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L.L.H: Chapter 365: 106cm Smurf

The Land of the Whirlpools, Ichiraku Ramen.

Kushina pressed Fat Cat tightly in her arms: “You mean, you used the reverse summoning technique to summon Grandpa away? Then he’s now in… Konoha?”

Minato stopped Naruto’s chopsticks that were about to move again: “The Great Elder is very fast. Let’s wait for him.”

Kushina sighed. This grandpa is always unreliable. If he doesn’t want to go, he could have stopped the summoning.


They waited and waited, and Naruto sighed again and again.

Until a member of the Uzumaki Patrol rushed in: “Urgent News from Konoha! The ancestor worship teams of the Senju Clan and the Uchiha Clan were attacked separately. One of the attackers is Uchiha Madara, and the other is suspected to be the leader of the Akatsuki!”

Everyone in the room looked at each other, then Nagato nodded and said: “Tell them that Sensei has already arrived at Konoha.”

Sara smiled bitterly, then went to the kitchen to fetch a few dishes: “I’m afraid that my father won’t be back for a while. The dishes will be cold after a while. I will save a bit of each dish for him. Let’s eat first.”

Kushina nodded: “This is the only way to go. It’s really annoying that something like this happened at such a time.”

Kushina sighed and squeezed the fat cat in her arms fiercely: “My Grandpa was happy about his reunion dinner very early.”


Uchiha Ancestral Land.

The field was wiped out and torn apart by the battle between the five Susanoo.

Masahiko’s shadow clone finally arrived but didn’t show up immediately, and found a hidden place near the battlefield then sat down cross-legged.

“It’s hard to see a battle between five Susanoo every day. Kagami and the others can last for a while. This ancestor will keep watching for now.”

“It’s estimated that the main body will solve that guy very soon, and maybe he will come here quickly… I’ll leave Madara to him. Just tell me, where can you find a kinder Shadow Clone?”

Masahiko’s shadow clone smiled, muttering some vague words in his mouth while watching the battle in the distance.

Madara’s complete Susanoo is three or four times bigger than the second stage Susanoo of the four. At this time, fighting together, it felt like an adult beating a child.

Every move of Madara requires three of the four ‘kids’ to fight together, while the remaining ‘kid’ waits for an opportunity to fight back… Obito was the remaining one, and only his power could defeat Madara.

“Sure enough, Fugaku also opened the Mongekyou Sharingan, and it looks good.”

“Shisui’s Susanoo is green in the second stage? This color is a bit ugly….”

“These two haven’t been cured by this ancestor. Their eyes must be hurting them. It’s decided! When the two of them can’t fight anymore, this ancestor will make another shining debut! Perfect!”


The Senju Ancestral Land, Masahiko, was a bit late. Same as the Uchiha’s ancestor land, this place got completely wiped out.

Since this year, the Uchiha and the Senju will no longer have to worship their ancestors…

“Nawaki, Michiyama, Itachi, and an unknown child, all seriously injured….” Masahiko first analyzed the situation. The four were getting healed by the slugs and didn’t need his help. After that, he moved his perception, and he sensed the Chakra of two people fighting a few hundred meters away.

“The double man bun guy, and the Rinnegan, he’s that bastard predicted by the old toad, I finally caught him!” Masahiko gritted his teeth and said, “This time, I must thank that stupid cat!”

He wasn’t even in the mood to watch the battle, so he made his debut instantly. His body suddenly flickered and appeared beside Tsunade.

The young man was shocked and jumped backward, pulling away from them, but Tsunade reflexively punched Masahiko.

Masahiko smiled; he managed to block it with his right hand, but… flew away by the impact.

Tsunade: “…”

“Was that… Uzumaki Masahiko?” The young man’s expression became serious.

After a long while, Masahiko flashed back, rubbing his arm. Tsunade and the young man were still frozen in their original positions…

“What’s the situation? I’m already guessing that it’s serious after taking that punch…” Masahiko shook his head speechlessly, looked at Tsunade, and was taken aback for a moment, “Angry Smurf, is this you?”

Tsunade let out a sigh of relief, and the blue marks on her face faded away quickly: “It’s really you, Great Grandpa! God knows why my Sage Mode looks like this! Just come here and deal with this bastard. I have to hurry back and treat Nawaki and the others. They are all seriously injured….”

Masahiko laughed. No wonder that after Tsunade had successfully mastered the Sage Mode before, she never shows it to him. It’s estimated that it was affected by the Ying Seal and made her look like a Smurf.

“Go ahead. Your Sage Mode is pretty cool. Your eyes and your blue face are very beaut…. Buhahahahahahahahaha…”

Tsunade gave Masahiko an angry stare and left instantly.

Masahiko laughed for a long time before casting his gaze on the opposite young man: “Yo, big brother, I finally met you, but why didn’t you run away when you saw me? Is it because you confident, or because you know that I, Uzumaki Masahiko, won’t let you go?!”

“Uzumaki Masahiko, long time no see.”

“Although I think you’re a bit familiar, my memory tells me very clearly that I have never seen you before.”

“Really? It seems that you have lived too long that your memory became blurry. Or is it because my appearance different from before?”

Masahiko shook his head and laughed, and a bone from his right hand slowly came out: “Don’t try to waste time. The experience of countless seniors before me tells me that if I let you waste time, there will be some unexpected changes… Even though I’m not the villain here.”

Instantly, Masahiko’s figure appeared right above the young man’s head, “All-Killing Ash Bones!”


The sound of the weapon collision emitted. Masahiko squinted his eyes and looked at the strange weapon that suddenly appeared in the young man’s hand.

“It can actually block the All-Killing Ash Bones, what material is it made of… It’s a pity that you’re too weak. You will probably say that this thing was inherited for thousands of years by the ancestors.”

Masahiko closed his left fist, and white light condensed around it: “Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack!”

“Shinra Tensei!!!”

The Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack clashed with the young man’s all-out Shinra Tensei, and for a moment, it seemed that sun had descended in the center of the battlefield, and a strong shock wave spread out.

Masahiko frowned slightly and flashed in Tsunade’s direction to block the shock wave from reaching her and the wounded using his repulsive force.

After it finally calmed down, the young man crawled out of the pit created by the explosion, covered in blood, supporting his shaky legs with that strange weapon.

“Sure enough… It’s too early to fight Uzumaki Masahiko now.”

Masahiko smiled: “This guy is quite resistant to beating, but his strength is still far worse than of Madara. The old toad must have been confused, making such a guy a big enemy….”

“Great Grandpa, you must let this kid bite you. He’s going to die!” Tsunade’s voice came from behind.

Masahiko was startled, his eyes fixed on the young man behind him, and he took two steps back hesitantly, hiding his right arm behind him.

“Who is this kid?”

“It’s Fugaku’s eldest son.”

Masahiko nodded and found that the young man had a familiar facial expression, then turned around and opened his mouth, letting out a Bijuudama.

“Shinra Tensei!”

After the shock wave that was much less powerful than before exploded, the double bun guy tumbled and fell to the ground again.

However, he managed to perform the Edo Tensei successfully, and two coffins slowly rose up in front of him.

“Well?! Great Grandpa!”

Masahiko nodded, then gave her his right arm and adjusted his slightly messy clothes: “Edo Tensei, who is it this time?”

Looking at the double bun guy who tried to get up again, he thought, “I’m definitely going to kick your ass…”