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L.L.H: Chapter 369: Super Saiyan 3

Five minutes ago in the Uchiha’s ancestral land.

The balance of the battle between the Five Susanoo was gradually lost, Shisui and Fugake’s Mongekyou Sharingan were overused, and they were no longer unable to use the second stage of Susanoo; the tall Susanoo gradually degenerated into a smaller skeleton.

The shadow clone, who had been watching the battle for a long time, finally took action and chose to make its debut.

He instantly appeared beside Kagami and used his repulsive force to help him block Madara’s attack. At the same time, he laughed and said, “Oh, it seems that I’ve been a good boy during last year, and Santa decided to bring me a wrapped Madara as a gift!”

Madara’s complete Susanoo paused for a moment, then waved its sword back, looking down at Masahiko’s shadow clone without speaking a word.

“Elder Masahiko!” Kagami breathed a sigh of relief, then relieved his Susanoo. Fugaku and Shisui also instantly came to his side when they saw this.

The shadow clone turned sideways slightly and said hello to them: “All of you go to the back and rest. I’m here now. You’re all safe!”

“Old guy! What do you mean… by safe?!” Madara finally raised his voice, and an inexplicable pressure controlled the place, while his Tengu complete Susanoo stood tall in the center of the battlefield.

“He hasn’t been serious up until now?” Fugaku and Shisui were shocked, while Kagami looked doubtful.

The shadow clone smiled, “Both of you are strong, but you’re far from Madara’s level. He was just playing with you just now?”

“Madara, I said they’re safe. Are you complaining? It seems that you need to recall the fear of watching the star in the daylight!” The shadow clone raised his hand and said.

“You’re just a shadow clone… go away!” Madara’s sentence was interrupted by Obito’s sneak attack, but the latter was sent flying with the backhand of the Susanoo.

The shadow clone smiled, but Obito deserves it. Did he really think he could surprise Madara with that lame kick?

“Leave it to me. You guys, hurry up and find Obito before he does anything stupid. Leave Madara’s butt to me!”

“Elder Masahiko, are you really… a shadow clone?” Kagami hesitated and looked worried.

The shadow clone smiled: “Don’t worry, I can deal with him if I can’t beat him, and the main body will be here soon!”

After saying this, Masahiko stepped on the ground, rose to the sky, and his eyes gradually leveled with Madara: “Madara, eat this!”

“Eighty Gods… Puff!”

The shadow clone was released…

Madara froze for a while, then raised his voice and said: “Old guy! You’re still here, right? You won’t fool me this time! When I fought with Hashirama last time (The Valley of the End), you made two shadow clones! One was lifted in front of my eyes, and the other hid in the dark and attacked me with Dust Release! No need to hide, come out!”

No one responded. Madara turned around and kept looking: “Get out now!”

Moments later, squinting his eyes, Madara inserted the Susanoo’s sword into the ground, cracked it, and made the surrounding mountains shake.

“Get out now!”

Not far away, the juniors looked at each other.

“Does the Elder really have a second clone?” Shisui doubted.

“The Ancestor said so. There should be something…” Obito scratched his head.

Kagami sighed, feeling that the situation wasn’t very optimistic…

Suddenly, the ground trembled so hard that the four needed to move the Chakra to their feet.

“What’s happening?”

Kagami turned around and opened his Sharingan, “That’s… what? Is it me or that Elder Masahiko fighting?”

Madara naturally felt the horrifying impact coming from there, and his expression became solemn: “This strong impact. The old guy has gone all out. It seems that he really had to release his shadow clone….”

“That bastard actually has this kind of card under his sleeve? Sure enough, he has been guarding me….”

But the explosion came fast and went fast.

Madara waited for a long time, but there wasn’t a second one.

“Have the old guy already won?” Madara’s expression slightly condensed, “The Rinnegan is probably in the hands of the old guy. This is troublesome… I need to rest my resurrection plan. Acting personally is better than following that bastard that I don’t believe in….”

Madara was no longer in the mood to teach his four juniors, so he lifted his Susanoo and left the place in the blink of an eye.

“This battle is really… over.” Kagami finally sighed in relief.


Above the vast sea.

The sea has lost its original calm, and from time to time, hundreds of meters of huge waves rolled.

“Sensei! Stop me!” Third Foot!”

In mid-air, Masahikos ripped the air with both hands sending a repulsive fore.

At this time, the blue veins on his forehead throbbed, and he kept sending the repulsive force out with all his might to prevent the bright white rectangular air cannon from hitting him.

“I would love… to stop… you!” Masahiko gritted his teeth.

“Fourth Foot!”

“Haaaa!” Masahiko shouted, holding the repulsive force around his body that was about to break, “One more….”

“Five Foot!”

“Shinra Tensei!!!!”

Crack! Crack!!

Masahiko roared louder, but the repulsive force barrier was still broken…

The continuous attack of the Evening Elephant distorted the space around Masahiko, making it unable for him to move using his space Ninjutsu. He could only grit his teeth and impose multiple defensive Ninjutsu on his body.

Being hit by four weakened air cannons and a fifth one head-on, the defensive Ninjutsu only prevented him from breaking apart. Then with blood coming out of his mouth, Masahiko was suppressed deep into the sea.

“Sensei! Are you okay! Damn…” Kenichiro’s body halted before moving, then rushed towards Masahiko.

The broker’s body has been manipulated by the double man bun guy very early, and Kenichiro couldn’t control it at all by his will.

Masahiko lay flat on the bottom of the sea. With bubbles coming out of his mouth, he watched Kenichiro, who used Chakra to split the sea open and rush toward him, then shook his head helplessly: “You’re really going to kill your Sensei, you rebel… However, this is my fault. I should have noticed how favorable this terrain is.”

“That trick… what is it called again? Ice Age?”

Masahiko stretched his hands toward Kenichiro. Starting from his fingertips, the seawater quickly froze and spread all the way to Kenichiro, sealing him in it.

“Cough…” Masahiko coughed twice, and a little blood leaker from the corner of his mouth, “My disciple managed to beat me this badly. I’m really ashamed.”

Crack! Crack!!

The ice around Kenichiro gradually cracked; Masahiko sighed and cast his gaze on the attribute bar.

“There are still 365 witness points. Kenichiro, don’t blame your Sensei.”

“Hmmm, let’s add 100 points to the Yang attribute first!”

The number of witness points has been reduced to 265 points, and Masahiko’s Sage Body was strengthened a bit.

“Bang!” The ice burst.

“Come on, good disciple, let me show you my Super Saiyan 3!”