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L.L.H: Chapter 363: Two Battlefields

Facing the legendary Shinobi, Uchiha Madara, Shisui directly used his strongest technique, Kotoamatsukami, under Kagami’s command.

It seems to have worked.

Madara’s Susanoo disintegrated layer by layer, his eyes closed tightly, and his footsteps stopped in place.

“Did it work?”

After a while, Madara suddenly opened his eyes slightly, and a smirk appeared on his face, “It’s actually a Genjutsu that changes the will of others? You really caught me off guard. If it weren’t for the will of the Edo Tensei’s caster, it would have worked. This illusion, I’m afraid I must take it. Can you… release it again?!”

“Sure enough, it wouldn’t be this easy.” Kagami’s heart sank, “I still have to do it….”

“Kamui!” Obito shouted.

Madara’s smirk slowly faded, then he frowned and tilted his head to the right. The armor on his left shoulder suddenly twisted and disappeared, “So there’s still an eye with space, Ninjutsu?”

“Amaterasu!” Fugaku whispered.

Kagami was taken aback, then overjoyed, “Fugaku, when did you….”

Madara’s upper body suddenly ignited with black flames. He looked down and frowned slightly, “Shinra Tensei!”

The Amaterasu instantly burst out and scattered around him. Madara raised his head with a slightly unhappy expression: “One or two are boring abilities….”

“Release: Great Fire Annihilation!”

With the Eternal Mongekyou Sharingan opened in his eyes, Madara’s hand turned into afterimages as he performed the Hand Signs of the Fire Release, then spit out a colossal fireball out of his mouth. The range of the area damage of the fire release blessed by the Eternal Mongekyou Sharingan was dozens of times larger than the ordinary one, blocking all the escape angles of everyone.

Kagami wasn’t startled by these huge flames and performed the same seal: “Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!”

The two colossal fireballs collided in the center of the battlefield, then both were scattered and slowly disappeared, while the surrounding area of the Uchiha’s ancestor land lit up with ranging flames.

“Madara-Sama is like us owners of ‘normal’ Mongekyou Sharingan eyes, occasionally we do envy these younger generations with special abilities.”

After his fire release was blocked, Madara was slightly startled, then showed a look of disdain.

“Envy?! The ability an eye has isn’t important. The important thing is who is using these eyes! Susanoo!”

The complete form of Madara’s Susanoo once again appeared in front of everyone, “Let me teach you, and the younger generations what a real Mongekyou Sharingan can do!”

Kagami raised his head and looked up, and with a solemn expression, he said: “The two elders and Hatsu (Fugaku’s eldest son,) you go to help the Senju. You can’t do anything here! And you don’t need to go back to the village and ask for help. Hiruzen should have already noticed!”

The two elders hesitated slightly, Kagami looked at them, and his Mongekyou Sharingan suddenly spun, then light blue energy rose up: “GO!”

The other three also released their Susanoo together, and two red and two blue giant Susanoo surrounded Madara’s colossal giant in the middle.

Madara looked around with a satisfied look: “A pair of four? This is getting interesting. As for the three trashes that ran away, they won’t even give that guy any trouble….”


The Senju ancestral land.

There has been a six-on-six battle, and three of them were already over.

The Senju six faced the Pain’s Six Paths and get rid of three of the Path Ways at the cost of suffering two injuries and one death of the three elites.

Fortunately, one of the corpses was the Naraka Path with the reviving ability. Unfortunately, the Deva Path is still intact.

On the side of the battlefield, Michiyama released an overwhelming Water Release, repelling a giant dog that was duplicating time after time in front of him. He was about to get away but was pushed back by a huge rhino, and he looked more and more worried.

Because on the other side of the battlefield, Nawaki was struggling for support in front of the Deva Path. He needed to protect the two severely injured and unconscious Senju clansmen and could only use one large-scale Earth Release after another to block the Deva Path’s attacks, and his Chakra was being consumed quickly.

Senju Itachi, who had just turned 13 years old, faced Petra Path’s attack with ease. But the opponent could absorb Chakra, and Itachi’s Wood Release isn’t strong enough to finish him quickly.

Nawaki was getting more anxious.

He stared at the Deva Path in front of him, then tilted his head and glanced at the severely injured two Senju clansmen behind him, “This is bad. I can’t keep dragging them anymore. I need to find a chance to summon my slug. There seems to be a five-second interval between each technique that guy can use. I must take this opportunity… five seconds?!”

“Bansho Ten’in!”

Nawaki’s shoulders were attracted by force, lifting his feet off the ground, then flying toward the Deva Path.

“This bad!”

Nawaki’s face tightened; he looked at the sharp iron rod in the opponent’s hand, calmed down, and hardened his skin quickly using his Earth Release.

“This might be an opportunity to fight back….”

The two were about to clash, but the Deva Path’s back was suddenly covered by a shadow.

The Six Paths of Pain’s eyes are connected to each other, and the Deva Path could see that figure appearing behind him through the Animal Path’s eyes and frowned slightly: “Shinra Tensei!”

Nawaki’s earth release armor shattered immediately, vomiting blood while flying back. The figure behind the Deva Path only paused for a moment, his face flushed, and was quickly covered by dense blue lines and pushed back against the repulsive force.

“Shinra Tensei!!” The Deva Path yelled again with concentration, increasing the power of the repulsive force.

“Keep it shut!” The entire face of the figure that appeared behind him turned blue and slammed him down.

All of a sudden, the Deva Path turned into meatloaf, and the ground shattered. With this point as the center, the land around a hundred meters cracked like a spiderweb.

The figure looked up, and the blue color on his face quickly faded, revealing Tsunade’s sassy expression.

Tsunade sighed slightly, “It’s an unpleasant Sage Mode. That guy seemed to be the bastard who attacked Konoha and wanted to kill Nawaki. He didn’t expect me to appear in the ancestral land. Fortunately, I remembered that today is the day of ancestor worship.”

When she climbed out of the rubbles, Nawaki was surprised to see her, but she waved her hand, indicating that it wasn’t the right time for chit-chat, and shouted: “Shizune! Come out and treat them quickly!! I’ll go to take care of the other two bastards!”

“Yes! Tsunade-Sama!” Shizune ran over with a piggy in her arms.


The Senju Ancestral Land, two kilometers away, in the forest.

The young man with a double man bun hairstyle sighed: “It’s really troublesome. I didn’t expect Senju Tsunade to appear at this time. I didn’t want to show up. But it’s okay. Uzumaki Masahiko is in the Land of Whirlpools at this time. So…”


Konoha village, the Hokage Office.

The blue blood veins on both sides of Hiashi’s eyes throbbed violently as he used his Byakugan to observe the battlefields.

Hiruzen had just arranged for Sakumo to lead a team of elites out of the village for rescue. At this time, he was barely keeping himself calm and looked at Hiashi: “How is the situation?”

“The situation on the Uchiha’s side is clearer. Elder Kagami and the others are not in danger for the time being.” Hiashi replied, “The Senju’s side is far away, so I can only vaguely see Tsunade there rushing to the battlefield.”

“Is Tsunade back?” Hiruzen breathed a sigh of relief, with a slightly complicated expression, “The Uchiha actually has the fourth pair of Mongekyou Sharingan eyes… is it really Uchiha Fugaku?”