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L.L.H: Chapter 368: The Yonko’s Debut

A dozen kilometers northwest of Konoha in a mysterious underground base.

Masahiko felt the Chakra surging inside Kenichiro, his expression changed, and his heart was even sadder: “Is this my punishment for not sending off Kenichiro when he died?”

“Sensei! What the hell is going on?!” Kenichiro looked tangled and looked down at the young man in his arms: “Who is this guy? Why am I holding him?”

Masahiko took a deep breath, calmed down, and smiled: “Good boy, that’s the enemy of the Sensei. Can you punch him real hard?”

Kenichiro was taken aback: “Oh? Of course!”

He agreed, but his actions were different. He smashed both feet to the ground, then disappeared out of sight.

Masahiko looked up at the blue sky and white clouds from the hole above his head and sighed, “What a hapless kid.”

He then flickered also, leaving the underground base from the hole Kenichiro smashed with his head and appeared opposite him.

“Sensei! I want to hit him, but my body won’t listen to me!” Kenichiro shouted, but his movement didn’t stop, and while running sideways, he threw the young man in his arm fiercely.

“Naïve! You think you can run away like this?” Masahiko ignored Kenichiro and performed a hind sign, “Sage Mode: Kai! Sage Mode: Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

The huge white bright light shot from Masahiko’s palms, chasing the young man who flew away quickly. In order to prevent Kenichiro from intercepting, Masahiko used the dust release to destroy his body too.

However, what Kenichiro did was beyond Masahiko’s expectations. He jumped high, catching up to the young man, then kicked him in the chest, allowing the young man to rate of rising up to accelerate, avoiding the dust. Kenichiro only had time to turn sideways slightly and barely managed to avoid the dust release, yet his left arm was caught up.

“Is this how you want to get hurt instead?” Masahiko was stunned. Although the young man avoided being hit by the Dust Release head-on, Kenichiro’s kick… must have caused him to lose half of his lifespan.

“This guy is very resistant to beatings, so I still have to work harder. But the out-of-control Kenichiro is very troublesome. I need to first find a way to seal him.” Seeing the young man flying away from sight, Masahiko frowned and flashed in front of his disciple.

“Sensei! Be careful!” Kenichiro’s left arm was still recovering, but the intact right arm that moved quickly in the air created friction, producing hot flames, and punched out, hitting Masahiko’s chest directly.

Masahiko gritted his teeth and swallowed the blood in his mouth. Looking down at Kenichiro’s right fist that was printed on his chest, as if it meant to penetrate him, he sighed painfully, then said, “My boy, I’ll help you late, but for now… go in!”

Kenichiro’s figure disappeared instantly, and he was thrown into Masahiko’s space.

“Success! I’m a real genius.” Masahiko’s expression loosened, and he took a bite to heal his chest that was deeply sunken by that punch just now.

Ten seconds later, Masahiko’s chest was finally healed up, and he hurriedly chased after the young man.

“You think you will be able to escape just because you summoned Kenichiro? Killing a disciple isn’t something that can be done easily. Fortunately, I acted decisively and threw Kenichiro in… poof!!!”

Masahiko didn’t finish his mumble yet, but he stopped and turned around, barely blocking a kick that came from behind him.

Kenichiro appeared in front of Masahiko again, the blue vapor on his body had turned red, and he said with a weeping face, “Sensei, I really can’t control myself. Are you… okay?!”

Masahiko sighed and used medical Jutsu to heal his right arm: “It’s okay. It was me who underestimated the Hachimon Tonkou. The Eight Trigrams Space was actually broken.

Masahiko looked at Kenichiro, and an optimistic smile appeared on the latter’s face: “Sensei is okay, very good. I might have kicked that guy very hard that he died. Maybe if he didn’t die, he fell near a wild boar or something, and it killed him? Is this possible?”

However, the red vapor on Kenichiro’s body rose to the sky, and his expression suddenly frustrated: “Sensei, I was wrong… but be careful, my body is a bit weird.”

Masahiko’s face became solemn. Of course, he knew that Kenichiro’s body is weird. After all, that guy used the broker as a sacrifice, and he was the owner of the Jashin’s Immortal Body.

Although Masahiko has many ways to kill the so-called undead body, none of them would work if he’s used as a sacrifice for the Edo Tensei.

That is to say, the person opposite to Masahiko is still the broker, wearing the limited edition “Uzumaki Kenichiro” skin. If this wasn’t the case, any sacrifice would be just an empty shell, without blood or sweat that can be burned by the opening of the Eight Gates, let alone even using this technique.

“It doesn’t matter if this is the broker’s body. If Kenichiro opens the Eight Gates, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to deal with him…” Masahiko sensed the Chakra fluctuation in Kenichiro’s body that was several times higher than him, and his expression becomes more solemn, “It seems that I have to go all out, Shadow Clone-Release! Eight Gate: Sixth Gate… huh?!”

Before he could open the gate, the memories from the shadow clone gradually flooded into Masahiko’s mind, and he immediately froze in place.

“My shadow clone… the hell were you doing? You think this is funny?!” Masahiko gritted his teeth.

“Sensei, be careful! It’s about to start!” Kenichiro shouted, his left arm that been destroyed by the Dust Release finally recovered, and his body flickered, leaving an afterimage while running around Masahiko.

The wound on Masahiko’s arm also completely healed, and he frowned, watching the ground cracking under his feet: “Kenichiro is just running, and his movement is already shaking the mountains. This battle must be moved away. Otherwise, this won’t over before destroying half of the Land of Fire… Sixth Gate View-Kai!”

“This is the Evening Elephant. I’m going to strike each time I take a step. You need to stop me now! One Foot!” Kenichiro tried to remind him.

“Eighty God Vacuum Attacks!”

Masahiko’s face was solemn, and countless shadows of fists broke through the air, clashing with the bright white rectangular air cannon shot by Kenichiro.

The two attacks froze for a moment, interlaced with each other, then finally broke out.

The sun seemed to have descended in the center of the battlefield, with thousands of rays of light radiating and spreading out in all directions. Wherever the light goes, there seemed to be a horrible and invisible shock wave that turned everything in its way into dust.

Kenichiro immediately fell back, but Masahiko gritted his teeth, used the repulsive force to enhance his dashing jump, reached Kenichiro instantly, and clenched his left arm with both hands preventing his second blow.

“Hey, this time, instead of throwing you into my space, we’re going to do a random space jump. Let’s hope that the place we’re going to is deserted!”

In the next moment, the surrounding environment suddenly changed.

Masahiko smiled: “Hahaha! The endless sea! It’s all water!”

“It’s time for the Red-Haired Yonko, Shanks, to make a debut!”