly hitting the three of them at a speed of thirty miles per hour, but Masahiko’s body was surrounded by a layer of repulsive force. The wind and snow can’t reach him… and Karin could see that.

“Let’s go, cold resistance is also part of the practice, and there is still a short way to go.” Masahiko smiled and said, then jumped to a big tree next to him that was completely covered by snow.

The three hurriedly followed.

After half an hour, the sky was getting darker, and the Land of Iron was finally in sight.

“Did you see the uniquely shaped mountains in the distance? The Land of Iron is above it.”

“This mountain looks like a wolf with three heads!” Karin whispered.

“No, no, these are three mountains shaped like three wolves. It’s called Sanroo. Let’s go.” Masahiko smiled and was about to take a step when he froze in his place all of a sudden.
(T/N: Sanroo: Three Wolves.”

“What’s the matter, god?”

“Oh, it’s okay.” Masahiko turned his head and said, “I remembered that the entrance is on the west side. Let’s go.”

“West… side… huh….”

Another half an hour.

Masahiko was floating in the air and shouting to encourage the three kids who were climbing, “Come on! You’ve already climbed halfway. This is also part of the practice!”

Karin: haha.

It wasn’t only her this time, even Kimimaro and Haku didn’t believe Masahiko, but they could still calm their temper…

Fortunately, the mountain wasn’t that high, only a few hundred meters.

As soon as they reached the summit, they were surrounded by a group of Samurai in heavy armor.

Masahiko wasn’t surprised. It was very cold…

With a slight control on his perception ability, Masahiko could see that the Samurai in front of him had some Chakra fluctuations. It seems that the new school has controlled the place, and the old-school samurai-style has extinct.

“Shinobi?” Said one of the samurai.

Masahiko nodded and stated his identity, “I’m Uzumaki Masahiko, the Great Elder of the Land of Whirlpools. I came to see your general, Mifune.”

He brought Kimimaro here to teach him Laido, and finding Mifune was the fastest way. Thus, concealing his identity wasn’t the right choice.

“The Great Elder of the Land of Whirlpools?” The Samurai looked at each other. They didn’t know much about the Shinobi World, but Masahiko’s name was still heard; still, they couldn’t believe that he came to the Land of Iron in person.

Seeing them hesitating, Masahiko waved his sleeves helplessly, letting out a repulsive barrier around everyone.

The wind and snow stopped suddenly. This kind of power eliminated the samurai’s doubt, and one of them immediately said, “I’ll report back to the general, you….”

Having said that, he hesitated again, not knowing what to call Masahiko.

“Samurai can also call me Elder.”

“Then I will be going, lead Elder to the country!” He said, then turned and ran towards the country.

“Elder, come with us.” One of the remaining samurai said.

Masahiko nodded and followed with three kids.

After walking less than two kilometers, the group reached the capital of the Land of Iron. The capital was built quite majestically, and it was heavily guarded. There is a samurai guard every ten of meters on the five-meter thick city wall.

“The change is so big. It’s completely different from the last time I came here.” Masahiko was quite emotional.

“Elder, have you been in our country before? Why haven’t we heard of it before?” A samurai said.

Masahiko smiled, “I’m afraid you were not born the last time I came. It was when the first Five Kage Meeting was held 53 years ago. There were not so many guards at the time, and the old-school samurai wouldn’t have liked you guys if they saw this. Even the arrival of the Five Kage wasn’t well-received by them.”

Masahiko was still cherishing the good old times there when he heard Karin whisper from behind, “He remembers all of that. Still, he forgot the right direction to the entrance of the Land of Iron….”

“Shut up!” Masahiko turned his head angrily, “I told you that it was for practice. Stop talking nonsense.”

“Great Elder…” Karin wanted to say something.

“Don’t add another word.” Masahiko’s eyes threatened.

The Samurai in front of him turned, “In fact, usually there aren’t so many guards….”

“Keiji!” Another samurai interrupted.

Masahiko was taken aback for a moment, “It seems that something major is about to happen. It looks like we came earlier by coincidence.”

The four followed the samurai, and as soon as they entered the gate of the capital, they found Mifune there to greet them.

“Your Excellency is the Great Elder of the Land of Whirlpools, Uzumaki Masahiko? I’m a real admirer of the name you’ve created for yourself in the Shinobi World.” Mifune bowed respectfully.

Masahiko looked at him weirdly; Mifune’s way of speaking was very old-fashioned. It seemed as if he was older than him… this wasn’t good.

“Yes. Your Excellency is the General of the Land of Iron, Mifune? I have long heard of you… You’re handsome and talented. You’re not as well-known as you should be.” Masahiko looked serious.

Mifune froze for a moment, then calmed down, “Thank you for your compliments, Elder. But I don’t know what the cause of the Elder’s visit today?”

Masahiko thought for a moment, turned around, and pointed at Kimimaro, “I have heard tales from distance lands about how great is the Samurai’s sword style, Laido, this visit, was destined to find a teacher for this child right here!”

It’s quite tiring to talk like this…

Mifune glanced at Kimimaro, nodded, and said, “The Elder will have to wait for a few days, the Land of Iron is the Land of Samurai, and I would be happy to teach the kid the Elder’s have brought here, but at this moment we happen to have something we need to deal with first. Of course, if the Elder is willing to wait, I will be able to teach him later.”

Masahiko nodded secretly. Mifune is quite a good talker, “Yes.”

Everything went so smoothly, so there should be some accidents really soon.

A samurai next to Mifune finally said, “General, we can’t allow….”

“It’s okay.”

“But they said they wanted to Laido and didn’t even bother to wield a Katana.”

Masahiko smiled, turned, and motioned to Kimimaro, and the latter draws his arm bone out. Under the dim sky, the scene was so terrifying.

Fortunately, the samurai were quite strong. Mifune hesitated for a moment, then said, “This is… the infamous Kaguya’s bloodline limit?”

Masahiko nodded, “That’s right.”

After that, Masahiko rolled his eyes, “I wonder if General Mifune can tell me the reason why Land of Iron is under martial law?”


“Okiji, it’s okay! I think the Elder is upright. It’s not right to cause that kind of indignant between men and Gods.” Mifune interrupted.

“Yeah, shut up, man! Now tell me again, what kind of indignant between men and gods you were talking about, dude?” Masahiko said, then he realized that his manners were gone already, and quickly tried to cover it, “Aaaaah… yes, please tell me, what the matter is?”

Karin, who didn’t dare to speak, chuckled and laughed.

Mifune: “…”