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L.L.H: Chapter 372: Interesting World

On January the 21st, Konoha’s 55th year, the Senju Ancestral Land.

Five days have passed since Masahiko recovered from his injury. After 20 days of turmoil, the aftermath gradually subsided.

There was no news about the double men bun guy since that day. Masahiko followed the direction where Kenichiro kicked him, roamed around for a day, but he didn’t sense his Chakra or find a body.

Both Hashirama and Mito said that they couldn’t feel the caster’s control at all; therefore, Masahiko lifted the seal on Hashirama, and Mito released herself.

However, just in case the two didn’t want to leave the place for the time being, and built a wooden house in the Senju Ancestral Land and lived in it.

“Wood Release: Wood Wall!”

In the open space, rows of wooden pillars, forming a wall, erupted from the ground in front of Hashirama with a simple hand sign.

“Did you see it clearly, Itachi?”

“Yeah! Wood Release: Wood Wall!”


In the distance, Masahiko watched Hashirama teaching Itachi while chatting with Kagami.

“So when my Shadow Clone disappeared at that time, Madara had that kind of reaction? Hahahaha…” Masahiko couldn’t help himself.

“Yes, Madara-Sama was looking for your second Shadow Clone at the time. If not, we would have been in real danger.” Kagami was expressionless.

Masahiko’s smile stiffened, “Hahaha, my shadow clones are always stupid. I’m sorry.”

After a pause, Masahiko changed the subject: “In other words, Madara is now hiding again because he fears me?”

Kagami didn’t know the answer to his question.

“Well, he better keeps hiding, or else I will have to kick his ass again.”

When it comes to Madara, Masahiko is always a little confident. But thinking about the previous battle with Kenichiro, he quickly sighed.

After pondering for a moment, Masahiko turned his head and said: “Kagami, the Uchiha Clan has four pairs of Mengekyou Sharingan now. Have you ever thought about fighting for the Fifth Hokage position?”

Kagami hesitated for a moment, then smiled bitterly and said, “Of course I thought about it, but the hope is slim. No one will vote for an Uchiha clansmen candidate. But if you….”

Kagami thought that Masahiko’s intentions were to support Obito taking the Hokage position.

“No one will support it, huh? Have you ever thought about taking it by force? A coup?” Masahiko smiled.

Kagami: “???”

“It seems that you haven’t thought about it, then forget it.” Masahiko shook his head.

After careful recollection, Masahiko finally remembered a major event that happened in Konoha’s 55th year—The Uchiha Extermination.

But after he rescued the cliff jumper Kagami years ago, the plot changed, and it’s impossible to happen now.

“Hundreds of witness points flew away.” Masahiko sighed, then suddenly, a flash of inspirations struck him.

“If I send a Shadow Clone to exterminate them and then save them with my own body, will it be considered as a witness and completely change?”

“No way, no way, my shadow clone is too stupid. In this way, it’s better to let Konoha choose a Fifth Hokage as soon as possible. No matter who they choose, I will definitely get a lot….”

“Second Grandpa!” A shout came from Hashirama, “The caster has appeared again!”

Masahiko was shocked, rushed to him, and pulled Itachi behind him, “Tsunade, Kushina! Be Careful!”

“Grandpa, Grandma Mito said that she doesn’t feel anything!” Kushina shouted.

Masahiko was startled, but his expression remained solemn, “Is he only controlling Hashirama? I didn’t expect that guy to be alive.”

A cold gust of wind came, blowing Masahiko’s clothes, while Hashirama in front of him remained motionless.

“Hmm?” Masahiko frowned.

After a long while, a sly smile appeared on Hashirama’s face, and he scratched his head: “Second Grandpa, it seems to be my imagination, I’m not being controlled….”

Masahiko took a long breath, “Hashirama! The hell are you doing?!”

Hashirama: “… Itachi, let’s continue.”


Ten minutes ago.

The Land of Rain, civilian area, in an ordinary residence.

The double men bun guy was lying flat on a soft couch, slowly regaining his consciousness.

“Where am I…?!”

He sat up and looked around for a moment, “Is this a girl’s room? Was I rescued? I remember… Uzumaki Masahiko, Uzumaki Kenichiro, and a… boar?”

He recalled carefully, but his memory was a bit blurry, his boy was weak, and his sight felt a little uncomfortable: “Did I overuse my Rinnegan?”

“Huh?” His expression suddenly tightened, watching the door being opened.

A brunette girl walked in. She was about 10 years old, with a cute little face, dressed in a purple shirt and a beautiful bun on the top of her head.

“Huh? You’re awake!”

The young man breathed a sigh of relief and said weakly: “You saved me? Where is this place?”

The girl raised a smile: “This is a peaceful village led under the sign of Yahiko-Sama. Yesterday I found you unconscious next to a wild boar, nearby a mountain. You’re lucky that the boar was dead….”

The young man was startled and interrupted: “You found me unconscious yesterday… what day is today?”

“It’s January the 21st. How many days have you been in a coma? Do you feel hungry?”

The young man’s expression changed slightly, “21st?!”

He could still remember that the day he executed his plan was January the 1st. The last thing he remembers before fainting out was killing that wild boar.

“I was in a coma for nearly 20 days, but no one else found me? Uzumaki Masahiko didn’t find me either? Good luck? This is God’s will!”

The young man’s expression seemed strange until the little girl handed him two steamed buns.

“Let’s eat.” The girl opened her eyes with a hint of curiosity: “Uncle, why are your eyes like this? Circles of circles….”

“It’s naturally like this.” The young man said perfunctorily, gnawing at the steamed buns.

“Natural? It’s weird….”

Ignoring this little girl, the young man thought about his life-threatening experience.

“I was too impatient. Fighting Uzumaki Masahiko now was a big mistake… the Edo Tensei, I can’t sense that bastard Madara anymore, but it seems that Senju Hashirama and Uzumaki Mito are still there? Let’s hide for now….”

After a few bites, the young man raised his head and looked at the girl, “Are you alone in this house…?”

“Well, I’m an orphan. My parents died in the war.” The girl whispered.

“So you’re looking forward to Yahiko, who will bring peace to the Land of Rain, right?”

The girl flushed and nodded affirmatively: “Yes! I will soon become a ninja, and I will definitely serve Yahiko-Sama as a Jonin!”

The young man was silent for a moment: “What’s your name?”

“Ajisai. How about you, uncle?”
(T/N: Ajisai: hydrangea: a type of flower.)

“Ajisai…?” The young man closed his eye slightly and murmured softly.

Neither of them noticed that something seemed to flicker flighty on the back of the young man’s neck.


Otogakure, underground laboratory.

Orochimaru’s expression moved, and he stuck out his tongue, licking his lips: “Oh~ are you finally awake?”

“Otsutsuki Kaguya, the God Tree, Elder Masahiko, the power of destiny… it’s indeed an interesting world….”