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L.L.H: Chapter 366: Mistakes

Two coffins slowly rose from the ground.

Masahiko fixed his eyes on the coffins and smiled a little, “Hmm two, isn’t it the two brothers again? Is this how we’re going to meet from now on?”

With such a whisper, Masahiko frowned, looking south before the coffin was fully raised.

Konoha’s reinforcements finally rushed to the battlefield. Sakumo took the lead, followed by Dai, Konoha’s new backbone-Kakashi, Gai, Rin, and others.

“Elder Masahiko!” Sakumo appeared behind Masahiko instantly.

“No one is going to the Uchiha side?” Masahiko saw them and felt slightly dissatisfied.

Sakumo was taken aback: “These were the orders….”

Masahiko sighed: “Rin can stay to help with the treatment, and everyone else needs to go to the Uchiha and support them. I don’t need you here! Uchiha’s enemy is Uchiha Madara. I only have one shadow clone there, not necessarily enough to stop him.”

Rin heard this and immediately leaned to her master Tsunade, said hello, then assisted her to treat the wounded with Shizune.

Sakumo nodded and was about lead the team away, but he heard Dai’s exclamation.

“This is…!”

Masahiko also sensed the familiar Chakra behind him. His expression changed, then he suddenly smiled.

He turned around and looked at the two people who came out from the coffins. Masahiko froze for a few moments, then stretched his right hand and gave the double man bun a thumbs up: “Young man, this ancestor admires you. You’re very thoughtful! Other people’s summonses are always the Hokage brothers. Only you understood that real pain will be caused by these two!”

“Grandpa and Grandma Mito?!” Tsunade suddenly raised her head and stood up.

“Elder Masahiko, then we should…?”

Masahiko waved his hand: “You go. There are only two of them, so don’t worry.”

It was the first time that Mito was summoned by the Edo Tensei. Her eyes were slightly confused, and then when she saw Hashirama beside her, she smiled gently before turning to Masahiko.

“Second Grandpa, is someone controlling Hashirama and me to be hostile to you?” She immediately understood the situation.

Hashirama also saw Mito next to him and scratched his head: “Hahaha, this must be Tobirama’s technique again.”

Masahiko smiled: “Hashirama, usually you’re always angry talking about this technique and how the dead shouldn’t interfere with the living’s problems. But now seeing Mito… you’re happy, aren’t you?”


Mito’s gentle smiled was suddenly mixed with oppression: “Second Grandpa, I seem to have known most of the people who have just left. They have all grown up. It seems that many years have passed, but the few lying behind you….”

Masahiko’s expression changed, and he unusually became nervous: “I just arrived a bit late. They just suffered some minor injuries. Tsunade will be able to heal them.”

Mito smiled gently, “Sure enough, it’s Nawaki and Michiyama, and is that Itachi? They are all grown up… their injuries are really serious. Did you figure out who is controlling Hashirama and me?”

Masahiko smiled awkwardly: “Ah, it’s him. I will solve this immediately.”

The young man was taking this opportunity to recover from his injury. At this time, he heard Masahiko’s words and slowly said: “It seems… that the time for chatting is over, then… let’s do it.”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head: “Who said you’re going to do anything? Do you think Orochimaru never thought that summoning Mito would be better than Tobirama?”

“He didn’t do it. Because he knew that disturbing Mito’s peace will just irritate me… and let me tell you something you won’t like me when I’m irritated!”

“So it doesn’t matter to you if my peace is disturbed, Second Grandpa?” Hashirama took a few steps forward with a sad expression on his face.

Masahiko gave him a look of “you know I love to see you, love,” and continued: “Secondly….”

Several red chains waved around Mito’s body abruptly then were inserted into the ground, making her steps stop suddenly.

The young man’s expression changed suddenly, and Masahiko shrugged: “Secondly, you should know that Mito’s sealing techniques are very strong. She’s not Hashirama. No one can control her!”

Rubbing his wrist, Masahiko took two steps forward: “Well, now there’s only one stupid Senju brother. You still dare not let go of the restriction on his strength? How long you think he can stop me? One minute? Two minutes?”

A wry smile appeared on Hashirama’s face: “Second Grandpa….”

The double man bun frowned, his right hand formed a seal, and he mobilized all the Chakra in his body but still failed to make Mito act again.

Seeing Masahiko getting closer and closer, the double man bun guy sighed: “I made a mistake. I only brought two sacrifices with me….”

He pondered slightly, raised his hands to form a seal similar to the Edo Tensei’s, then pressed his right hand on the ground, and a burst of white smoke rose.

Masahiko paused, “Huh?”

“Be careful, Second Grandpa!”

Hashirama’s body rushed towards Masahiko uncontrollably, and Masahiko squinted his eyes slightly, “Is he summoning Madara here? Hashirama, it seems that there’s no chance for a chit-chat this time. We will talk next time when I go to Orochimaru. Sage Mode-Kai!”


In the Uchiha’s ancestral land, the five Susanoo were fighting fiercely, and Masahiko’s shadow clone was still watching with relish.

Madara’s Susanoo suddenly collapsed layer by layer, revealing Madara’s body.

“This is…” Madara raised his hand, and his body was glowing with a bright white light.

Masahiko’s shadow clone freaked out and stood up instantly: “Damn, is this the caster summoning him? Why did I forget about this? What will I say to the main body when he asks me? Sorry I lost?”

“That damn kid got into trouble, is the old guy here?” Madara closed his eyes, “He actually wants me to be his cannon fodder so he can escape? I really can’t put the hope of my resurrection on him….”

Kagami froze for a moment, then raised his voice and said, “Madara-Sama, it seems that the Senju has gained an advantage. This battle is over. Thank you very much for teaching us, you juniors.”

“Teaching you?” Madara’s smirked, then his body trembled, and the white light on his body faded away instantly, then his whole body was raised again, “Then let me continue to teach you!”

Kagami’s face turned pale: “Did the caster cancel the summoning?!”

Masahiko’s shadow clone calmed down and slowly sat back: “It wasn’t the caster who canceled it, but Madara the one who refused the summoning. That guy didn’t actually use anything on Madara’s body to gain control over him? Madara isn’t someone who can be manipulated this easily.”

Looking at the five Susanoo fighting together again, his eyes fixed on the green Susanoo: “Shisui… Could it be that he used Kotoamatsukami on Madara?”

The shadow clone pondered for a moment and then let out a sigh of relief: “Madara got rid of the caster’s control, the main body should be more relaxed there, and he should be able to solve the other guy quickly and rushed here. It seems that I don’t need to make a move. 30% is really not enough to fight Madara….”


In the Senju Ancestral Land, the smoke dissipated, but the double man bun guy was left there dumbfounded.

“What’s the matter? Uchiha Madara… AUGH!” His expression suddenly changed, “I made another mistake!”

Looking up at Hashirama that was being hit by Masahiko, the young man turned around and started running…