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L.L.H: Chapter 371: Waking Up

Half a month later, the Land of Whirlpools, Masahiko’s house.

“Kimimaro-Kun, do you really want to do it again?”

“Karin, please!”

Karin instantly blushed, then quickly returned to normal. The first time Kimimaro’s said “please,” she was really excited, but this was the tenth time… she was able to face it calmly.

“Okay, one last time!” Karin gritted her teeth, rolled up her right arm sleeve, and handed her arm to Masahiko, who was sleeping on the bed.

Kimimaro slowly raised Masahiko up gently, then put Karin’s arm in his mouth and bite on her forearm.

After a few seconds, Karin pulled her arm away and shook her head to look at Kimimaro, “No, it’s useless.”

Kimimaro was disappointed, “Why is your ability not helping God?”

“Maybe the Great Elder chose to recover by himself? Do you think the injury on his chest is healed?” Karin tentatively asked.

“Maybe he bit something else?” A third voice came out.

Karin was startled, her face turned red instantly, and she turned her head, staring at Haku, who was leaning against the wall, “Haku, what are you talking about?!”

Kimimaro was taken aback, “Can he bite other places besides the arm?”

“If he bites her face or chest, the effect would be better.”

“Karin, please!”

The corner of Karin’s mouth twitched, and she angrily walked towards Haku, “Haku, do you want to be blown into the sky?”

Haku smiled, turned, and walked out of the house, “Sister Sara! The Elder is awake!”

“Huh?” Karin turned around to look and saw Masahiko lying there with a nasty smile.

“Great Elder! So you were awake all the time!!!”


After half an hour.

Masahiko sat cross-legged on the bed, constantly stuffing various foods in his mouth, which looked the way the Akimichi clansmen eat.

Sitting around the bed, Nagato and the others who came after hearing the news told Masahiko one by one about the big things that happened during the half-month of his coma.

Masahiko ate the last bite, drank all the porridge Sara prepared for him, burped, and finally spoke.

“Karin, stop looking at me furiously. You should thank me. Your biting ability cannot be used on me. It consumes your life force. If I wasn’t conscious, I wouldn’t have been able to stop, and I would have bitten you into an old woman.”

Her face turned pale instantly.

Masahiko glanced at everyone present and said with a smile: “That stupid cat was finally useful since he’s the one who brought me here. Only you guys know about my injury and come, right?”

“Some people in Konoha also know.” Konan replied, “Sister Tsunade was here yesterday. She reassured us that your body has fully recovered and that you should wake up soon. Only then she left with Sister Kushina.”

“Huh?” Masahiko was taken aback. He felt something was missing. It turned out to be Kushina.

“No one in Konoha can unlock your seal. Sister Kushina went there to help. They wanted someone to change the sealing method for the First Hokage.” Konan continued.

“Hashirama? He… is still nailed to the ground?” Masahiko laughed, and he could imagine him distressed Hashirama was, especially when the younger generation came to visit him one by one

“The Third Hokage has sent groups of Fuinjutsu proficient to the Ancestral Land of the Senju and also sent out the Anbu out to investigate the whereabouts of the Shinobi you fought against. The entire Shinobi World was nervous, thinking he was secretly planning something.” Minato said.

Masahiko nodded. Of course, he couldn’t just leave Hashirama like that, “I see, I will go personally later. Kushina will also find it hard to break my seal. By the way, is Mito still locking herself too?”

Konan nodded, “Master Mito is worried that she will suddenly lose control and hurt someone.”

Masahiko pondered. The Edo Tensei Mito and Hashirama were not lifted yet, indicating that the double man bun guy is either dead or seriously injured and is still unable to move freely.

The first case is naturally the best outcome, but in case it’s the second, maybe he will suddenly control Hashirama and Mito and attack people around them. They should be sealed temporarily.

“I hope that guy is dead.”

“Yeah! Sensei, you didn’t tell us who managed to hurt you this badly?” Nagato said.

Masahiko sighed, recalling the battle before the coma.

Kenichiro’s Eight Gates is superior to Gais, but the Broker’s body strength and endurance were worse than the middle-aged Gai. The power of Kenichiro’s Eight Gate was naturally weaker, but he could keep that form for a longer time and could use his ultimate technique many more times… and Masahiko is just one man.

Fortunately, Masahiko managed to survive by adding witness points, again and again, making his body last longer than Kenichiro, and win the battle embarrassingly.

“It was Kenichiro who was summoned by the Edo Tensei. The Eight Gates is really a terrible technique…” Masahiko said, feeling a bit emotional, “Don’t worry, there won’t be a second time.”

Regardless of whether the double man bun guy died or not, there wasn’t a second living immortal body sacrifice in this world.

Without saying anything more, Masahiko asked a few more questions, then waved them away on the excuse that he still needed to rest.

“Father, are you okay?” Sara was the only one left.

Masahiko laughed, “Don’t you worry, I just want to sleep a little longer. This fight was really tiring.”

Sara closed the door with a worried expression on her face.

Masahiko sat on the edge of the bed, posing as the “thinker,” and began to reflect on himself…

“This time, I was naïve and talked too much nonsense. Otherwise, that guy might not have a chance to summon Kenichiro.”

“After I awakened my Kekkei Mora, I felt that I was invincible, especially after beating Madara twice. But Kenichiro taught this Sensei a lesson….”

Masahiko opened his Status Bar. Because of the consumption of vitality, his age increased by two years, and he became 36 years old again. But this had no effect on his body. Only his appearance changed a bit.

As for strength, it didn’t decrease but increased.

Yang Release: (LV98650000/10000000)

The improvement of the Yang Release also led to the enhancement of Masahiko’s physical strength, as well as the increase of his Chakra reserve.

After a long silence, Masahiko shook his head and laughed: “Talking nonsense is a common problem for the elderly, and it’s estimated that it’s difficult for me to get rid of it. Then I can only improve my strength. If I manage to get 135 witness points, I will be able to level up the Yang attribute to LV10, and next time I won’t get this much embarrassed.”

“Speaking of which, why did I feel some chills on the back of my neck when I woke up this time? Is it a spy trying to kill me?”

“How can I get stronger… training is useless. I can only rely on witness points. What happened in Konoha’s 55th year? What are the things that might happen now?”

After pondering for a moment, Masahiko turned over and lay on the bed.

“I have to make a better plan to get enough witness points and level up my skills….”

“If Edo Tensei Kenichiro could beat me, then when Hagoromo comes chasing and kicking, I will be knocked out in the first round….”

Masahiko fell asleep…