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L.L.H: Chapter 364: Joining Both Battlefields

Senju Ancestral Land.

Tsunade rushed to the battlefield and smashed the Deva Path. The remaining two Paths of Pain were quickly defeated by her one after another.

At this time, she had summoned slugs and was treating the two severely injured Senju clansmen.

“What’s the matter with those guys?”

Nawaki shook his head, “I don’t know. As soon as we arrived at the ancestral land, they immediately launched an attack on us. Fortunately, Tsunade sister, you arrived in time. However, it’s a pity that uncle Jingu….”

Tsunade gritted her teeth and said, “These bastards haven’t appeared in too many years, so I was getting a little relaxed. I didn’t expect them to attack you again!”

Nawaki was takan aback: “Again?”

Tsunade looked up at him, “You forgot because you were too young. Someone broke into Konoha and attack you. Fortunately, Grandma Mito arrived in time. You were in a coma for a long time after that.

Nawaki gradually widened his eyes, “I’ve been wondering why their eyes seemed to be familiar to me. It turned out to be the ones who caused me to be taken care of by Great Grandpa and fail to participate in the Second Shinobi World!”

Michiyama nodded thoughtfully: “I remember that too. It turned out to be them.”

Tsunade nodded slightly, then her expression changed, and she frowned, looking south. The two elders of the Uchiha and Hatsu finally arrived.

“Tsunade?” The two elders were taken aback for a moment and looked at the battlefield: “You’ve taken care of the enemy. Great! Come with us. The Patriarch and the others are fighting Madara!”

“Madara!” Tsunade widened her eyes: “Uchiha Madara?”

“Yes, come with us!”

Tsunade stopped the medical Ninjutsu, then shook her head slightly: “I’m afraid… we can’t.”

The old faces of the elders turned hideous instantly, and they were about to curse when they got stopped by Hatsu.

“Elders, there is someone rushing toward us from the west.”

In the forest to the west, a young man with a double man bun hairstyle walked out slowly.

Tsunade looked solemn as she stared at the young man’s eyes coldly: “I knew something was wrong with these bastards I’ve just beaten. They were just puppets, huh?”

“Nawaki, Michiyama-San, Itachi! Be careful. This guy probably has the abilities of the previous six. He will be stronger than the six combined!”


At the same time, Konoha, Hokage Office.

Hiashi, who was observing the battlefields on both sides, suddenly widened his eyes: “Hokage-Sama! A new enemy appeared on the Senju’s side. His Chakra… is huge, similar to Uchiha Madara!”

Hiruzen stood up abruptly when he heard these words, waved his hand, and an Anbu appeared in the room.

“Shinnosuke, go to the Nara, the Yamanaka, and Akimichi’s Patriarchs immediately. They need to rush to the Senju Ancestor Land to rescue! Also, send someone to inform the Land of the Whirlpools!”

Hiruzen said these few words, then took off his Hokage Cloak, revealing his battle suit.

“This enemy is probably the murderer who caused the annihilation of that country. Tsunade and the others may not last long. Hiashi, the two of us will go first!”


Konoha, Tenten’s home.

The fat cat was sitting on the table, sniffing the smell coming from the kitchen with his little nose.

“Meow?” Fat Cat suddenly widened his eyes and stopped sniffing, “Someone is leaving Konoha hurriedly? It seems to be that old man called the Hokage….”

“Moew~ Whitey doesn’t care. I’m gonna eat a big meal now. It’s a pity that the chef named Indra didn’t come back…” The fat cat babbled, then suddenly recalled the tragic experience during the last year’s New Year.

“That old bastard won’t bother Whitey again, right?” Fat Cat hesitated slightly, then smirked, “Fortunately, Whitey has learned a new secret trick, so he does it to him this time!”

Fat cat bit his right paw: “Neko Art: Reverse Summoning Technique!”


The Land of the Whirlpools, Ichiraku Ramen.

The tables and chairs in the lobby have been stacked in the corners and got replaced by a huge wooden round table.

The round table was full of various delicious plates. Sara, Kushina, and Konan worked really hard all morning to make this sumptuous launch.

Masahiko sat in the main seat, lightly stopped the chopsticks in Naruto’s hands that were about to move, and glanced at everyone present.

“This is a long-lost reunion. This old guy won’t say much. Everyone eat and drink well…” Masahiko smiled, “Oh, I almost forgot that cat.”

Masahiko bit his finger: “Summoning Jutsu!”

“Huh? Why do I feel like I’m the one getting summoned?” Masahiko was taken aback, “Where is this taking me?”

Boom! Boom!!

After two consecutive bursts of white smoke, Masahiko disappeared and was replaced by Fat Cat sitting in his chair.

“Huh? Wasn’t Grandpa the one who called Fat Cat over? Where did he go by himself?” Kushina asked in confusion.

Fat Cat was in a daze. He looked at everyone around: “Meow~ Why is Whitey still being summoned? Did the reverse summoning fail?”

The fat cat’s face was full of loss as if he watched a big meal taking away from him, but he suddenly noticed the delicacy on the table.

Sara smiled: “Don’t worry about father, he will be fine. Let’s watch Whitey, for now. Otherwise, this table will….”

Kushina was startled and immediately got up, and nine tails slowly emerged behind her.

Fat Cat: “…”

She has nine tails. I have two. This is great. It seems that Whitey’s meal was taking away from him again.


Masahiko sat at Tenten’s dining table, looking around blankly, and gradually understood what had happened.

“This is… Teten’s house? That bastard, I’m gonna beat him to death!”

“Fat cat, here’s your fish! Huh?!” Teten, who came out from the kitchen carrying a plate of fish, suddenly saw Masahiko sitting on the table…

Masahiko scratched his head, “If I say… I’m that fat cat. You won’t believe it, right?”

Tenten widened her eyes: “Uncle red-haired, I remember you. You’re the owner of the fat cat. Are you here to take her away?”

Seeing how Tenten was about to cry, Masahiko’s face darkened, and he shook his head repeatedly: “I won’t take it away, I won’t! Don’t worry, it will be back soon.”

“Really? Then… Uncle, you eat the fish.”

“Why do I want to eat a fish? I was just forced to leave a good table.” Masahiko shook his head, then his figure disappeared in place and appeared again in Konoha.

He wanted to return to the Land of Whirlpools immediately, but he suddenly turned his head and looked to the west side of Konoha.

“What’s… going on?”

Masahiko flashed continuously and appeared two kilometers west of Konoha.

“Is that… Madara in the south? The Chakra on the north side is very strange too. Is it the bastard who took the Rinnegan eyes? The one, who used Edo Tensei on Danzo?” Masahiko quickly guessed.

“It seems that Tsunade and Nawaki in trouble. Shadow Clone Jutsu!”

Looking at the shadow clone that contained 30% of his Chakra, Masahiko hesitated for a moment, “Do you sense Madara’s Chakra? Go there.”

The Shadow Clone rolled his eyes then left.

Masahiko’s mouth twitched, “Hey, don’t mess up!”

Then he flickered straight toward the Senju Ancestor Land while his face was still full of dismay.

He would have preferred to enjoy Madara by himself instead of leaving all the fun to his shadow clone…