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L.L.H: Chapter 370: Finally Over

Masahiko’s expression was solemn, floating in the air, catching Kenichiro’s figure with his perception.

From time to time, there were huge waves rolling in the sea or ice cones piercing and pouncing on Kenichiro.

“One Foot!”

“Eighty God Vacuum Attacks!”

Countless shadows of fists broke through the air and once again clashed with the bright white cannons, interlacing each other and exploding.

The wave on the sea underneath stood still for a moment, then crashed. With this clash of the two techniques as the center, the sea flew and revolved, and then, like a volcano that has erupted, a water mushroom with a diameter of kilometers rose into the sky.

Masahiko concentrated slightly, using gravity to draw part of that water and turn it into a giant waterfall that separated him from Kenichiro.

Kenichiro’s second foot that was about to hit abruptly stopped.

Masahiko smiled with joy, “Sure enough, the Evening Elephant’s continuous technique needs to lock my position, and by blocking his vision, I can interrupt it.”

Kenichiro’s figure flashed and appeared behind Masahiko again. Masahiko hurriedly turned around and raised his hand, and another waterfall rose, blocking the front.

“That’s good. How much blood can the Broker’s body burn? It should over soon.”

Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief, then frowned slightly: “Kenichiro… why did he stop all of a sudden?”

“Sensei, you… be careful.” Behind the waterfall, Kenichiro’s slightly frustrated voice made Masahiko’s heart sink.

“This time, it’s not the Evening Elephant! No, it can be said that it’s a special form of the Evening Elephant. But it’s not a continuous attack. It’s one strike.”

Masahiko’s expression suddenly changed. Kenichiro actually has a second technique? He certainly remembers Night Gai, which almost finished off Madara in the original, but isn’t that Gai’s original technique?

No longer manipulating the seawater, the waterfall fell straight down, while Masahiko’s eyes were fixed on Kenichiro.

Kenichiro was posing in a slight peculiar stance, standing on the tips of his foot while extending his arms. He looked a bit like a hawk pouncing on his prey.

Obviously, it looked extremely ridiculous, but Masahiko wasn’t in the mood to laugh at all because the thunder was flickering around Kenichiro’s body.

“Damn, I have totally forgotten that Kenichiro is still a Thunder Release proficient, and the Broker… has the Chakra Nature of the Lightening Release.” Masahiko’s face was solemn, his arms were pulled back at the same time, and his two fists emitted a slight white light, “This is the first time I use it, but I hope it works. It’s probably too later to just… turn around and run.”

Sensei, this should be the last blow! You must block me! Kenichiro still tried to encourage him, “Evening Elephant! Thunderfoot!”

“Eighty*2 God Vacuum Strikes!”

The two fists successfully shoot out the Eighty God Vacuum Strikes at the same time, then immediately clashed with the white air cannon mixed with thunder, but it collapsed instantly.

Facing the air cannon that came straight targeting his body, the lightning seemed to have weakened a bit, and the blue veins throbbed violently on Masahiko’s forehead: “Shinra Tensei!!!!”

Crack! Crack!!

Although the repulsive barrier could only persist for two seconds, it was enough for Masahiko to apply the defensive techniques to his body.

The space in front of him was distorted, and Masahiko was firmly locked by this blow, and there was no escape at all. Under the heavy pressure of the air cannon, Masahiko struggled to move his right hand to his mouth to bite, and at the same time, when the last layer of defensive technique was broken, he added 100 to the Yang Attribute.


Under the double healing of self-bite and adding points, Masahiko’s chest continued to shatter and heal, then he has plunged into the deep sea again. This time, the seawater that has worked as an advantage to him was instantly steamed by thunder and lightning. Masahiko was hit by the impact force and hit the bottom of the sea, and once again, blood gushed out of his mouth.

After a full half-minute, Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief. Using multiple protections, he finally managed to survive.

With a leap, Masahiko flew up into the sky with an imposing look on his face.

“It’s finally over….” Masahiko was about to breathe a sigh of relief, but the smile on his face suddenly stiffened.

Kenichiro was taking the same poser again, standing on the sea.

“Didn’t you say that it was the last blow?!”

Kenichiro cried and said, “Sensei, if it were my original body, it would really only be possible to use it one time, but this body seems a bit strange… you must block it!”

Masahiko took a deep breath, “Did you really miss me that you want me to die, you bastard? Well, what can I say… I can do it. I’m the best!”


At the same time.

In the northwest side of the Land of Fire, in a mountain near the Land of Rain, the double man bun guy that was kicked by Kenichiro for a hundred miles leaned against a giant tree and fell into a come.

Kenichiro’s curse was about to be fulfilled, and a sturdy wild boar grunted upon noticing him under the tree.

The wild boar is omnivorous. It eats everything when it’s hungry, including people… and it has no intelligence to judge whether he was dead or alive. Anyway, it was licking its teeth at this time.

But just when it was about arch over the double man bun guy, he suddenly opened his eyes, and the wild boar instantly collapsed. However, the wild boar was still over the double man bun guy, and when it fell, it fell on him.

“Puff… cough, cough!”

The young man spat blood, and his ribs crushed by the wild boar.

“Huh… I don’t even have the strength to deal with a pig.” The young man smiled wryly, “This time, I didn’t gain anything, and I lost Kenichiro’s card… Damn you, Uchiha Madara, how did he get rid of my control?”

“And that damn Uzumaki Masahiko…”

Before the young man could finish cursing him, his expression stiffened again.

Two giant pythons suddenly slithered slowly, didn’t act on him, but cooperated with each other to drag away the wild boar over him.

In the jungle ahead, a figure slowly walked out.

“Sorry, this wild boar was my prey.” The guy stuck out his tongue and licked his lower lip, “Now, so are you.”


Above the vast ocean, the turbulent waves finally calmed down, and the battle… was over.

Masahiko stood on the surface of the sea, looking at a ‘mummy’ floating in front of him with a complicated expression.

“Brother Minato…” He obviously lost all the blood in his body, but the Broker was still alive.

“Yes, it’s me.”

The Broker’s non-human face was able to squeeze a smile, but that smile stiffened in the next moment, and his body slowly shattered.

The bone protruded out of Masahiko’s hand slowly moved back in, then he sighed, “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you out if I just knew that you were still alive back then….”

After doing this, Masahiko sat staggered on the surface of the sea, covering his chest with his right hand.

“I can’t heal myself. I was beaten terribly.” Masahiko’s witness points were exhausted, and his consciousness gradually blurred. He bit his tongue to barely keep himself awake and barely made a seal: “Summoning Jutsu!”


The Land of the Whirlpools, Ichiraku Ramen.

The reunion dinner was already over, and only some leftovers were left on the huge wooden round table.

The fat cat was finally liberated from Kushina’s arms, sitting in Masahiko’s chair, with an unhappy expression on his face.

“Meow~ it’s humiliating to make Whitey eat these leftovers!”

“Forget it, forget it, this is better than nothing. I’m starving to death.” Fat Cat opened its huge mouth and was about to take a bite, but suddenly disappeared…

“Moew~ The sea?” The fat cat looked around with a stunned expression, “Old Ass Sage! You bullied this cat too much! Are you gonna make me catch fishes on my own now?!”

“Huh? Old ass sage…?”