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L.L.H: Chapter 367: Desperately Running Away

Second Grandpa, don’t get distracted by Hashirama. The other guy is running away.

“Don’t worry, Mito, he can’t run away!”

Masahiko gave a seriously punched Hashirama, and the latter smashed several giant wooden trees before stopping. Masahiko frowned and raised his head: “Madara didn’t appear? Are you kidding me? Did he resist the summoning…”

Turning to face Hashirama that was rushing again, Masahiko concentrated slightly: “Eight Gates: Fifth Gate, Gate of Limit, Kai!”

The exploding Chakra blasted the trees that were growing next to him, and Masahiko appeared behind Hashirama instantly, rode Hashirama down to the ground, and locked his upper body with his legs and his neck with his arms.

“Second Grandpa, what are you doing? Use that bone technique directly…” Hashirama struggled to speak.

“I know.” Masahiko smiled, “Sorry, brother.”

Masahiko moved his hand a seal few out, opened automatically, and released eight iron rods that penetrated Hashirama’s boy from different angles.

“Fuinjutsu: Eight Trigrams Blockade!”

Using eight iron rods to form a sealing technique, Masahiko left Hashirama nailed to the ground.

“Good.” Masahiko clapped his hands, released the Sage Mode and the Eight Gates techniques, then stepped back, “This way, you can talk to Mito and Tsunade for a while. That guy will be busy for a while and won’t release the Edo Tensei technique.”

Because the caster won’t actually know if Masahiko was still fighting Hashirama, he won’t dare to lift the Edo Tensei technique.

Hashirama was firmly nailed to the ground, and only his head could move at this time. He raised his head slightly and said with a wry smile: “Second Grandpa, you’re going to let me chat with them like this? Couldn’t you seal me in a less embarrassing position?”

Masahiko smiled: “The other seals are too time-consuming. Also, what are you doing chatting with me? I have to chase that guy. Otherwise, he will really run away.”

“Great Grandpa, you go. Take your time while finishing him off. The three of them will wake up shortly. I want them to see Grandfather and Grandmother too.” Tsunade walked over.

“It’s okay. The Edo Tensei will not be released by the death of the caster. Goodbye, Mito and Hashirama.” Masahiko’s figure disappeared in place.

There was a slight silence for a moment. After that, Hashirama raised his head to look at Tsunade and suddenly smiled: “Tsunade, do you have a dice cup?”

Tsunade sat on the ground: “Of course!”

Mito firmly locked her body with a sealing technique on the side, watching the two gambling with a gentle smile on her face.


Five Kilometers northwest of the Ancestral Land of the Senju, Msahiko’s figure flickered and appeared in front of the double man bun guy who was fleeing hurriedly.

“You almost ran out of my range of perception.” Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “Do you have any other cards? You preferred to appear in the Senju Ancestral Land, so you must have dug someone’s grave, right? Why don’t you summon Hashirama’s dad so the two can talk?”

The young man took a deep breath, stared at Masahiko, then tried to run again.

Masahiko shook his head, and a bone erupted out of his hand, “It looks like you don’t want to play anymore. All-Killing Ash Bone!”


It was that weird weapon again. Masahiko smiled and stretched his left arm, “It’s the same situation again, but would you be able to block this one again? Eight Gods Vacuum Attack!”

“Shinra Tensei!”

Unlike before, the repulsive force could only block one strike, and the young man sput blood out of his mouth while he was blown out by the remaining strikes.

Masahiko took two steps forward, watching the young man struggling to get up, and shook his head slightly, “Aren’t you afraid of death? Don’t you still have some unfinished businesses?”

“Uzumaki Masahiko!” The young man suddenly shouted, “You… really… don’t remember who I am?!”

Masahiko was startled, then frowned while squinting his eyes: “Have we really met before?” Don’t you light, this ancestor’s memory is really strong.”

“Hehe…” The young man got up while a face covered in blood, and looked directly at Masahiko’s eyes: “So you’ve never looked at me….”

Masahiko frowned and shook his head, then stretched his right arm backward: “Stop talking nonsense. I’ve never looked down on anyone, especially someone who’s as ambitious as you. I’ll tell you what, I’m going to give you a brilliant ending, Eighty… huh?”

The young man suddenly rolled sideways, and as if he touched some mechanism, he fell to the ground.

“There is a secret base here? No wonder he came to such a deserted place.” Masahiko took a few steps forward, scanned the ground that had just been opened, and closed his eyes slightly, sensing it, “Um… a door?”

“Sure enough.” After a moment, Masahiko sighed, raised his right foot, and stomped down. After a bang, a deep hole appeared in front of Masahiko, and he floated down.

“It’s a huge underground space… There is also another Chakra reaction, is one of his allies?”

“Hmm, a wall-shot will be very effective in such a situation….” Masahiko focused, opened his Mind’s Eye of the Kagura, then condensed a Bijuudama in his mouth, and shot it penetrating several walls, then hit the double man bun guy.

The Bijuudama exploded, and the underground space crumbled. Masahiko hurriedly used Earth Release to reinforce it. He didn’t want this to end with him assuming that the guy was buried deep underground, then realizing after many years that he survived and got stronger.

“His Chakra reaction is still….” Masahiko walked forward, and after passing through the thick smoke and dust, he saw the young man lying on the ground covered in blood, and next to him, a familiar coffin raising.

“So it wasn’t an ally, but a living sacrifice?” Masahiko held his finger in the shape of a gun and pointed at the young man.

“Brother Minato! Brother Minato…”

“Huh?!” Masahiko was taken aback, and the Bijuudama on the tip of his finger dissipated, then turned slowly to look at the opened coffin, “The one you used as a sacrifice just now is… the broker?!”

“Yes,” The young man slowly got up, “Uzumaki Masahiko, I didn’t want to use this card now….”

Masahiko was quiet for a moment, “So what if it’s the broker? In my heart, that kid died 40 years ago. But you’re really a thoughtful guy. Now that you’ve used all of your cards, would you go to hell already?”


The door of the coffin exploded instantly, Masahiko saw the person inside, and the smile on his face stiffened, “You’re really going to hell….”

He hurriedly stretched his right hand forward, and five small Bijuudama condensed on his five fingertips, then were shot quickly targeting the young man.

But a figure flashed from the coffin, and a red-haired man quickly embraced the young man evading all the Bijuudama while the blue light soared from his body.

The red-haired guy slowly opened his eyes and was stunned to see the surrounding environment, “Oh! Sensei, are you dead too?”

Masahiko’s face darkened, and then he heard the red-haired guy say…

“Huh? Sensei, who’s controlling my arm?”

“Huh? Why did I open the seventh gate?”

“Huh? Why doesn’t my body listen to me?”

“Oy, Oy, Oy, why is his Chakra flowing toward his heart!”

Masahiko’s heart gradually sank, “I seem that I’ve ended up talking nonsense and gave the true protagonist a chance to turn things around.”

“Am I the real villain in this story…?!”